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Foals Errand

Guess whose back?!


Twilight Sparkle had been preparing for her entrance exam for so long, just to blow it at the end! If only she could get away to a place no one would know her.

Sometimes wishes come true.

A Collab with The Abyss

Edited by RK

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...I did not know I needed more of this.

Please Author, may I have some more? :applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::twilightoops:

More. Twilight must learn to rule with an iron hoof in an iron shoe.

More please! That ending... so ambiguous and mysterious... I need to know what happened to create this universe!

Yes please give us MOREEE:flutterrage:

More or is this good? Let me know!

Yes, more, yes. More, yes.


I never know what to say when people start with a picture and turn it into a story. But I like it. Carry on!

More please

More more more

One or two minor mechanical errors, but a cute adorable fic either way, Foalsy. :twilightsmile:

Have a thumbs up!

this be good idea, I can see back in twilight normal universe they have to deal with Midnight sparkle,
make you wonder how twilight would fare as a student under Daybreake teaching

More pwease.(^.^)

he finally got out, causing Daybreaker’s fiery eye to turn its attention to _her_.

_him_, I suppose.

Also, any story with a decent Daybreaker is always appreciated.

Nice bit of cute, although there are quite a few threads left over that a continuation may do good picking up.

Tiny Twilight is adorable. Her interactions with Daybreaker are friggin' cute. :D

wow I would have never thought of somthing like this good job! Really good intresting idea.

This is good, Foals. Keep more up.

Oh no! Not Nightmare!

... *nibbles nightmare*

This caught me by surprise but now has my attention.

Yes! More adorkable Twilight shenanigans in daybreaker's universe! :yay:

Continuation has my vote.

i agree it's so adorable plz make a sequel i love all of this cuteness

More please, I mean if that's ok with you... :yay:

Adorkable filly Twilight and Daybreaker? YES PLEASE! May I have some more?

I loved that comic as soon as I saw it on Derpibooru. Too much cute.

More or is this good? Let me know!

I find yes to both questions a suitable answer.

More, nah

MOAR, yes!



Daybreaker continued to smile as her new student celebrated. Yes, a new faithful student is exactly what I need… Do not worry, Nightmare. With this one, I’ll free you of your madness. All I need is time to prepare her…

This has... interesting implications.

I'm interested in seeing where this goes

Well, this is interesting. I wonder how this will turn out for Twilight and Daybreaker.

We need to see what kind of shenanigans thses two get into.
We need MOAR!!!

Yes, more please.

I concur with my fellows good sir or madame more please.

Sent you a PM. Welcome back, Foals.

More please

:trollestia: uses the Royal Canterlot Voice........... "AS EVERYPONY ELSE HAS SAID BEFORE, MORE PLEASE!"

More, I can see this being very interesting.

I demand a sequel/continuation now!




When you take cute characters, and have them interact them with evil characters, it makes them so much cuter.

By the way, is Daybreaker evil, or just a little ruthless?

The cover image. I guess calling it a comic is rather generous.

Yes please more.

I think it would be a horrid shame if you left it here. Please continue. :pinkiesad2:

It would be a shame to let a story with this much potential cut to just one chapter

Just as the public request I say more

I want to see where this goes. So... care to continue, Author?

Yay, you remembered that Filly Twilight was very playful.

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