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Friendship lasts forever.


Three years ago, Gilda and Rainbow Dash became fast friends at Junior Speedsters' Flight Camp. Time took its toll, though, and the pair drifted apart.

When Gilda tries to reconnect with her not-so-long lost friend, she'll discover that things can change a pony after three years: a new home, new job, and new friends.

This story continues in Summer Days

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Original: http://mallorysbeast.deviantart.com
Coloring: Bandit (no link available)

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Hail NickNack:pinkiecrazy:

Wait, is this the real thing? Can it be true? :rainbowderp:

I liked more the anterior:ajsleepy:... This one is still good, thought, it's just not the same:unsuresweetie:

Hail satan.

1670667 You have always been an idiot.


And so now I'm an idiot for good ole american humor? One of two things are about to happen.

1. I'm about to call you a new fag, because you don't live in america, and then, you probably will go off, because you don't understand what a new fag is.

2. You obviously do not know me, because, as I've said before, fuck religion.

Ooh, nice.

Now that this is here my computer will tell me when it updates.

Well once it gets done with telling me that the rest of the already written chapters have been added.

Has there been any changes in the 12+ months this has not been updated?

Hey now... if you wanna fight, go do it on your own time, in a parking lot somewhere. Not in a school, surrounded by books.

The writing style has improved, and the scenes were shuffled. Only one or two were really changed, though.

Except chapter 7. Chapter 7 is almost entirely a new thing. I decided against a "bar fight" in the "falling action" section of the story, as that seemed to be the right thing to do.

Oh man this, this pleases me so, thanks for posting it :heart:


Well, it's not your fault, it's not even mine. Sometimes people don't know humor.


JL-Hero said: Hail NickNack

Bro Dash said: Hail Satan.

G-AB Acid said: You have always been an idiot.

And, you know the rest.

I got called Satan once, when I did a Christmas benefit for dyslexic kids.

Stuff sticks with you.


lol...wait, whoa dude. Seriously, I didn't know. I was just making good old american joke! Legit, man! But...people have been ridin my rear for it. Something tells me people are still blinded by religion...

In the words of many forum goers, "This thread got derailed." Now of course, this isn't a forum but I think it applies nicely here.


Personally I don't care if you we're joking or you draw pentagrams on the wall and sacrifice goats. Lastly, if you want to spout that atheist stuff, go to reddit or something this is not the time or the place.

At any rate, it's nice to see my favorite fic on fimfiction. Have a "like".

I, too, was making a joke. Dyslexia. Christmas. Santa.

But yeah, no worries, what's said is said, and I'm not really in a position to judge anyone these days.

Yes! Going to re-read this.

I'll agree it's different—more focus on action and Gilda's motivation to go to Farrington, at the expense of slightly diminishing the broody sadness.

The "feather and photo" scene will be revisited at a later time in the story, with hopefully a lot more emotional payoff.

Oh fuck yes. Tell me you have the sequel. That's one of the first stories I read in the fandom and it's what made Gilda best pony in my book.

Garnot's got the first half, I've got the second half. When we go on a destiny quest out into the Mojave desert, we will meet, combine the two halves, and then take over the world with the power or Rock 'n Roll.

Or, you know... finish writing and polish them before posting them here.

I had been told that this had been taken down from... well... everywhere. This was perhaps my favorite Gilda story, so I was very disheartened when I heard that. I'm glad to see it here. I shall have to put aside some time to read it again tomorrow :pinkiehappy:




Only read 1st chapter, must say, you sold me at Gilda murdering a squirrel. Fav + thumb.

Grats on the feature btw!

huh, figured he would have been here to comment... props on the story btw

Oh hey, I remember this story! A quick glance-over tells me there's been some changes, some more major than others (I sort of miss the fight in the restaurant from the last chapter; it was one of my favorite scenes), but that doesn't mean it's any less awesome to run into again. :twilightsmile:

From one atheist to another:
For ____'s sake, shut up and read the _____damned story. :ajbemused:

:unsuresweetie:Do I even need to say good fic?
Its do goddamned awesome and introspective I want to just hop into the computer and stuff. I always knew That something like this would get featured. and it truly deserves to be known. Better than what I could do. Hats off Nicknack Take a moustache:moustache:

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an honor working on this story, as well as Two Beats. I've done my part, and carried this tale at a time that would have seen it forgotten and lost.

Now, it's creator has returned, and I am no longer of need. I still carry one half of the future, but my job is essentially complete. What does the future hold? Who knows. All I know is that I'll be there, watching, ready to aid should I ever be needed again.

Till we meet again.

-E.D. "Garnot" C]-[H


Hey, welcome back!

Read this story a while ago and loved it. You made me like Gilda.

I hope to start reading the sequel soon.

1672521 Your avatar has the power to make the strongest of warriors tremble in fear. Do not hurt me. :fluttercry:

Author Interviewer

Waaaaait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

Nick's not back, is he? c.c Is this just Garnot posting the polished version or whatever?

By Golly it's here! Hooray! I first read this several months back on EQD & Google Docs. Now i get to read it here I am so excited I can barely contain myself.

Well I'm completely new to this story and ignorant as to why it would have been taken down. I think it's rad. I went in skeptical that I could view Gilda as a sympathetic character and was pleasantly surprised. Redemption!


this was awesome.

knowing Pinkie is going to break this up is just....:applecry: gah


aah... I really hate expecting pinkie pie...

god, i hated her in this episode.

DX canon or noncanon ending... uuu... the tension kills me.

1672251 No, it's different because, if this had been the first time I read it, it wouldn't have hooked me as bad as the first time:ajsleepy:

1673229 T'is a shame that you are under-appreciated for your efforts.
Not just with revisiting Nick's works, but on your own as well, Garnot.

Take comfort in the fact that there are people out there who enjoy what you write a lot. Me, namely.
Might not seem like much, but I thought I'd say it.

Sorry, Nick... twice now I've done it and "polluted" the comments with off-topic stuff.


all of my feels....

... idk what to say....



Ever since i heard of this story i wanted to read it, but i don't like gmail and the only gmail i have is for my youtube account which i can't technically open.

:,D thank you for making such an amazing story that isn't crop and copy like every other story.

YESH! THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! I must reread sometime, that stolen copy had errors everywhere! Plus, it's been changed! :D :D :D

I remember this story from a long time ago--it's still my favorite fic involving Gilda and the griffon tribes. The world-building you've done here rewrote my headcanon for them.

I'm particularly fond of the Teutonic/Germanic themes you've incorporated. Gilda's fighting with the distinction between killing for honor and killing for food, though whether she wants to maintain that distinction or lose is is currently the reader's guess. Given her scars and how much you tell us by not telling us anything beyond vague hints, there's clearly a lot of history to be explored, between Gilda and her family as much as herself and Rainbow Dash.

There's also history just begging to be expanded on as far as the griffons themselves:

It was a bleak truth, but it was absolute: griffins were a dying race.

I mean, holy hell, you can't set the stage better than this for world-building. This statement alone explains a lot about the pony dominance in Equestria, and given how much I actually like Gilda in this story, it's a sombre thing for her to consider. Doubly so, since she's apparently been exiled from the last vestiges of family and her own kind.

You've set the stage beautifully

And here we see more of Gilda's predicament--she's been banished since, and because of, her time with the ponies. Even when facing extinction, her clan would prefer to see them as meals rather than companions. (Apparently, her dad could learn a thing or two from Pixar:)


Well, not quite like that, since griffons are carnivorous by nature--but given her icy reception even after being released from hospital, it's quite telling that sapience is not a deciding factor for Gilda's tribe when deciding what to eat.

This rather does bring up a disturbing new twist on her having friends over for dinner.

And, oooohhh dear, Dash really has no idea the trouble she's inviting over. Gilda was less-than-pleasant in the show, but factoring in the demands of an honor killing that she in no way wants to go through with....

And Gilda flashes the mailpony. That's just... gods, I'm laughing as hard at that as I did when I first read that over a year ago. That's certainly one way to clear up any gender confusion issues.


Ok, as for the sake of my well being, because I don't want to flip shit because people don't drop this:

Stop, quit epestering me. I've explained my reasons to five people already, and I don't feel liek doing it anymore to shut you people up.

As for you, Rattle, tie down your rear. I've got this marked in my favorites, so I cna catch it later, and possibly read it when I'm in the mood. Along with the 27 other stories I need to read.

Interesting that money seems to be a foreign concept to her...I wonder if griffon society is communal, barter-based, or just small enough that they can't help but share resources out of necessity, a la the Quarian Flotilla.

D'aw, Rainbow's really going the extra mile to try and catch up with her. Now I'm actually kinda annoyed with Pinkie Pie for butting in. I questioned her motivations when I first saw the episode, but after reading how much Gilda's looking forward to her time with Rainbow...

Our visit was going to be perfect.


Yikes, Rainbow's reaction to Gilda not liking a prank leaves an unsettling suspicion that her comeuppance for the last prank taken too far is more in keeping with griffon nature than pony... That's a helluvan elephant to have in the room when trying to reconnect.

Yep, that's definitely NickNack.

The pony intertubes need more puns and witticisms. All the more reason it's good to have you back.

And here was one that stood out from her environment like a sore thumb, completely helpless and unsuspecting... I shoved those thoughts back down; carnivore or not, I wouldn’t let my instincts call the shots.

And Nature vs. Nurture rears its ugly head once again.

The bit with the names is actually something I wondered about myself. Some names seem to fit their owners a little too well, especially before they get their cutie marks.

That raised a scary question: What if I was the interloper?

Gilda's still only visiting--she is intruding a little bit, but since it's for a short amount of time a little monopolization of RD's attention would be a given. I certainly wouldn't take offence if a friend of mine wanted to spend extra time with someone they haven't seen in years.

And now Pinkie's intruding on their together-time again. Not sure if intrusive, or just thick... 'Buzz off' and she still doesn't get it. Okay, yeah, she's thick about it.

Holy shit, Gilda, overreact much to a bad prank? No wonder RD was freaked in the last chapter, even if she was never told directly she's smart enough to put the pieces together herself.

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