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Just a nobody who enjoys reading.

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A pony on the edge of giving up thinks back on his life to see if there's anything worthy of going on for.

mainly written as a non harmful way of expressing my current state of mind.

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While it is true that the past can't be changed, it is up to us to make sure that we use the past to improve our future. Join Gourmet Palate as he looks over the events that made him into the stallion he is now.

Takes place in the Quill & Blade universe, but it's not required to know the universe to understand this story. QnB and the characters therein are owned by Crystal Wishes and Anzel

Proofread/edited by Snowliasion extra thanks for giving me the push I needed, I'm in your debt.
Coverart was done by the amazing Rossby Waves

Chapters (1)
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