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This story is a sequel to The Life and Times of a Winning Pony

Cloud Kicker's life has been going just about perfectly. She's got a good job, two beautiful girlfriends, and she's never been on better terms with her friends. She's even getting more time with her family now that her cousin is serving as Princess Twilight Sparkle's personal bodyguard. She made mistakes in her past, but now all of that is over and she's earned her happily ever after.

Or at least, that was what she thought. Little does she know that her new life is about to start getting very complicated.

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And so it begins, and what a start to a new chapter of Cloud's life this is.

And the light came into my life and life was good

Welp, it's finally here. What wacky and whimsical advantures will we have now in the amazing world of Clou-?

“Any idea what brought this on? You seemed fine last night."

“No idea.” I frowned and shrugged. “Probably nothing serious. I mean, I feel fine now.” I filled my cup of water up from the bathroom sink and washed my mouth out a bit more. “Probably just something I ate.”

...She's preggers.

Rainbow poked me again, then finally turned her attention back to me. “You been chowing down more than usual? Got a bit of a pudge thing going on.”

She's got to be preggers.

I chuckled and waved her question away. “What, me have kids?” I thought that over for a moment and shivered. “Oh, not for a long, long, long time yet.”

Even the dramatic narration makes it obvious that she...

“Eepy.” I gently put my hooves on her shoulders. “You really don’t have to go all that trouble. I told you, I’m fi—”

And that’s when my stomach decided to do a couple backflips.

...is somehow...

I carefully patted Eepy on the back, and tried to tell her not to change when my stomach clenched a third time.


And if I'm wrong, I'll eat my figurative hat.

6161506 I wholeheartedly agree(evil cackling commences)

Well, this is happening.


We approve. :rainbowkiss:

Haha, poor Cloud. She's always getting into wild life shenanigans.

Woo! It's posted! This should be a wild ride.

Well. I didn't expect THAT...

Well. Cloud, arguably the 'male' of the relationship, wound up pregnant with a Magic of Love foal. Who's to say whether it was Flutters' or Blossom's? Welcome back Cloud, we missed you.

Continuation from the other Cloud fics...guess it's worth a look.

So, is this the end of Sunset Shimmer's adventures, or will we be seeing her in this story?

To be honest, I find your stories involving her more interesting than your other works.

“Cool.” Rainbow smiled and gave me a pat on the back. “I knew you’d take care of it. But if you want a break or something, I’m right here. Sit down, relax a bit, have some water, and I’ll handle those lightning clouds over there.”

“‘Course you do,” she assured me with a too-wide grin. “I’m just helping out a bit, ‘cause I’m awesome like that. Sure, generosity’s more Rarity’s thing, but there’s no reason I can’t try it out for a bit too. Go take a nap or get some lunch, and this’ll all be taken care of by the time you get back. In fact, just take the rest of the day off. You earned it.”

Looks like you accidentally a paragraph here. That is, unless I just can't words good today.

Also, you'd think she'd know by now not to tempt fate like that.

This is great, im so excited this is happening!

oh and yeah, she's definitely got a bun in her oven.

One chapter in and I'm already hooked on what is sure to be an incredible ride. I can't wait to read more of this, Chengar, so keep up the incredible writing!


Well we all know what's happening even if Cloud doesn't! XD


Was not expecting her so soon...

...and holy crap does that bring new meaning to this story's title.

I started (evil) laughing about the time where Rainbow Dash pointed out Cloud's pudge. And I didn't stop till I got to the end of the chapter. Oh the reveal will be so amazing.

Oh yeah, if Cloud isn't pregnant then I'll eat my emergency edible hat. The real question in my mind is who is the 'father'. Fluttershy? Blossomforth? Derpy? All of the above? Magical lesbian pregnancies, how do they work?

West Hoof versus Celestia's School is an interesting choice for Sparkler. Assuming the common reader assumption that she is Amethyst is correct, between Shining and Twilight that puts her as having a biological sibling that is an alum of each, not to mention whatever credentials her birth parents have.

Oooo, poor Flutters. Cloud ain't going to be able to avoid that doctor visit now, that's for certain.

Agree, especially since we know that in this universe, magical lesbian spawns are a thing. Dash is one after all.


And that was the point at which I knew where this story was going :rainbowlaugh:

Random theory: both Fluttershy and Blossomforth are the 'father.' We know magic of love foals basically works by randomizing the genes of the two mothers (including changing an X chromosome into a Y chromosome for male births. . . somehow) to produce offspring. We have nothing to say that there can't be three parents given the rarity of polygamy/polyamory in Equestria.

My prediction is that the foal will come out looking like a mix of all three mares and I want so badly to see what that looks like.

And Chengar is fairly heavily implying that Kicky is pregnant.
With a love-baby.
Possibly having to figure out which is the other mom?

I think it would be funny if Pinkie is the one to figure out that Cloud is pregnant first (with or without the Pinkie Sense).

Also I wonder how that will affect Dash and her relationship with Pinkie since if one of her friends becomes unexpectedly pregnant I know from my wife it makes her worry and think about it for herself as well.

Lastly the big question...who is the other mother?

Excellent as always, but maybe a bit heavy handed on the foreshadowing.

Read the first word. Called it.

Chengar, you seem to be missing somw dialogue betwixt these two passages...

“Cool.” Rainbow smiled and gave me a pat on the back. “I knew you’d take care of it. But if you want a break or something, I’m right here. Sit down, relax a bit, have some water, and I’ll handle those lightning clouds over there.”

“‘Course you do,” she assured me with a too-wide grin. “I’m just helping out a bit, ‘cause I’m awesome like that. Sure, generosity’s more Rarity’s thing, but there’s no reason I can’t try it out for a bit too. Go take a nap or get some lunch, and this’ll all be taken care of by the time you get back. In fact, just take the rest of the day off. You earned it.”

Wat? :twilightoops:


...... *Head explodes twice from hype*


I am surprised that no one has thought that Cloud might be having multiple foals. Hohohohoho.

Oh, hey... New Winning Pony story... Sweeeeeeeet. In other news, CK is totes preggers. Who's the second momma? Flutterbutt? Blossom? Don't think it's Derpy but wouldn't put it past CK... Maybe it's a forth? Gasp! What if Luna came in the night!? (Giggity)

Yeah, I'm just being silly now. Seriously, though. Good to see more Winning Pony.

Winning Pregnancy? Favorited!

Now now, let’s not count our chickens before they’re hatched.

Even the idioms are preggers related.

If Cloud ain't preggers I'll eat my head.

Edit: Chickens is plural therefore twins or more because that's how subtext works.

Edit 2: I can just see Cloud walking up to Blossom or Eepy saying, "I'm pregnant and you're the mother." Awkward drama ensures.

Woo its here now for the age old wait for chapter 2 the pain XD

And it already has a lot of comments, how did I know that would happen? :rainbowlaugh:

It's been a while Cloud Kicker. I can't wait to read this. :heart:

And thus Sparkler is plagued with the choice of following her mother's advice or her influences' foothoofsteps.

As for Cloudy, wait 'til she flutters upon finding out a new life is blossoming inside her. :moustache: Oh! Oh! Does this mean the imminent arrival of Bunny Kicker? :pinkiehappy:

Oh dear no.

Oh dear no...



There is a lot of dialogue in this chapter.

Ermergerd when Dash finds out... The laugh all the laugh
Flutters will either faint or pull a rainboom cheer

Can't wait

Oh yeah, back to everyone's favorite Winning protagonist.

And her most terrifying enemy yet.

You've come a long way, Chengar. I remember looking up your Dash/Pie shipfic three years ago, and since that time, your work has spawned a whole fanonverse with some of the best and funniest ponyfics in the business. You should be proud! :twilightsmile:

Oi, Chengar, there's at least one paragraph missing at the scene where rainbow checks up on Cloud. My phone is being difficult otherwise I'd quote it.


Well, the only other logical explanation would be a crossover with Aliens.

My money is not on that...

I just had the most hilarious mental image at the end... Where Cloud had one of Derpy's "wacky" expressions, eyes crossed and everything, while puking on Fluttershy.

Well, that's certainly going to lead to some drama... It's an interesting idea: Does a magical conception through love (as we are lead to guess, based on Kickerverse continuity) indicate a stronger bond between Cloud and the "father", leaving the other member of their polyamorous relationship feeling like the third wheel? Is it proof that Cloud's heart made the decision that her brain and conscience couldn't last story?

I doubt that it is as cut and dried as that, but it's certainly a nice destabilizing event from which to launch a sequel. I'll be interested to hear the actual circumstances necessary for such conceptions. Do the parents need to desire children? I would guess not, as Cloud still balks at the idea of living together... A far lesser commitment.

like and fap for you, sir :moustache:

... IS, is this actually... a SEQUEL!?

Yes! I forgot to favorite the last one but now, NOW, we are on board with a new continuation of the NEW life of Cloud Kicker, and it is going to be SO epic! So what is going to be different? I mean we already resolved the issues with Fluttershy and Cloud's bad relationship with one another, as well as Blossomforth's one sided crush, not to mention the messed up school life of Cloud Kicker as well...

I mean, what else could...
Oh my...

Heh... hehe... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Oh... GOD yes, Cloud Kicker, the pony that is MOST afraid of being tied down, who tries to shrug off every bad thing in life and somehow muscle through it all, she is all of this and more, and now... she is going to have the biggest example of commitment, responsibility and motherhood a mare could have, BEING PREGNANT! I mean... HA, it is one thing if Fluttershy or Blossomforth was the one to get the kid, it's just going to be freaking HILARIOUS that Cloud Kicker is the one to get the kid.

I know it's just the early signs of this happening, but I was sure that Derpy at least would catch on... eh, whatever, to the future it is! Likely happens when a doctor or something looks over her because of getting sick recently.

For now, follow and like.

Yay, thank you for this! I admit I favorited this story before I even read it, because I knew it'd be excellent. I can now safely say I've confirmed that, and am eagerly awaiting more.

Now, back to Lunar Rebellion.

Yay! :yay: My life is now complete :ajsmug: finally get to see the shenanigans of Cloud Kicker again :rainbowlaugh: , instant fav, and I will read later just no time now :twilightsmile: .

Having read the first chapter, I can't help but feel like you should have named the story "the Incredibly dense mind of a Winning Pony."


do you mean a :yay: 'you rock! whoo-hoo!' or Fluttershy performing a Rainboom?

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