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Mineko's Virtue is not dead. · 11:02pm May 26th, 2012

Greetings to all my followers though I don't have many still I wanted to let you guys know I have not given up on the my story. Life has thrown many curveballs at me to where I haven't had time to continue my story but now it is starting to even out. I will be writing again soon and hopefully I will have my next chapter out before Christmas but for now here is a brief preview of what I have so far. It has not been edited yet so forgive the mistakes but without any further waiting here you go.

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Thank you for adding We Are Each Other to your folder, you're awesome! :twilightsmile: What did you like about it?

Well hi there! Thanks for favoriting Amulet (and of course all of your wonderful commentary on my work!)

2163181 Well cool and yes i tend to try to comment on peoples work a lot of times it is usually good and sometimes I point out flaws that the artist needs to know. I may not be the greatest at making art but I do have a eye for it .

2163179 Not much, it's just that I see your comments a lot on pony webcomics. And of course the profile picture.


Yes I am, why do you ask?

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