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Why Celestia Is Useless · 2:21pm Aug 4th, 2014

A fan theory on why the immortal princess of Equestria never chooses to confront world-ending threats directly despite her obvious power to do so:

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Thank you very much for adding A Tale of Two Suns Books 1 and 2 to your Favorites. I'm glad you like my work that much.

She used to write it, but she lost interest and deleted it. I assume. She hasn't written much of anything in a while. Really liked that gadgets story, too...

Might be able to find something in the wayback machine, in any case. go back a year or two.

I followed a link to a story called Skeleton Jack, which was said to be written by you, but this story seems to no longer exist. I skimmed your blog posts for a mention of this story having been removed for a specific reason, or even a blog post which mentions the name of the story at all, but I could not find any. So I am left in the dark about the fate or existence of a story going by the name "Skeleton Jack". (This is an invitation to enlighten me, and perhaps also passers-by, on the subject.)

What feminism means to me:

* It means when a man and woman do the same job with the same effort they take home the same paycheck.
* It means a girl can buy power tools and Tonka trucks without being called "butch."
* It means when a woman is acting batshit crazy people don't say "she's just being silly" they say "that motherfucker is insane."
* It means women are held accountable for their crimes and don't get lighter punishments than men for the same felonies.
* It means when a girl wears no makeup or has no piercings she isn't going against the norm.
* It means having children and having a career aren't separate life goals.
* It means when a woman says "Leave me alone" the man walks away.
* It means we don't teach boys that sex is the be all and end all of manhood.
* It means we don't teach girls that sex is shameful and they should guard their virginity until marriage.
* It means telling children the hard truth about growing up, relationships, and what the human body is.
* It means when a woman assaults a man we don't say "He probably deserved it."
* It means when a woman cheats on her faithful spouse she isn't the victim.

This has been what feminism means to me.

Thanks for the fave of 'The Furthest From the Tree'. I appreciate it! :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 34 - 38 of 38
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