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Long ago, the kingdom of Araea was connected to the world by the Rainbow Bridge, a magical artifact of unbelievable power, but all that changed when the mysterious Event caused it to fall into the sky. Separated from the world below, Araea faded into legend; beyond the sea, and above the sky. But is it really gone? For atop the world, the technologically advanced kingdom thrives, content in its isolation. But one pony looks out from atop his mountain home to see past the clouds to the surface far below, adventure in his heart. And he's found a way to reach it.

The crew:
Gadgets - an Earth Pony with a flare for invention and explosives
Minion - his loyal sidekick and marefriend
The Chief - leader of the buzzbots
Darkfang - a foulmouthed teenage dragon with a passion for learning and a (secret) love for romance
Crimson - a veteran soldier who bears the scars of a life of hardship and the markings of true nobility
Feathers - a princess turned adventurer and a master of the darkest power there is: Blood Magic
Firestarter - a fiery pegasus filly whose name suits her a little too well
Cal - a master assassin and rampant hedonist, she's a character who wears many masks

Inventions of note:
The Inconceivable - a massive airship built to journey the world. Warning: might explode at any time
Death ray - for when everything in that general direction must die
Eclipse Engine - a mysterious device that draws upon the Sun and Moon to warp reality itself

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I do believe this is the only story in a while to capture my attention. Can't wait to read the next chapter.


Not bad, promising. I like the steam punk style, you should probably mention that in the description, as well as adding OC to the character list. Pretty good.

Well color me impressed. This. This is wonderful and original and by gods did I enjoy this! Just two chapters man! Two chapters and you managed to capture my attention! You sir are doing something right.

Reminds me a bit of The end of ponies by Short Skirts And Explosions.

Steampunky and an adventure to experience. I shall read to see if it is worthy.

I have always been a fan of steampunk and this made my day.


I like this. alot.


fear my all mighty nipple rub of first that shoots coffee!

413575:facehoof: But anyway, funny ass chapter title brah.


413575 That is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen, but I cannot look away :pinkiecrazy:

Man, what you've created here is beautiful and awesome. :pinkiesmile: The characters are lovable and the story so far is pretty epic :rainbowdetermined2:

"screw gravity." *floats off into space.*
this story is very good.:rainbowkiss:

413765 Probably because I suck at advertising :moustache:, feel free to tell your friends or post a link to Facebook! Or anywhere else for that matter :pinkiehappy:

You heard him, fellas. Spam this fic on every site imaginable!

No, but seriously. This has been a very nice start and I have really enjoyed reading this story. Steampunk has always been a genre I've kept separate from mlp simply because they feel too far apart for me to truly enjoy. I'm happy to say I was just proven wrong over these last few days. lol

Keep up the great work!

*Fav'd and Tracked*

I luv this... PLEASE MKE MORE... PPPLLLEEAASSEEE:applecry:

Dammit all, you beat me to doing a steampunk story:raritydespair: oh well, this is far superior to anything I could ever write

Love the characters, love the idea, moar of this deliciousness plz :pinkiehappy:

I want to meet 'That One Guy' now. He sounds nice.

This... is... BRILLIANT

Great chapter, love the history behind it. Keep 'em coming! :twilightsmile:

dude... steampunk ponies... I FRIKKING LOVE IT!

Dude. Wow, just wow. This is friggen' amazing :rainbowkiss:

Love the story so far, the characters and their personalities are great. :twilightsmile:
One thing though; "Before he call out, a tentative tug on his shoulder caused Darkfang to look down."
Did you mean 'Before he could call out' or 'Before he called out'. Other than that I don't see anything wrong, or that stood out anyways. Keep up the great work.:pinkiehappy:

428799 Thank you for catching that! I actually wrote this in a hurry while I was busy with some other stuff. I'm going to be going back through the entire story at a later date and fixing all my grammar mistakes, possibly adding some new stuff as I go along. Again, thanks for bringing this mistake to my attention

I see what you did there. And, like Blueblood, Bluebeak need a good gatling to th' balls. Or to let me at im'.

frikkin' love this story.

but srsly, i love this story

442982 Yeah hold on to that thought when you read Ch. 9

444674 Any spoilers for CH 9 ? Also, your great at making characters lovable and making other characters hated

445836 Hmm, spoilers spoilers spoilers...what spoilers can I give that won't be giving away anything important? I guess all I can really say is that Ch. 9 will be wrapping up the Dragon's Breath Arc and our favorite adventurers will be setting off to their next destination, and that you will be suitably pleased, pissed, and confused by the ending. Maybe I'll throw in a little awe-struck just to keep things interesting :ajsmug:

446750 I wouldn't have it any other way :pinkiesmile:

Awesome! I want moar!!! This is probably the first steampunk/mlp crossover I have read and I must say I'm highly impressed. I'm also very surprised to find that this fic isn't getting more views. I mean story 10/10; characters 11/10; execution 10/10. What more can I say?

Just me being nitpicky but it would make the story flow a little better by keeping the parts where somebody talks and the same person acts in the same paragraph. Like this here could be put into a single paragraph:

You two are friends and you haven't seen each other for fifty years?How old are you, anyway?"

Gadgets piped up, confused. Darkfang turned slightly to answer him, still not taking his eyes off Gripeye.

Not to say that you shouldn't split it up all the time but just watch that sometimes. That's really the only thing I can say that
draws away from this fic. Keep on trucking! Definitely a hidden diamond in the fandom.

447973 I've actually debated about the structure in some parts, whether or not it makes as much sense as it did while I was writing it. I mainly structured it that way because alot of other stories I've read have a similar structure and I figured it made everything a bit easier to read online.
But like I've said earlier I'm almost constantly going back through the story to fix things like grammar mistakes, spelling errors, over-all plot structure so any and all mistakes will be addressed with time. Not to say I don't appreciate when someone points something out to me so I can get right on it. I'll look into it and fix what needs to be fixed later on, right now I'm trying to get Ch. 8 up and running before the weekend's out so I'm a little pressed for time, but thanks for reading and I appreciate the input! :pinkiesmile:

I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY I'M BARFING RAINBOWS!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

YEA! new chapter! fuckyes! also, screw you cliffhanger!

i would cut off an arm to be a part of this story.

EDIT: hmmmm... Dashboard... Modest Mouse... i can think of something better...

gimmie a week to go through my 20 gigs of music.

I've been a fan of steam punk and MLP for a while now. and now that the two are combined, my life is complete. I VILL VE VEADING DIS.

GREAT CHAPTER! :flutterrage:
Its getting really interesting. Can't wait to see what happens. Also, you mentioned somewhere that you were going to catch a certain pony named Bunnyhelm on fire... When can we expect that? :pinkiehappy:

453550 Heh, I remember that. Haven't figured out a way to incorporate him into the story yet.

Yes! :yay: New chaptah! Nothing to note or at least anything I remember... :twilightblush: Anyway love the backstory of Gadgets keep it up. :pinkiehappy:

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