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Obsessed with TwiLuna.

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☾ I am obsessed with Luna. I love her, I adore her and she is my life. ☽

Because of that I do not appreciate stories in which Luna is portrayed as loose or slutty.
Luna is a very complicated, guilt-ridden character that needs somepony special to coax her out of her shell.
Losing herself in harems, like portrayed in some stories is not the way to heal an aching heart.

Also, do me a favor. If Luna is not the main character, do not just give her a random oc to be with.
Be smart, it could prove to be a separate plot-line.

I believe in true romance, which is quite rare on this site.

I also love Twilight. She's just simply adorkable. She also is very similar to Luna. I can imagine these two having a similar upbringing.
Hence my favorite ship is TwiLuna.

Likes and Dislikes

→ Loves:

Wish there was a S2 Luna tag, this one was seen only once.
→ Likes:

And Moondancer, but she's yet to have a tag here :<
→ Neutral:

→ Dislikes:

→ Hates:

Any/all male character(s)

My headcanon timeline
not complete | open to change

The Creation Arc
H-10 000 - 8 000

★ Faust creates the world.
★ Faust creates first ponies.
★ Faust creates other races.

The Children of a Goddess Arc
also known as Generation one
H-4 000 - 2 000

★ Celestia and Luna are born.
★ Celestia and Luna gain their cutie marks as they ascend.
★ Faust, Celestia and Luna defeat The Smooze.
★ Faust, Celestia and Luna defeat Tirek. Celestia and Luna gain their flowy manes.
★ Faust leaves her creation. Celestia and Luna become protectors of Equus.

The Broken Harmony Arc
H-1 770 - 1 500

★ Starswirl becomes Celestia's student.
★ Starswirl botches the friendship spell and becomes Discord.
★ Discord's first victim is his own student, Clover the Clever. Unknowingly, her lifespan is extended..
★ Discord creates Windigos and corrupts the Flutterponies into Changelings.
★ Luna and Celestia fight Discord during events of "Heart's Warming Eve".
★ Luna and Celestia use the EoH. Discord is encased in stone.

The Stolen Heart Arc
H-1 450 - 1 150

★ The heart is given as a gift to the northern ponies, to stave off winter.
★ Sombra becomes a leader of the newly renamed "Crystal Ponies".
★ The heart eventually becomes The Crystal Heart.
★ Sombra's greed grows and corrupts him and the Crystal kingdom.
★ Celestia and Luna defeat Sombra. Sombra's last act is to hide the kingdom for as long as he is trapped.

The Lunar Rebelion Arc
also known as The Lament of Luna
H-1 100 - 1 000

★ A changeling queen uses telepathic abilities to whisper dark thoughts to Luna. Luna leaves to oversee the borders of Equestria..
★ During her wanderings, Luna stumbles upon Clover. They become best friends.
★ Celestia is too busy with the kingdom to notice her sister's growing suffering.
★ Luna gives in to the changeling voice and eclipses the sun. The event frees a Nigtmare from beyond. Luna is possessed against her will.
★ Celestia uses the EoH on NMM but because Luna is also a bearer the elements can't completely help her.
★ NMM is sealed on the moon by the spell woven by Celestia and Clover that will unravel in a thousand years.
★ Ashamed by her betrayal of Luna, Clover commits suicide, fueling a ritual to give power to the female line of her descendants, so they can help when Luna returns*.

The Return of Harmony Arc; The Ascension Arc
also known as Friendship is Magic

H - 25 Cadence, descendant of crystal ponies is born. Sombra stirs in his prison.
H - 20 Celestia begins the search for new bearers.
H - 18 The bearers are born, including Twilight Sparkle - descendant of Clover the Clever. Celestia finds and adopts Cadence.
H - 11 First recorded Sonic Rainboom in 2000 years. Twilight Sparkle becomes Celestia's student. The bearers are chosen.

Harmony The bearers awaken the Elements. Luna is cleansed.

H + 2.0 Discord breaks out of his prison. He's defeated the next day.
H + 2.5 Chrysalis and her changelings invade Canterlot. They are defeated.
H + 3.0 Sombra and the Crystal Empire awaken. Sombra is defeated.
H + 3.5 Twilight Sparkle completes Starswirl's friendship spell and ascends. She becomes the fourth princess.

* - considering the immense power commanded by the females of the "Sparkle" clan and their extended lifespan, it took only eight generations.


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Your artwork is cute, but all your images here are broken. You might want to fix them!

Because of that I do not appreciate stories in which Luna is portrayed as loose or slutty.

Welcome to the group of, like, five people that actually don't just characterize her as a sex being, yo. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for the fav on Double Vision :heart:
Next updates on sunday

1925295 Thanks! It's not super-detailed or super well thought-out but it's the closest to my heart.

i love your headcanon:heart:


It's been quite a journey, but I guess I'm doing a decent job if that recent comment is any indication. Thank you so much for chiming it. Reactions like that give me all sorts of warm fuzzies. :heart:

So far you've an interesting premise, it's hard to tell if your personalization is good or bad, because the situation they're facing makes them react in new and unexpected ways.

Thanks for the fav on "All for Luna." :pinkiehappy:

I'll be honest: I doubt I'm going to truly capture the personalities of Luna and Twilight (depicting the various characters' personalities properly is one of the many areas I need to work a lot on), but hopefully the story itself will still make the read worthwhile. :twilightsmile:

You are quite welcome!
Indeed! TwiLuna is just so awkwardly adorkable!

Thanks for the faves on The Celestia Code and The Luna Cypher! :twilightsmile:

Twiluna is the best, it's true! :twilightblush:


Comment posted by Astarea deleted Mar 28th, 2014
Comment posted by Astarea deleted Mar 28th, 2014


Ooh, okay! Sounds pretty! :3

More like swapped. I've been using this new one for half a year now, time to incorporate it everywhere...

You changed your name?

Well, I don't live in Poland, but I am 100% Polish. I live in the US, though.

Now you do know where I live!

Really? You're from Poland too? Well then... I know where you live! :pinkiecrazy:

A simple MLP fan from Poland, obsessed with Luna.

Seems we are alike in many ways in that case:ajsmug:

Thank you for the fave on ENA ^^

Also, yes the tags do indeed give it away -shrug- but 'tis naught I can do about it xD

So far so good XD
Keep up the good work!

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