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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.


100 word minimum prompt-based minifics from the Twilestia group. Romantic angst and cute AF shipping ahoy!

Individual authors linked at the top of each chapter.

If you'd like to contribute, check out the thread and follow the suggested "rules."

Rated Teen for potential sauciness.
As of June 11th, 2016, updates will be posted on Saturdays.

Chapters (485)
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Comments ( 2733 )

β€œNo, Sir!” It’s our duty to protect them unquestioningly!”

One too many ” there.

:trollestia: poor spike.

This is gettin some good stuff. Continue good sir:trollestia:

it's good to see that cute twilestia fics are not dead :twilightsmile:

3237613 I lol failed... oh well. These stories are meant to be unedited :pinkiesmile:

oh I would love to see this chapter expanded on if just a little bit.

Comment posted by Celestias Paladin deleted Sep 23rd, 2013

Yes Twilight, she knows you would love that... anytime:trollestia::twilightblush:

The question is, when did the ... other parts of him arrive, and has he found them yet? I imagine he's missing them.

Well for starters he tried to make a move on Celestia's girl, second he got caught by a Dreamwalker and a Ranger, both of whom consider Twilight to be their little sister, third... well that will be what ever you imagine.

Cactus's and Celestia's behind, best story ever.

Maybe, he is pretty much alone on the island except for a small archeological team. No one really goes there, and apart from some ancient ruins there is nothing there. He might get them back when he returns home.

Du fuq. That was a kick in the pants.:coolphoto:
Oh we'll. next!

3247922 I think we're supposed to assume Twilight won. Given that her getting shot would probably elicit a bit more than a grimace from Celestia.

3248297 Celestia will put the romance in Necromancer!

Now I think she would do that, she probably knows better than mess with Boundaries of Life and Death, sounds more like Nightmare Moon (or Discord) thing

3248355 Depends on if she sees Twilight as family. She tends to act irrational and emotive around her family (i.e.:Canterlot Wedding, Friendship Is Magic (PartII) or Crystal Empire Part 1).

But to resort to Necromancy... err... I mean Post-Mortem Communications... ah screw it's Necromancy.

Neck Romance? Celey is down for that!

For minute I thought that was Peewee all grown up and putting the moves on Philomena. :twilightsmile:

These are the stories that I like. You have no idea what the fuq is going on till the very end. Then you do something akin to this:ajbemused::flutterrage::pinkiehappy::raritycry::twilightoops::facehoof::eeyup:
And everyone lives happily ever after. Yay!

The two kept watching quietly, as Owlicious sand his feathery heart out in a nearby tree.

I think that's supposed to be sang, also fun little twist at the end there.

Totally thought it was Peewee. That would have been hot...

Get it?!

Shoot me.

3253323 Philomina may be into smaller, pudgier guys, but she is not into fledglings! Goodness! That would be pedophilia!

Coming from the guy who (helped) ship Princess Celestia (> 1000 years) and Twilight (probably around 20)

Tubby politician LOL. Oh Tia, you should stop eating so many cakes.

Saw that you did a bit of editing, oh and you might want to add a gap between paragraphs 3 and 4 of main body of the letter.

Erm, while an interesting piece to be sure, this feels a bit out of place here. Princess Celestia and Twilight simply being in a story doesn't make it Twilestia.

ummm gotta agree with above this doesn't belong.

Yah, I brought that up as well. Oh well.

3267495 lol that the author didn't think it belonged it was Good I won't deny it and it makes a good small stand alone prompt for maybe the army of canterlot.

Make it an interlude and leave it. Is really good. and looking to the amount of Twilestia Fans I sure this collab will go for a long time.

Celestia blushing was so cute! :3

Twilight has something of a teacher fetish going on huh?

Best one so far. U should almost consider writing more on this one. *wink wink* hint hint:twilightblush:

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