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Foals Errand

Guess whose back?!


This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia? Do You Have A Belly Button?

Twilight Sparkle was Princess Celestia's student for years before she came to Ponyville. What happened during those early years? Read on to find out.

Don't expect anything but short tales filled with filly adorableness. Have any ideas? Let me know in the comments!

Preread by several awesome people including Shiny, Stan, Raiden,ZOMG, Jumbled, andZodiac

If you are interested in more filly cuteness go check out Tiny Trixie Tales!
Twilight is still cutest!

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Twilight receives Smarty Pants! Or, Celestia finds Smarty Pants destroyed, and must not allow Twilight to know.

Daily quota of adorableness completed

*Opens first installment*

...Hnng! Cuteness! Too much cuteness!


For a comment to give you a possible idea? Twilight gets a case of the sniffles, and Celestia refuses to just leave her to the castle doctors.

I mighta missed it in the previous story but I wonder what's happened with Spike by this time.

Slumber party!

...in which no other fillies show up, so Twily sneaks into Celestia's bed.

Hes still a newborn but we will see little Spike ^^

Twilight gets all dirty, and Princess Celestia has to make her take a bath. Only problem is, Twilight hates baths!

Or, alternatively, it's Twilight's birthday, and Princess Celestia is searching for just the right gift to get her faithful student.

He sat down trying not to wince as he moved his injured forehooves recalling Cadance asking as she once again treated his knicks due to him repeatedly stabbing himself with the sharp needle.

What was it that Cadence asked him?

6011118 Probably how he managed to stab himself so much.

:trollestia: What's this?

:trollestia:What's this?

:trollestia: What's this?


:twilightsmile: "It's Spike!" Giggle giggle giggle

:moustache:Hack coughFooM!

:trollestia: So that's why it's raining stuffed ponies

Huh, I missed this. Will definitely be reading once I finish the chapter I'm editing but wanted to say this before I forget;

A comment driven story,

This is rather misleading since it implies a story that's plot and events are controlled by reader responses as opposed to what you seem to be meaning, a series of short stories of isolated events with the comments open to suggested event prompts.
Yes this is a minor thing most people wouldn't even consider much less comment on but... I actually don't read comment driven stories. I find the idea fundamentally flawed and the one time I tried I was proven right. It was awful. A complete incoherent mess. I mean really, trying to build a real story without any structure just throwing together random and even conflicting ideas from readers?

First chapter: Iron Will comes back to town looking for Fluttershy. Why and what happens?
Comment: They are getting married!
Comment: Er mah gerd! Hes back fer revange wit da Alicron Amnulat! He be rappin all da ponez!
Comment: Pinkie throws him a party!
Comment: He wants to tell her about his new personal trainer business and thank her for having shown him that assertiveness should be used in moderation.
Comment: His body is now inhabited by a human mind that wants ta have buttsex with all tha ponies yo! Mane6 Harem time!
Author: sounds good!
Second chapter: Iron Will rampages through town with Alicorn Amulet slaughtering and raping. To celebrate his successful evil exploits Pinkie throws him a "Yay you raped me, my friends, and my employer's children then murdered my bosses!" party! At the party he thanks Fluttershy for showing him that sometimes you should be evil instead of assertive and they decide to get married. At the ceremony he reveals that he is really a human in a minotaur body and takes the other five Mane6 with him on his evil bloodbath honeymoon as his new buttsex harem, they are delighted. After the honeymoon he opens a new personal trainer company to train villains to be more evil.

Yeah, nobody can do that. And yes the one I read was that bad. It has left me with a pet peeve about that and I'm sure I'm not the only one... there has got to be a least a couple others, right?

“Okay, okay, I can fix this,” she said as her little voice rose with her panic. “I can! Option one: I run away and leave Equestria and become a... what did mommy call them? A gypsy pony…


6011181 Well, I think this one could work a lot better. It's a collection of short stories involving something that everyone wants to see. Filly Twilight being adorable, and Princess Celestia spending time with her.

Its more like if you have an idea you'd like to see comment with it and I might write it ^^

6011191 Oh yeah, that's the impression I got as well. I was just pointing out that that line was misleading and might scare some readers away... then I got a little ranty about a pet peeve.:twilightsheepish:

6011195 Yeah, like I said

to what you seem to be meaning, a series of short stories of isolated events with the comments open to suggested event prompts.

A story of vignettes if you will. With the consideration of ideas in the comments. Less "comment driven story" and more "author is open to suggestions". Which would actually work.

It was supposed to be tsked, I fixed it.

^^ Fixed it thanks for the warning!

where she would be living for now on.


That was cute. I think it would be interesting if Twilight had in fact been in the same vicinity as one of her future friends, but neither of them interacted with each other. Something like Rarity's parents taking her to see Canterlot for first time after she had worn them down with insistent pleading or the Apples selling their wares in the open market at Canterlot (which might have been a factor in Celestia deciding Sweet Apple Acres would cater). Twilight of course doesn't see them at all, she might hear their younger selves, but for one reason or another she never actually sees them or interacts with them.

5990554 You know... the time stamp on your comment made me think I had missed this. :unsuresweetie:

The adorableness... of this, chapter... too... strong... (dies of heart failure)

I was going to say the 'head stuck in a cookie jar' bit but, while adorable, it's a bit over done. Then it hit me! So after I threw the damn fan across the room, the blasted thing is always falling on my damn head, I thought of something else to suggest! Twilight sneaks into the library for extra books and the ladder falls, leaving her stranded on a bookshelf until Celestia comes looking for her. It's like the cookie jar thing but for eggheads!!

Cadance and her getting up to no good and Tia catching them and then joining in. Possibly pulling a prank on Shining Armor,


Ah, makes perfect sense now. Darn that auto-correct. :facehoof:

Twilight has the hiccups, which rather ruins their game of Hide and Seek.

Commence read.


Fluffy little stories. Now that's what I love to read.

Let's follow this story to see where it goes.

Commence read.

A nice parting gift.

Is so... adorable! I... I can't take it—HHHNNNNGGGGHHHHH!

Well you get the slow clap. These first two installments were lovely. I'm gonna keep a close eye on this one.

As for comment suggestions... well I got two. Twi could play hide and seek with Smartypants. Smartypants would be 'It' so Twilight ends up hiding with no one but her inanimate doll looking for her, at least as part of the game.

Or adorable Twilight bath time and rubber ducky could be fun. Not necessarily a rubber duck, because I'm sure Celestia has plenty of toy boats and plastic whales to choose from.

Regardless, I'll see you at the next chapter.

Little Twilight gets the idea that the next day is the princesses birthday (and maybe it is, who knows?), so she gets up early and invades the kitchen to make the princess a special birthday tea. It is served during their shared breakfast. It's also highly disgusting (and maybe toxic), but Celestia doesn't want Twilight to know it and tries to dispose of the brew without Twilight noticing.

This looks adorable. I can't wait to start on it. Lately I have been finding just the greatest fanfics that line up to the episodes which is what I like a lot.


...I think I like that older guard. He seems like a sensible fellow.

One of the guards blinked before returning to stand next to his partner. “Did you see…”
The older guard gave a gruff shake of his head. “No, and neither did you.”

Good man [stallion if you prefer], exactly the position an officer takes when their superior is acting out of the normal.

Celestia having her other student Sunset Shimmer tutor Twilight.

are you trying to make me cry to death with emotional feel?:fluttercry:

6012812 Uh, that would be impossible. Although Twilight was a filly when Sunset Shimmer was Celestia's student, she did not have her cutie mark. By the time she did, Sunset Shimmer had already left for the mirror world.

This is adorable!

And I second Celestia going all 'nurse Twilight back to health' mode...and proving to be completely incompetent when it comes to doing so! XD

IDEA! Twilight Sparkle vs the flu!
Now hear me out. When Twilight sneezes, she uses magic. Firing off beams, throwing what ever she has in her levitation spell, and doing what ever cutesy thing you can think off. Like Telephoning into Celestia's cake or something.

Twilight Sparkle overhears a conversation and misunderstands absolutely everything about it, giving her a phobia of disappointing Celestia.

6013577 This, just this. It's perfect.

Here's a rather heart warming idea that I'm sure has been used before.
Twilight's still new to the castle, and has a nightmare. She goes to Celestia for comfort, and Celestia takes comfort from her own nightmares of Nightmare in Twilight... in the twilight.

That sentence is horrible and I couldn't help it, I had to make it worse.

6013672 The nightmare story has been done before, but I'm sure it could be done here if it's done well.

6013720 I know. That's why I said "I'm sure."
I had meant it not as a supposition, but as an absolute. And it's always an adorable and heart warming little tale, and I'd like to see how Foal's Errand tells it.

Hopefully, well.

In reviews or PM?

We want baby Spike!

The School for Celestias Gifted has a special tour. . . .

:rainbowhuh: yuck eggheads

:pinkiecrazy: the kitchens full of cupcakes

:fluttercry: It's so scary

:raritystarry: I want that pet dragon

:moustache: I Tlights sistant

:applejackconfused: It talked!

:twilightoops: Well duh. . .

:rainbowlaugh: ya still an egghead

:trollestia: So this is the future. . .More cake!

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