• Published 24th May 2015
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Tiny Twilight Tales - Foals Errand

Small glimpses into Twilight Sparkle's early years as Princess Celestia's student.

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Smarty Pants

Twilight Sparkle sat on her haunches with a mostly empty saddle bag beside her. At first she had packed it until it almost burst from all of her magic books, but realized while struggling to zip it up that in all likeliness, Princess Celestia’s library probably had a copy of every one of them plus ones which Twilight had only dreamed of laying her hooves on. So with a small sigh, she had painstakingly reshelved every single one of them in perfect alphabetical order.

She had finished the normally enjoyable chore several minutes ago and since then had simply sat looking around the room that had been hers for her whole life. She wiped her eyes with her fetlock and sniffled. She hadn’t even realised she had started crying till then. The reality was hitting her now though. Tomorrow morning after breakfast her mommy and daddy would be taking her to the palace where she would be living from now on.

Twilight wiped at her eyes angrily. This is no time to cry! My greatest dream is about to come true! She sniffled once more before her ear twitched at the sound of a quiet knock on her door.

“Twily? Are you awake?”

Twilight wiped at her eyes one final time before she trotted over and opened the door with a pulse of magic to reveal a tall white unicorn colt a dark blue mane falling into his eyes. As he smiled down at Twilight, she noticed his horn was glowing.

“BBBFF!” Twilight beamed before nuzzling against his foreleg. If there was anypony who could get her out of the slump she was in, it was her big brother best friend forever Shining Armor.

Shining Armor wrapped a foreleg around Twilight, giving her a bit of a noogie. “I’m glad you aren’t asleep yet, I have something for you! Been working on it since you got your cutie mark… mind you Cadance did help… A bit.”

Twilight wiggled out of the embrace and smoothed out her mane before cocking her head. “A present? For me?!”

Shining Armor laughed and from behind his back floated out a small brown pony doll with big button eyes and polka-dotted shorts. He gently set it on the ground in front of Twilight “Here you are Twily! A new study buddy just for you! She even has a notebook and quill so she can do homework with you!” He set the two small objects next to the doll. “Her name is Smarty Pants.” He sat down trying not to wince as he moved his injured forehooves recalling Cadance tsking as she once again treated his knicks due to him repeatedly stabbing himself with the sharp needle.

Twilight circled the doll a few times looking her over and Shining Armor swallowed hard Oh no, what if she doesn’t like it? I worked so hard on it and I don’t have anything else for her…

“Shiny?” Twilight asked finally looking up at her stoic big brother.

Shining Armor licked his lips before glancing down at her, a single bead of sweat forming on his brow “Yes Twily?”

“Did…. are you sure she’s made for me?” Twilight asked while pawing at the floor a bit nervously.

“Of course she is Twily! She’s made just for you so that when you are lonely and I’m not there, you’ll have somepony to talk to.” Shining Armor gave her a nuzzle and grinned as she wrapped her little hooves around his face and nuzzled his cheek.

“Thank you so much Shiny! I love her so much!” She picked Smartypants up in her forelegs and hugged her tightly.

Somehow she wasn’t so worried about leaving home anymore.

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