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Luna used to be haunted by dark thoughts of jealousy, but it was her sister who fell to the darkness first. She declared eternal day, before she was banished by the Elements of Harmony, leaving Luna to rule over the land of Equestria, alone.

Now, almost one thousand years later, Luna has taken another personal student under her wing, one with the potential for great things. Luna knows that she will greatly change Twilight Sparkle's life, but has no idea just how greatly Twilight will change hers.

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great story so far i'm looking for more

Thanks a lot! I'm really glad you're enjoying it.

You really should add this story to some groups. This is a too-good story to pass. Thanks to that it would be much easier to find for others.

Waiting for more.

Thank you so much! I'd totally forgotten about the groups, so I've just added it to a couple where I think it fits. I'm really glad you're enjoying it, and thank you for your advice!

I have a similar story of my own so you can check groups if you want.

For some reason I do not understand the reason why Celestia succumbed to her darkness. She was doing well. Why did she start seeing the enemy instead of her sister? Luna had a well-founded reason to overthrow Celestia, since all the glory went to her.
If Celestia had any reason to hate the moon, then there would be no complaints, but this is a mindless battle for the sake of battle.

I can understand why you feel that way. Honestly, I skimmed over a lot of the details in an attempt to keep the prologue (relatively) brief. I am planning to expand on Celestia's thought process a little more in flashbacks. Thanks for the feedback!

Thus the beaters are together. Bring it daybreaker

Thank you very much!

The alternate universe may have changed a lot, but there's nothing that'll keep those girls apart.

Well- and this twilight is more... sociable? Is that the word? She doesn’t seem as obsessed with studying quite the same way as canon. Like Luna said- no social butterfly, but definitely more willing.

Likely a result of a less “masked” princess to grow up with.

Yes, that is something I was going for! Not actively trying to teach her friendship, Luna just being more open with her emotions has made Twilight a little more receptive to other ponies. Definitely still an introvert, but more willing to put up with others and try to be a friend than season 1 Twilight.

Thanks a lot!

yea, i always questioned that in canon. seeing tia always wearing a mask, an even with twilight it was incredibly formal, even in later seasons when tia is trying t get twi to not refer to her by title, tia is STILL very stiff and proper.

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Now that the elements are connected to someone else... hmm

“Anything else to report?”

Shining Armour shuffled some papers in his magic thoughtfully. “We have noticed an unusual number of absences among the castle’s staff this week. Presumably, there’s a bug of some kind going around, I know a couple of my Guard have seemed a bit off.”

you think you're awfully clever, don't you?

I have absolutely no idea what you mean. :scootangel:

Is Celestia never gonna come back? First discord than chrysalis, is sombra next?

I am playing my cards close to my chest here, but Celestia will be back before the fic ends.

The chad lunar guard vs the virgin king Sombra

I place my bets on the chads.

From what I got, Celestia probably lost someone really close to her, a lover, siblng, child etc to a monster when it was night. Hence instead of going through stages of grief, because she is a perfect pretty pony princess, she withrew her worries and buried them until she became a vicim of the nightmaes whisper.

I can see her doing this for the greater good when nightmare influenced.

After all, the excuse was to protect them, and she called Luna a monster for doing her job, which came from the left field.

You know someone likes a fic when they start annalizing the characters and working theories.

I enjoy this, you made a realistic butterfly. A different immortal regent, a more personable and less "Perfect" one would indeed cause less problems with sunset. I would wager there are problems elsewhere, maybe with the nobility since she seems less accomodating of the kind of nonesense they could do.

Maybe worse international relations, or something. Since she is less diplomatic overall. Though the more informal approach has it's own charm.

Can't wait to see what else changed.

Cracking a thousand year old mask is hard as heck. Thing is though, it must be torturously lonely for her too. To not be able to be herself.

Thanks so much for all the feedback! I'm really glad you've found the fic and that you're enjoying it.

did you ad the tiberius tag?


now this is an AU I want to see

I'm actually saving the last character tag slot for someone who'll become fairly major at the very end. Honestly, I wish you were allowed more than 5 major character tags, because this ends up having quite a lot of ponies involved.


Theory: What if they(Luna, Cadance) tried to see if the Umbrum can be good?

Huh, not a bad story so far! Just caught up and I can't wait to see where you take it. Or for sun-butt to finally make her appearance. :trollestia:

That probably won't happen in this fic, but it's something that I was toying with for another story in this AU, with both the umbra and the changelings.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you've enjoyed it.

prodigal firecracker returns!! mwahahaha!!!

Can't say I expected all that.

Hot damn.
Keep up the great work!

Omg Sunset’s and Luna’s relationship! I never see fics where Princess Luna adopts Sunset so this makes me happy to see! But how did that relationship develop? Will we get to see some filly Sunset?

Awesome! Now we just need to get Celestia back from her eternal grief inside Daybreaker.

Thanks a lot!

Honestly, I've always seen a lot of parallels between Sunset and Luna, so it surprises me that more people haven't done this sort of story before. As for filly Sunset, we're close to the end of this fic so I'm not sure if I'll work it in, but I do have a lot of ideas for this au, so maybe in the future!

I'm really glad that you're enjoying the fic!


EXACTLY. I see so many parallels between them too! What do you see? And omg please do a sequel I would love to see Luna care for filly Sunset 🥺

The main one I always think is that they both fell because of jealousy - Luna's jealousy of Celestia and Sunset's partly of Celestia, partly of Cadance for becoming an alicorn. And though Luna never fell in this au, she absolutely knows how it is to feel that way, and that lets her relate to Sunset and stop her from going too far. The original idea for this au was basically just me speculating how Luna's upbringing would affect both Sunset and Twilight, and it all just spiralled out from there!

Well okay then… time to regroup and make a new plan. Preferably one that involves kicking Daybreaker’s butt.

Every good story has an end.
Good job and good luck with the next story!

This was a pretty wholesome story. I'm really happy it was seen through to the end. Good stuff my dude.

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