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Is this story really incomplete? It looks like a one-shot to me. :derpytongue2:

A well versed fart joke has finally caught me off guard. Genius.

I think he's going to garner a bit of hot air before he starts to fly off on the next tangent.

Perhaps Cadence should tell the story of Twilight meeting with Flash Sentry.

I like this.

Princess Celestia, her brother Shining Armor, and his wife Cadence

Wrong Princess. You kind of forgot to mention Twilight being there at all.

One question AILBFF??

What does it- oh I'm smart!

Aunt in law best friend forever?? Yes?

6234287 You're right. Updated to reflect one-shot ness.

6234944 Twilight is hosting, she's in the preceding sentence. the 'her' in 'her brother' refers to Twilight.

6235137 You got it, have a cookie.:twilightsmile:

This was a cute and funny little story. Good work :twilightsmile:

Holy Fucking Epic Talking Shit, this was awesome! You made my day!

Comment posted by VGI deleted Jul 23rd, 2015


Nonetheless, the way the sentence is written, it comes across even in multiple readings as saying that Shining Armor is Celestia's brother.


You're right.

Twilight Sparkle was playing host to three of her most precious people. Seated around the room on various couches and chairs, wine and cider glasses in varying states of fullness, was Princess Celestia, her brother Shining Armor, and his wife Cadence.

Pronouns such as "her" are best understood by readers only when following immediately after the one they reference - anything else is just asking for unnecessary confusion. The sentence as it exists will most commonly be understood as "Twilight, Celestia, Celestia's brother, and Celestia's brother's wife" simply by the order and proximity. But if you list Twilight, her brother, his wife, Cadance, and Celestia, then it's better understood that we have "Twilight, Twilight's brother, Twilight's brother's wife, and Celestia."

That last line...I legit laughed. Still am as I write this.

There comes a point where I read short stories like this for the lulz...and this was definitely entertaining! Cookies for all!!! (And very nice use of alliteration!) :moustache:

Alright, I did not expect that. But it was hilarious :rainbowlaugh:
Like and fave, good sir/madam/deity!

I would be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't laugh one bit through this. I couldn't help myself from grinning from ear to ear after reading the part about the sound like an earthquake equals to the reply of:

"You did not!"

:rainbowlaugh: Ha Ha Ha



6234496 You mean the story of how a gaurd wasn't watching where he was going, bumped into her, she blushed and then left? Cadence doesn't have any of that dirt, it all happened on the other side of the mirror. Only Spike has that particular ammunition.

Man, it'd be hilarious if that was some sort of side effect from using the Royal Canterlot voice excessively. :rainbowlaugh: The Royal Canterlot Flatulence!

Shining uses the only opportunity his wife will allow him to tell a story that Spike would've appreciated more than any pony present. Shining is a dick to his siblings. The adopted one, at least.

Who else lost it?

6240275 nobody care about spike, not even spike himself

Shiny’s smile widened even further. threatening to swallow his ears. “Hoof to the heavens Twily, my pretty pink princess pooted publicly; Ponies panicked.”

I died at that. XD This was hilarious! The buildup throughout all of this... perfect!

The entire story is hilarious, but that last line just KILLED. :rainbowlaugh:

Usually I can't stand toilet humour but this definitely got a laugh out of me. :rainbowlaugh: Well played, writer.

MUCH BETTER than in any Adam Sander movie.

Welp, that was a thing I just read. That happened.


For some people, it may have been the greatest day of their lives. For others, the worst. Some people on that day pulled their lives out of the ashes, stood up to the heavens and screamed, “I AM ME AND YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME.” For the small, intimate gathering in Ponyville, it was a Tuesday.

toilet humor, both when told in a story and for the "humor" itself to be ready, need it's times and the right preparation

and this little story here nailed it perfectly

Well that was a "blast" for me. :rainbowlaugh:

I’m going to require a Pinkie Promise out of you.”

“Ok, ok.

Notice that he doesn't actually recite it or go through the proper motions.

Seated around the room on various couches and chairs, wine and cider glasses in varying states of fullness, was Princess Celestia, her brother Shining Armor, and his wife Cadence.

of fullness, was Princess Celestia,

Should be "were",

I liked the alicorn alliteration.

Shiny,, if you really loved her, you would have taken the fall for her.

Funny story, made me laugh, few things can do that nowadays.

“To be fair, it was the best burrito I’ve ever had.”

6240355 You're half right. Spike is the only fucker stupid enough to think he's worth anything. Kinda like his fans...

6242462 My Little Pony: Loopholes are Magic

I wonder what Celestia's farts sound like.....

6242874 I can't tell you what they sound like, but I can tell you what they look like.

6242874 I don't know... Maybe it sounds like ass ripping

I love the alliteration.

6242874 Depending on the day and what she ate....

Perfect thing to read on a Saturday morning that is devoid of any new pony. :rainbowwild: I loved it!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy:

I laughed 'till my belly aches.. :rainbowlaugh:
Nuff said. This made my night, sir :rainbowwild:

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