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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty.


This story is a sequel to Hard Chitin and Soft Fur

Chrysalis has a small purple filly named Twilight in her castle, and it looks as if she's going to be adopting her for a long while. Can Twilight's love change her, or even the entire hive?

Only time will tell, though Chrysalis is determined that she could never find something so fuzzy and energetic in any way cute.

A sequel by popular demand! Rated T so I have a little flexibility with language and the like, but for the most part I imagine things will be very light and non-explicit.

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I can see this happening. In fact, the Change series has Chrysalis as Twilight’s mother... one of them at least.

yay I will wait for the other chapter patiantly

And thus the reformation of the changelings have begun!
I wonder if filly Twilight would meet little Thorax latter?
That would make for a good random one shot arc.

Fact #1 I favorited and followed this before even reading this.

Fact #2 Fact #1 was a good decision

Fact #3 This chapter was super cute, and I look forward to more!

Fact # 4 we NEED fan art of Chrissy and Twilly.:twilightsmile:

Get to the bottom
Oh god why did I get distracted mid-chapter, have I lost the prestige of being first?

Yep, this one here is a no-brainer for my follows :twilightsmile:.


Why thank you! :twilightsmile:

Was not expecting to see those first two comments here.

How adorable, I'm excited to see more. And while the tags don't suggest it, I'm kind of curious to see if maybe as Twilight grows older, her relationship with Chrissy changes into something more... intimate. You know... Twilight being the first pony to give Chrysalis love freely and she might want to return the favor. But this adorable thing you've got going works too...


And when will Chryssi realize that having a CONTINUOUS, NON-STOP supply of love beats a single dinner hooves down, all the time? I mean, she can't be stupid, not after living thousands of years. And the excess she gets she off loads to the hive.

I just want to quickly make clear that Chrysalis isn't planning to drain Twilight of her love, which I believe I've already outlined. In fact, she's trying to prevent her subjects from doing so either. She's got other plans for how she can utilise her.

Woo it's here!!! Awesome! Onward to cuteness!

fanfilly squeal at being noticed

Oh, I got that. But it sounded in the first story as if she was going to drain her of her magic and discovered that Twi had such huge reserves that draining her over time is a better solution. That Twi is a continuously renewing source of love doesn't seem to have occurred to her. This story really doesn't correct that impression, and suggests that, despite herself, Chryssi is starting to like Twi, which isn;t the same thing as realizing she is an unending battery of love.

A cute thought popped into my head.

Say maybe a few weeks to maybe a few months into being with Chrysalis and the changelings. Twilight comes down with a Flu or cold. and Chrissy has to nurse Twilight back to health.

You fool, Chrysalis; you know not what you do! :rainbowlaugh:


Favorited, Tracked, Liked and waiting.

Disguise, my man! You've outdone yourself!

Take my like, take my favorite, all of it! I shall die a happy man, at the hands (or would hooves be a more appropriate descriptor?) of this weaponized cuteness...

Wonderful. I really am curious to see how long it takes before Twilight is forced to make a choice, or Chryssi for that matter.

This is a great idea! You hear that? That's the sound of the old script being thrown in a wood chipper!

I can't wait to see where this gos, wonderful story with great writing!!

I'm so happy that this (sequel) is happening! :pinkiehappy:


This is good! I look forward for more.
Will Chrysalis grow to love the lavender filly and will she change her ways for her?

Yes! More reading material where I obsessively wait for every new chapter! :twilightsmile:


should be entirely
other than that, keep up the good work

Hey, maybe I'm intentionally inventing words! (Cheers for the save though man you're best commenter.)

You actually have a story and its sequel featured at the same time. I bow down to you, for I didn't think such a thing was possible. A true testimony to your skill and ability.


Yes. This is good. This is a good thing.

Continue to do this good thing, please.

Crissy is falling into the ponys advanced natural defences of adorableness

This is really freaking adorable.

Honestly I hope it just stays a nice fluffy fic.

imagine if celestia gets there and twilight's the new (pesudo) queen as a ultimate level troll on chryssi's part to mess with celestia's head, which even funnier isnt a complete lie and twilight had her element for befriending an entire nation, was also convinced to say to celestia
"watch this!" and then turn into a alicorn (shapeshifting only) and boop celly, *dies laughing*

Both the first and second story in the series are featured at the same time? That must be an academy record!

Given that Twilight is a magical protege I wonder if there may be a point she'd master changeling spells and may just be... better than changelings

Just imagine what Celestia is going through right now. She took to raising Twilight herself after the parents died, and now she has no idea where Twilight could possibly be or even if she's still alive. All because Celestia instructed her to perform a teleportation spell.

No amount of patrols will ever find her since she isn't in Equestria, and detection spells wont work since the spire's throne blocks non-Changeling magic. Until Chrysalis chooses to reveal Twilight to the world, Celestia will believe she got a filly under her own protection killed.

I love this AU so far, please for the love of Luna. PLEASE CONTINUE.

This story is amazing, it flows so smoothly and I love how your slowly chipping at Chrysalis's hard shell, and she is becoming closer to her good comic counterpart. The growth is great and Twily is adorable.

One could say Chrissy is falling into a trap of her own making.

omg cuteness levels are rising to fast captain! SHE CANT TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS SIR!!!

IM dying right now in cuteness overload. love this so far. I can't wait for this to continue!

I don’t think the throne is a part of this AU. twilight has been using her magic to take notes since she arrived at the hive.

Wash #48 · Jul 6th, 2018 · · ·

I want Twilight to miss Spike and Chrysalis getting him for her claiming a dragon will be useful when it grows up (in reality to make Twilight happy)

9027370 Twilight Velvet and Night Light are dead here?

Now that's a cute story. Im hoping for more.

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