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Three months can seem like an eternity, but in the timeless nature of hibernation, it passes in a blink. Spring is here, and Tank has awoken, ready to reunite with Rainbow Dash.

However, there's a small complication.

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There was no way this wasn't going to be a dream. ^^ Awesome!

Ya gotta love Tank's tenacity.

Tank is a baller.

YOU ARE KING OF FEELS!! :heart: Seriously, this is the best story about Tank that I've ever read :)

That was sweet.

Tank seems pretty old though. Maybe he was over a hundred when Dash first got him.

...Maybe he used to be owned by Dash's great-great-grandmother and recognized her in May The Best Pet Win.

......Maybe I should stop thinking about this before it kills me.

Dash is going to be so confused or possibly horrified if she overhears Tank and Ironclad having their fun. Given that she didn't know tortoises hibernate and Equestria doesn't have YouTube, I really doubt she knows what it sounds like when they mate.

Heh, shucks. :twilightsmile:

Gesundheit. :raritywink:

But does he wish he were a little bit taller?

Nah, I'm an Earl of Feels at best. Maybe a Duke. Still, thank you.

Tank was actually hatched by Star Swirl. He's a time tortoise, and has been loyal to the line of Commander Hurricane since time immemorial.

Or maybe that's just the dream he had before this one.

Fortunately, that particular Rainbow Dash is, like Ironclad, just a dream construct. She knows what to expect. Good thing, too. The real Dash would probably be incensed by a tortoise abandoning her kids and try to dig up the nest.

Tank, like his owner, is a most adorable badass.

Well I'll be.

Having told me how you felt about "Tanks", I get the feeling penning this had to have been at least a bit of a brain-strainer for you. I fully expected to read the latest in a line of cynical, unempathic "it's only 3 months guise" fiction that had kept popping up in the wake of the episode's airing.

But no, you went and flipped the script and showed every character at their best anyway. Now I can finally say: thank you for writing this. :twilightsmile:

Star Swirl IS responsible for absolutely everything that has ever happened, so probably :pinkiecrazy:

Gorgeous. If I have time to say more, I will, but I'm frantically busy right now. Still. Amazing, and for all the right reasons.
5973901 I know. We got mystical Pinkie, the very Tank-centric pov, plus just a hint of Small Gods longevity and stubbornness. Three months is very fast or very slow, depending on who you are and what you're doing.

Nah, I'm an Earl of Feels at best. Maybe a Duke. Still, thank you.

You're welcome, Earl :pinkiehappy:

I admit, it's taken me an embarrassingly long time to knuckle down and actually get this one written. I've been mulling over the idea for more than a week, but just couldn't get myself to put fingers to keyboard. Of course, as I noted, a Tank story should take its time for the sake of thematic consistency.
As for the idea itself, I wanted to make a situation that was worthy of the drama the episode presented. Then I thought about relative life spans, and the course of action became clear. Add "Bloom and Gloom" as further inspiration, and there you have it.

Thanks! And my mother's an English teacher, so I have some vague sense of your workload. Don't feel hard-pressed to provide an in-depth review.
Also, I was tempted to say something about how ground on top of Tank's shell felt right, but lacked elephants. That seemed a bit too silly too early, though.

Well, well, well, isn't this just a delightful little story?

Upvoted but.

Why do you keep spelling it out as Ayjay.

No seriously.

Why though.

For the same reason the purple pony princess is referred to as Twilight Egghead and the Pinkie Pie is called the Pinkie Pie. Tank thinks those are their names.

5974320 But why not just write AJ. Why Ayjay.

Tank's smile fell. Rainboe wasn't here.

Aww. Tank loves Dashie as much as she loves him.

And hey, Pinkie breaks the fourth wall in dreams too!


Not bad at all! :pinkiehappy:

A well written and welcome change to all of the allegorical 'Tank' hibernation/death stories. Especially considering that normally one would expect Tank to outlive all of her pony friends except the princesses.

Given that tortoises can live into their 180's Tank may very well have originally been brought to Ponyville as Granny Smith's mother's pet. Tenacious indeed. :raritywink:

There is a thing I can say about this....

D'awwwww! :3

this is sooo good...
why can't I like twice?

This was a nice story. The possibility of outliving those you care about is always an interesting and deep concept to think about (Looking at you "Princess" Twilight).

Still, Tank and the other pets need more stories and slices of life, and I'm always glad to find some like this.

Also, I love how Tank interprets their names. Made me laugh. :twilightsheepish:

A story which involves Rainbow and Tank that isn't some unfeeling, unemphatic mess but is instead a short, sweet little fic that protrays everypony (and everytortoise) perfectly while also managing to tug on the heartstrings?

F'naaaaa, can't be. :raritywink:

For realzies, though. This was a great story.

Wanderer D

I usually do not read Pet stories. But when I do, they have to be by FanOfMostEverything. Stay writing, my friend.

Certainly an interesting twist. Thanks for a good read. :twilightsmile:

In the immortal words of M. Night, "What a twist!" This was beautifully and wonderfully executed. I had a fear of what was going to happen and as I read my worst fears coming true I was on the verge of tears.

Okay spoiler time, seriously don't read this blackened part if you don't want this whole thing spoiled. I assure you it is better to simply read this story.

When Luna's description was brought up I nearly jumped in excitement that it was all a nightmare. Tank's loyalty was truly wonderful, and I loved the allusion to Pinkie being something more than what she seems to be to others... and Luna knowing something about it.

I really like this story. You get an upward facing thumb, a gold star on the Bronywood walk of fame... or um... my favorites list... and you... well I don't have anything else... so, I'll see you at the next chapter.

Very nicely done.

This was heartwarming, melancholy, and sweet all at the same time, and I enjoyed it.


"And you do show unusual wisdom, recognizing Pinkie Pie for what she is."

She is OMNIPINKIE, an eternal extra-dimensional entity more ancient than the universe itself! That's how she does all that stuff!

I knew it! :pinkiehappy:

Giggles Twilight Egghead. Hee hee. But seriously, this is beautifully written. I can't wait to see Rainbow dash and Tank reunite.

Very enjoyable. I particularly liked how Tank's POV was subtly influenced by Dash (Egghead, Ayjay).

This is a good story. I do not believe that the Sad-Tag is right, since it finishes happy.

great story fan! Interesting take , using Tanks perspective. I was expecting a sad-fest, and was pleasantly surprised. As is common knowledge, moon horse is the cure for all ills.

Anyone else tear up when he started digging? :fluttercry:
Excellent story goddamnit

5975447 That part was good, and fitting to character. but the rest seemed a bit anti climatic after that. Though that's just my opinion, and not necessarily a bad thing. The part with the pony that interrupts his digging was certainly to character with the portrayal in the show, I'll give coo-dos for that even if I didn't vibe with it personally.

Many tears were jerked out of my eye sockets thanks to this story. I tip my hat off to you!

I upvoted because it turned out not to be a schmaltz fest about somepony outliving their friends. What a pleasantly surprising twist.

Really glad it was a dream, because while I love me some sad "outliving your friends" fimfics, my mind immediately jumped to "she killed herself for a fucking turtle?!?!" and I was rolling my eyes so hard. :rainbowlaugh:

Like c'mon bruh. :ajsmug:

A nice story, thank you.

That rock damn near gave me a heart attack on its own.
You didn't have to make the dream a surprise. The surprise factor wasn't where the enjoyment cane from.

Three months of winter? Isn't that a little short? But then again, I live in Minnesota. Up here, it lasts for six.


I feel the same way. :twilightsmile:

Though, I admit I did feel the tears when Twi told Tank what happened. Pleasantly surprised that it didn't turn into some "you need to feel right now! :flutterrage:" kind of story.

In EQ the ponies control the weather. The seasons DON'T "just happen", they are made to happen. Winter lasts from the Winter Ceremony (unseen as yet), on Dec 21 until Winter Wrap Up on March 21. The seasons don't change gradually, it is like flipping a light switch. It only snows in Winter.

The Queen in pink? Is she related to the King in Yellow? XD

Oh man. This story brought tears to my eyes. :fluttercry: What a lovely story. :heart:

I think you just spoiled the story...:fluttercry:

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