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A new threat has appeared in Equestria, one that has Deep ties to the past, and knows many Dark secrets. What the Princesses Celestia and Luna may find could reveal more to them about their ancestors than they wish to know. And what Twilight and her friends may discover of their rulers could shake the foundations Equestria was built upon.

The third story in my Haven Trilogy, designed to be longer in length with shorter chapters. Editors are switched partway through.


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I love how you portray Nightmare Moon. Less of a villain but more of a victim seeking revenge. I still don't like her reasons though and she's still Nightmare Moon.

Wait until you see how I play with her for the rest of the story. Her and Luna being one is soooo going to mess with her head.

Knowing your writing, its bound to be good. I can't wait!

It's going to be even better. I'm putting more effort into my stories, as well as more detail. I've also got a new editor who's helping me get rid of passive writing and the such.

Ohhh, now you've done and made me excited! I have been waiting for this one for a long time! :pinkiehappy:

Keep Watch! Later tonight or tomorrow I'm posting my new story while Deep Dark is on Hiatus. Nice little one shot I've been wanting to do.

i love deep dark how long do you think till next update? i read it origionally on EQD its still a good story it will be noce seeing how you portrey luna AHM nightmare moon.:twilightsheepish: anyway hopefully the relationship turns out well that is if you'll ship twi and nmm/luna-her aunt.

Nah, I won't be shipping them. That's saved for What Could Have Been. No, Twilight's going to get the short end of the stick. So many plans for everypony in this story. So much more to reveal.

Also, no idea when the next chapter will be released. I'm working on a one shot right now.



Read all three storys in the past 2 nights, reallly enjoyed it. Hope the story is still continuing as last update was over a month ago??

P.S. i feel i have missed something what was the 2nd time that twilight defeated nightmare moon.


Most people don't realize that there is a story before Solar Flare, even though Solar Flare is listed as being that story's sequel. In it, Nightmare Moon is still in the depths of Luna's mind, but she was driven mad by the Elements of Harmony working on her. Eventually, she manages to persuade Luna to let her free again. The Elements are called, some things happen, and Nightmare Moon is merged with Luna to be one. However, Luna didn't take in everything that was NMM. Thus, we get the whole "Open the door and let her out" thing in one of the chapters of Deep Dark.


Also, Chapter 8 is halfway finished. It's just been slow because of real life.


Anywhere i can look up the prequel while i wait then :P


Equestria Daily, it's called Warmth For The Night and is an embarrassment to me. It was written after I hadn't written for years, so I had to get back into the shape of things. I didn't have editors for the first chapters, too.

Why?! Why must you make Nightmare Moon so sympathetic?! I'm losing the one villain I love to hate!

But in all seriousness, awesome chapter. Loving this story, and can't wait for the next chapter.


The next chapter releases later today, actually. It's so long that I'm going to have to split it into two parts. Over forty pages and 17,000 words in length.

An update! And one full of awesomeness too! cue yes dance!


Awesome chapter, Can't wait to see what happens


An Interlude (Or breather chapter as I call it) is next. It's going to be one of those "That Night" chapters, allowing everypony not to just rest, but also fully think on everything that has occurred. Poor Twilight gets to have a breakdown. :D


Ye it looks like everything is becoming a bit too much for poor Twilight :(, you're putting it across very well

Yikes poor twilight :twilightoops:

799506 so she's going to finally get a chance to think about the foolishness of her forward actions?:pinkiehappy: good it'll proibably teach her to listen rather than just blindly fight against her perceived enemy. besides NMM is her main ally right now. maybe not the one she wants but then again at least she's not going to kill her.
however twilight breakdown...:unsuresweetie: not so good. but then again as long as its is for the greater good then so be it.ponychan.net/chan/files/thumb/132510709785s.jpg


Oh, she knows Nightmare Moon is her greatest ally, no matter how much she wished it wasn't so. Then there's the fact that she hasn't exactly had much time to rest and think on everything going on, so it's all going to hit her at once like a ton of bricks.

814446 i dont know if this'll be fun or if it'll all blow in erebuses face but i know this muchi1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/masonry/000/124/268/13056787991.jpg


For now, Erebus is watching to see what happens. Nightmare Moon has returned and retaken Trelaria (Thanks to Twilight, which is going to bite Twilight in the butt.)


Can't reveal that to you! Spoooiiiileeeers~

816752 dagnabit well i already know it cost her her relationship with her aunt. so it cant get too much worse. can it?


I never said it cost her her relationship with her aunt. Nightmare Moon doesn't really see Twilight as her niece. She doesn't put much weight into familial relationships right now. After all, she feels that both her parents and sister abandoned her.

true... argh ok i guess i'll have to wate till the next chapter to find out more and i do also feel sorry for celestia being bound down by erebus as solar flare i mean i think she really doesn't like being bound down like that. also is there really no chance for twi to go back to being an alicorn?


Wait until Celestia is cured and remembers everything she did as Solar Flare. Mind breakage occurs. Also, Twilight will never again be an alicorn. Her change is permanent. She became a unicorn, she will live a unicorn, and she will die a unicorn. And a mother should never have to watch her children die.

Poor Celestia and Twilight :fluttercry: :fluttercry:

Solar Flare building up the guard, Nightmare Moon taking a throne and army of dead, and a treacherous advisor working for the BBEG?



Heh, I've mentioned numerous times that all the horseapples will hit the fan. So far, it's still only the tip of the iceberg on what I've allowed the audience to know. And how do you know the Luminary is treacherous? If anything, he's been frank and honest. After all, Erebus DID say he was the Deep Dark's Harbinger. And who's in the Deep Dark? Trelaria.

The picture is misleading, it shows Slenderman's symbol, the circle with the X, ergo I thought this was a slendermane story


That's just you. The picture is not in the least misleading. That's Celestia and Luna casting magic (The circles and x's). That is also Erebus, not Slendermane. Erebus came from a mix of John Carpenter's The Thing and a zombie.

I still want to blast Erebus to a thin, diffuse cloud of quarks, gluons and nutrinos scattered across aproximately 26 parsecs of space in every direction.

(Alondro frequently must blow apart uninhabitable planets to vent some of his hyper-rage, for he never forgets unpunished evil. He is the harbinger of Sekhmet, goddess of Justice, Ma'at, and war; enforcer of divine laws, She Before Whom Evil Trembles, opposer of Sutekh the God of Chaos and Deception... who's suspiciously alot like Discord when you think about it, and a whole lot of other long titles! Basically, she's a badass of badass gods!) :flutterrage:

are you still writing this


No, I made a journal about it long ago.

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