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N'awww. This is tinged with just the right amount of bittersweetness. I've always liked stories that explore how Pinkie went from a drab rock farm to being a baker in Ponyville, and this was a nice, if tragic, explanation. A great bit of introspection!

I really, really loved the narrative in this one. Amazing how you managed to make such a simplistic scene feel so interesting^^

Hmm. This was not what I expected going in. I am pleasantly surprised to read a moderately toned balanced introspection of some of Pinkie's indirectly characterized possible feelings and thoughts with only minimal headcanon.
Unfortunately this characterization kind of exists for it's own sake here. I would love to see more of this type of insight put into characters in longer more complex fics of varied genres.
I see myself linking this story quite a bit to exemplify how to balance a Pinkie characterization in the future.

Yeah, this is more of a character deconstruction / study than it is a conflict-driven story. But, for clocking in at ~2k words (or 8 minutes, at the average of 250 wpm for native English readers), I don't think that it's violating the golden rule of writing which is, "Don't waste the reader's time."

Thank you...

...and thank you.

I had no idea you were posting this one, old bean. Love the characterization.:pinkiehappy:

She had a lot of friends, but even still,, she always seemed to end up alone.

Double comma

I liked it, but I don't really have anything to say about it..

Daww good story.:pinkiesad2:

lol pinkies's scared of the dark and needs a night light? *laughs*

great piece of work xD

Hold on a second, I'm trying to find a song.

This fits the mood of the story really well.

It was great then, and it's still great now. :twilightsmile:

Well done! I'm not a huge Pinkie fan, but this was lovely.

That was a good use of the Sad tag.

A cute story, though it's odd seeing a grown mare still have a night light on, I bet Rainbow would tease her about it. You done an impressie job with the emotion, personally if I was Pinkie, I would be a bit angry that her friends never help her clean up. I like the idea of Pinkie thinking of her family, that was a nice touch.

One or two errors but nothing major. I know Pinkie tends to break the forth wall a lot but that's honestly no reaon to put yourself in such fics, it's not needed, that's the only thing that bothered me. A cute one-shot, you well, hoping to see what else you come up with:twilightsmile:

I like that this shows what is underneath Pinkie's cheery exterior. Pretty deep stuff with her family.

A nice quick read.

all the confusion around Gummy’s first birthday party had proved that they did really care


Ashamed, she wrinkled her nose a little as she turned...

Seems to come a little out of nowhere. Would have been better to mention her fear of darkness before saying she's ashamed.

I always liked those introspective Pinkie story, does a very good job showing the depth of her character, which a lot of people fail to see.

A quick, cute little story that breaks the fourth wall with those bits about the narrator. More heartwarming than sad, at least to me. Coming from your other stories, it's amazing how you make Pinkie sound like Pinkie. Many writers tend to write all their characters the same, and turn them into puppets, designed to say what the author tells them. But you, you make it work. To me, this is just a small scene, but it's interesting enough to keep me reading the entire time. Keep up the good work, Nicknack. :pinkiesad2:

I'm going to have to read more of your stories, I think- This was quite cute!

Jesus, what a train wreck. This dross is the best you can do? My god, this shit makes a positive argument for Past Sins.

3962084 I'm gonna catch this wild cunt and train it to lvl 100

2443793 For some reason I think this sounds like a slow funeral version of the Monkey Island theme song.

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