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Written Word has loved exploring the written word his entire life. He got his cutie mark while immersed in a new book and didn't even realize it until the shop keeper pointed it out. He shrugged, asked for the next book in the series, and promptly dug back in.

When he reads a new book by the author C. W. Step something strange happens. Instead of devouring the words and hoarding them like a jealous dragon he is gripped with the need to share like never before. Being the obvious thing he starts writing stories set in the world that C. W. Step created.

Too bad he is oblivious that his stories are more terrible than getting your tail stuck in a laundry press. Clueless he rushes to share them with anypony who will stand still.

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Well done good sir! Both entertaining and a well cataloged tale of the invincibility many narcissistic new authors feel after completing their first works. NOW SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THE HELL I JUST SAID!:flutterrage::flutterrage:

I made the mistake of trying to read this first thing in the morning. Oh, no, don't get me wrong, the story was great. The problem was I was still lying in bed and darn nearly woke up the whole neighborhood with my snorting and giggling (and squealing at the way you describe Crystal's stories, baww :heart:).

I think this is legitimately a great representation of some author's feelings over their first works. "This is the most amazing thing ever why doesn't eveRYONE LOVE THIS I SHOULD BE FAMOUS" Good grief, I remember my first fanfiction at 12. Yeah. That was horrible but you bet I thought it was the greatest thing since writing was invented.

Your Velvet is, as always, totally perfect. Her reaction is what had me laughing the most. Second to that was the poor receptionist. "Wait, there's nothing else I can help you with?" "Nope!" "Oh..." I demand a spin-off of the poor receptionist's search for love in all the wrong places. ("Okay, that'll be 7 bits for your hayburger and fries." "Oh, but don't I get an extra side with my meal? *flutters lashes*" "No, just fries." "Oh...")

Velvet is best troll. Your stories make me love her even more than I already did. :heart:


Thank you, I am quite glad you enjoyed the story as it a fan fiction of another fan fiction on this site about an author C. W. Step who is the one that Written Word is gushing about. The loops go deep.


Velvet is best troll.

Yes, yes she is.

the poor receptionist's search for love

Poor guy indeed. I don't actually have anything fleshed out about him other than he is in dire need of help from Lovey-Dovey. He kind of snuck in. As per my original outline I was going to have Written have to flirt the information out of someone. By the time I reached that point I realized there was no way he was going to be able to do that, intentionally. Suddenly the oblivious accidental misread intentions shot to the front of my mind and that image of one of the lone stallions in a mare's domain entered the picture. :rainbowlaugh:

6356920 I figured as much, regarding the receptionist... But now I'll always worry about him and his fruitless search for love in all the wrong places!

Hi there! I enjoyed your little story here and I'd like to read this story on my YouTube channel with your permission. I will link it back to you in the summery to credit you.


Go right ahead, I look forward to hearing it.

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