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I love stories, arts, and honestly, Crossovers, Like Bleach, or Naruto -very VERY little Naruto though...- Harry Potter -LOVE IT!- and more!


A boy by the name of; Disorder Chaos. He is the son of Discord, the god of Chaos and is an orphan. When he turns 14 he gains his powers over chaos. He meets Twilight Sparkle and her friends as they go to try and stop Nightmare Moon. As they go on adventures and stop evil. All while Disorder must control his powers before they, along with himself, are used to take over the world.
Story takes place during season's to 3. Story may change depending on the actions of the characters.
I might have this become a series, might not. I'll change he title if I do decide to do so.
WARNING!: Anthro Ponies.
WARNING!: It's rated teen.
This is Part 1 of ???. Enjoy.

Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 399 )

Feel cramped, try to make more distinct paragraphs.

Avoid using differents colors for differents characters dialogues, you shouldn't need this to let a reader know who's talking.

And the whole story so far is riddled with typos and missing capitalizations, it's really distracting to read.

I live in Pineville

of an Alirocn's,

Not going to comment on the MC, too easy.

3976281 Pineville is best town. So much better than Ponyville!

I got an email that the 5th chapter is out.
so where is it?

3979351 Sorry, I had gone to write it, but pressed "Publish" by accident before I could start. It's up now. wow I had a Derp moment. :derpytongue2: :rainbowderp:

I hope that Return to Harmony doesn't end with Discord being stoned.

3986771 Nope, no stone, something else does happen though. But I'm not telling that part, Pinkie is always watching! :pinkiecrazy:

you know how Luna was locked in the moon? I imagine that Discord was stoned for similar reasons.

3995321 True, but certain events will be explained later on. I'm not going to just say "This happened, believe it!", no, I'm going to go into detail about certain events in their history and timeline.

Okay, dude. You SERIOUSLY need a spellchecker and proofreader. There are so many mistakes here, I stopped counting at 8.

3996285 'S okay. But really, you need one bad. Send me a mail with the whole story, and I'll have it back to you by the end of today.

3997458 All logic I reason are theirs to create, plus it's comedy story :rainbowwild:

as of chapter fifteen, this is a scootadoption( scootaloo is adopted) story.

Lets start a riot! Riot! Lets start a riot! Riot!

3997777 :eeyup: it is. I have a soft spot of the little filly where she is like, one of those characters that becomes important, or, becomes part of the main family.

3999812 OMFG!!!!! You like TDG?!?!?!

3999877 HOORAY FOR PINKIE PHYSICS!!!!!!!!!!! *munches happily on a cupcake gotten from said physics*

4000079 Pinkie, calm dow- OOF!
Sorry 'bout that. TCN was being a big meanie-pants, and wouldn't let me talk to you. Anyways, are you sure I taught you? OH, I KNOW! What is the Fourth Wall really there for? If you get it right, I'll throw you a PARTY! Oh, and Cheese says hi. Say hi to my coltfriend!
No, Cheese. He needs PINK CHEESE in his life.

4000102 I am not even going to question that, honestly I learned my fourth wall breaking skills from the D-man. Chaos is everything. :pinkiecrazy:

4000109 But chaos is fun! besides, when theres chaos, there is always order.

4000125 DON'T CARE!!!!!!!! Discord is a big mean mean mean mean meanie-pants!!!!!!!!!!!!

4000130 Meh, from time to time the big meanie pants is using it as a cover, besides, I learn from a lot of things from chaos, and if there wasn't any, you wouldn't exactly exist. Chaos and order created everything, while order is nice, it cannot function without chaos, thus everything would split apart and would be forced into a order like chaos. And now we should stop blown up this comment section. XD :trollestia:

4000148 Blow it up, and I'll break down the Wall, and throw you into CUPCAKES.

4000158 I can do it! Oh, wait! Let me go get the elements!

4000165 But im not even chaotic! Im neutral. :fluttercry:

4000173 But I like being neutral, besides, as much fun as chaos is, Order still wins in the end.

4000188 Calm down, besides, I like cookies, but I prefer being in between, lets me break the fourth wall easier. Pfft, but why not!

4000217 AND HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4000302 DOUGHNUTS WITH SPRINKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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