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Sunset Shimmer has faced a lot, but now she returns to something that puts more butterflies in her stomach than everything else combined...returning home for a simple picnic with her mentor and Princess Cadence.

Can she reconcile with her loved ones and enjoy the day? Can she get over her nerves enough to actually ENJOY the day?

A commission by Alexwarlorn, who wanted a carefree, happy, lighthearted Slice of Life story I was glad to provide.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Thanks to otakuap for the cover pic! Pretend that you're looking at it from Sunset's POV!

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What a cute story!
Could you make another chapter plase???


That was very sweet.
Too bad they didn't bother to invite Luna. I guess they don't consider her a part of the family enough. Well, she is Worst Princess, so I suppose it's to be expected.


This was intended as a one-shot. Trust me when I say that artificially extending a story backfires.


Someone who hates how Luna wasn't included?

Wonderful. Truly wonderful.

One day, someone will actually put to music all of your awesome songs, thenI will download them and listen to them nonstop.

You know, why did I even need to read this before pressing that fave button? I know I ws going to be heart warmed, and I knew I was going to love it. There was never a question.

How in Tartarus did this NOT get featured? HOW?! Must not have been enough sex or humans in it.

One quibble.

...until Principle Celestia decided...

You meant 'Principal'.

Otherwise, I love this. So adorable. :twilightsmile:

This was a fantastically sweet story. Not sure what I love more, Sunset & Celestia's song, or Celestia's nicknames for Sunset, Cadance and Twilight. Either way this is laser-guided feels. I like that you included Shining Armor the cousin-in-law as well.


I agree wholehearted. What I want to know is who are the four people who thought this story stank.


Yeah, it was nice to see Shining accepted as part of the family rather than being a Ken doll.

5572998 Probably the vocal anti-picnic coalition on this site, you know how they are. "Lauren Faust never had picnics, picnics are what's wrong with the fandom!"

Awwwwww sunsets and celestias song was too adorable

“Sunrise, sunset
Watch the new dawn break!
Clap your hooves and do a little shake!”

This is simmultanously adorable and hilarious.

Cadence chuckled. “So did Blueblood. At least you had the excuse of not wanting to get to know me. I mean I used to play roller derby for Auntie's sake, what was he expecting?”
Both of Celestia's former students (Twilight had graduated after all) did a synchronized jaw drop. Shining Armor just gave a knowing chuckle.
“I've still got the regional trophy,” said the Princess of Love, finishing off her haydog. She secretly wondered how they'd react if they knew she disguised herself with a spell her auntie taught her and still played from time to time. “What? Team spirit is love too.”


Sunset put a hoof to her chin. “Hey, uh...if Cadence is my adopted cousin, and you're married to her...doesn't that mean me and Twilight are cousins?”

I suppose it does, wow, that's actually pretty cool.

Shining Armor blinked. “Uh...you're still a Goddess...in fact me and Sunset are the only ponies here that aren't.”
“And you and Sunset are still two of the most powerful Unicorns alive. Besides, I'm no stronger than Cadence or Twilight in this form.”

Fair enough.

Ironically enough, she and Twilight went into the mud. Both sides had experienced Alicorn strength, but the stallion that could throw his wife like a javelin just barely edged out.

Not surprised, no offense meant to Cadence, but, I'd imagine a full grown pony must be rather heavy, especially an alicorn so, that's some pretty impressive strength. I pity the fool who ends up punched by him.

You know, I really love this fic, sucker for Slice of Life as I am, plus, it's just a nice relaxing picnic between family, I'm a tad disappointed by the lack of Luna, but then again, she IS usually considered nocturnal and the picnic is in the middle of the day, so, yeah. But, apart from that, I have nothing to complain about, it's a nice short sweet fic that I could read again and again and never get tired of the chuckles and smiles it elicits from me.


The lack of Princess Luna HAS BEEN the biggest complaint about this fic. I'll admit, when I was making the commission, that might been an error on my part, instead of having her having her own thing. Then again, she'd likely be dead tired and keep failing asleep if she'd had come.

And yeah, Shining Harmer is more fun being Cadence in disguise than a simple look alike. And it FITS Cadence's thrill seeker personality.

And I'm happy this fanfic is loved so.


I can see your angle, and as fun as Luna is, I suspect that when sleep deprived, like most people, she is not very pleasant.

And yeah, the idea of Cadence being a bit of a thrill seeker as Three's a Crowd implied works wonders with Shining Harmer. That pun is so bad it hurts. No wonder I love it, I'm a sucker for puns.

Like I said, I enjoy slice of life.

Sunset = Little Sun
Cadence = Heart to the North
Twilight = ????

Too bad Luna's not here...

Is that a reference to the Fall of Equestria series I see in the very first paragraph?

6577486 More of a take that than a reference, but yes.

6578205 What do you mean by more of a take that?

6584622 Means it was meant to be more meant to poke fun at it than actually reference it.

While I'm not opposed in to stories with little conflict to them, I think this story was a little bit too long for a story with nothing at all going even slightly wrong in it. I started getting bored before they even got done eating. ...Still, prior to my getting bored I really liked it, and the entire story was quite sweet.

This was cute.
Had to remind myself of when this was written, with certain details, like Cadance's counterpart and such.

Sunset put a hoof to her chin. “Hey, uh...if Cadence is my adopted cousin, and you're married to her...doesn't that mean me and Twilight are cousins?”

I dunno, that seems like a bit of a stretch.

“It's...good to see you again...” Sunset, try as she might, couldn't keep the tears from her eyes any longer. “...I missed you, Celestia...I mean Your Momjesty! I mean Your Majest-”

LoL, "Your Momjesty!" sounds like something a young kid would say to their monarch mom.

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