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Celestia was having a perfectly normal day until her most faithful student teleported into her room requesting a belly rub.

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And I am well jel of Celestia right now.

Both this cover art and the chapter title seem oddly familiar...

...Eh, probably nothing.

And..... I admit it... I am very, very jel.

I love everything about this story. And well, that's all i have to say about it, cause if i tried to explain just how awesome this story is, i don't think i would make it into work this week.

That honestly was adorable to me

idk y but i was laughing through out the entire story for some reason.

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5853569 Whose the jerk who thumbs downed that?!

5853813 Dude, not every belly rub story has to be about sex!

Why is the image source your story?

Just make with rubbing, Tia! It's not like she's asking for a kidney.

This started out well enough but kind of fell apart for me towards the end. The story felt like it was going too fast.

5853411 I noticed that too, I was gonna comment about it but you got too it first..

5854265 It replaces the story name in the url with 'google images'. Because they apparently don't know what 'visit page' does.

5853979 I thought about adding a comedy tag.

I don't know what I just read, but it was funny.:derpytongue2: I noticed an error btw.

Twilight flopped onto her back, her hoofs curled up and leaving her purple belly exposed.

I believe you meant hooves.

5858128 I think a random tag could be warranted.

Sequel where Celestia gets drunk!

Very cute little story you've got here.

yeah, I kinda agree on this one

You shoulda heard me when I read this! "Belly wub"? Lmao and hilarious when twilight kissed celestial. Great story!

5853411 I, too have seen this before.... I had kept it open in my tabs forever ago to read it after finding it, but my tabs closed many times between now and then. Same description, title, image, pairing....

Featured, too. Hmmmmmmmm...

That was pointless and silly, but fun. :)

Your cover image projects a completely different feeling than what this story turned out to be.

Not that I'm saying I don't like it; I just feel like this was bait-and-switch.

I don't know whether to laugh or say wtf.

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5917058 and an even smaller website:ajsmug:

by-the-by ignore the comment by dragonsheart, that was me when I forgot to switch off my brothers account.

“That’s it. I’m never drinking again.”

Let's not make hasty decisions here. Drunk Twilight is apparently cutest Twilight.

Very cute little story, I enjoyed it, sort of the "Warm tingly story anyone can enjoy thing".

I want a belly wub~



I thumbs down'd your first comment, and thumbs up'd your second.

U mad bro? :pinkiehappy: :trollestia:

This was cute! Very cute!

I just reread this twice recently, it's so good!

This was silly and cute!

6188114 need more drunk twilight stories period. Or a group for drunk twilight.

Read this story so many times. Still a fun read. :pinkiesmile:

6522496 I would recommend Social Lubricant if you like drunk Twilight stories. It's absolutely ridiculous... but you just can't stop reading it.

Could you provide a link to the story? :pinkiecrazy:

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Oh yeah?! Well I just read it again! So HA! :pinkiehappy:

This was an outright adorable ball of fluff. I look forward to the other stories in this series.

I've read this ten times, it's that good! ♡

When she opened them she was certain her drunk student wouldn’t be in her personal chambers requesting a belly rub.
She opened her eyes.
A very drunk Twilight Sparkle was in her chambers requesting a belly rub.

OKAY...Plan B: Banish YOURSELF to the moon?

Nah, let's go with Plan A: Belly rubs!

She hoped the dear filly didn’t think she was mad at her

Hey, when you reach the ripe old age of 1000+, basically everypony's a 'filly' or a 'colt'. Even wrinkly old Grandma Smith would be considered 'young' compared to Celestia and Luna, let alone mares and stallions in their prime, like Coco Pommel or Fancy Pants.

Unfortunately, that also means nopony has the same level of maturity and intelligence the two Sisters have, which can result in some rather...'foalish' behaviour. Not to mention nobody has had to go through the same amount of loss - how many trusted secretaries or Royal Guard captains or 'Faithful Students' has Princess Celestia had to say "Goodbye" to, for the final time?
Immortality can be both a blessing and a curse, and it's amazing how Celestia hasn't lost her mind over the amount of loss she's likely suffered through - though I guess nothing really compares to having to fight, and banish, her own sister for something that really wasn't said sister's own fault.

Ah, philosophy - where would humanity, or ponykind, be without it?

I loved this ball of fluff I was having a hard day and you brought a smile to my face

Celestia blinked. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. When she opened them she was certain her drunk student wouldn’t be in her personal chambers requesting a belly rub.

She opened her eyes.

A very drunk Twilight Sparkle was in her chambers requesting a belly rub.

Plan A: Close eyes, open to find no drunk Twilight.
Plan B: *sigh* belly rub........

“You’re a pretty princess.” Twilight told her. She reared up and planted a soft peck on her teacher’s lips. Celestia blushed and stopped the caressing.

Well, that got hilariously awkward fast....

“You asked me for a belly rub. Then you kissed me.”

Heat flared on Twilight’s cheeks. “Oh.”

Going through her head: holy.....freaking......crap! Tell me I didn't!!!!!!

Yes, Twilight. I'm very much afraid you did.

“So, I kissed you?”


“And you rubbed my belly?”


“That’s it. I’m never drinking again.”

Yeah, somehow i believe that. Lol.

“That would be most wise, Twilight.”

Oh, yeah, definitely wise!!!!

Me to myself after reading this story:
"You know, this is the unofficial beginning to all TwiLestia stories now. No exceptions."
"But self, what about the clopfics?! Surely they can't start with something as adorable as this?!"

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