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Foals Errand

Guess whose back?!



After a discussion in class, Twilight has a very important question to ask her mentor Princess Celestia.

Pre read by ZOMG, Jumbled Thought, Cerulean Voice and Zodiac.
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Incredibly adorable.

So good. :rainbowkiss: *throws follow, favourite and upvote at Foals Errand*

And thus, we learn that Princess Celestia had a mommy too, just like every other pony. Yay!

All of the dawwwwwwwwwww!

Interesting, and very well done. Filly Twilight was so adorable, and the little hint of unicorn supremacy was well handled, with her face tightening for just a moment.

And of course, the belly button. It doesn't seem like much, but it tells so much about their past history doesn't it?

all the dawws.

Thank you ^^ I had fun writing it!

Eeeeee yay! Thank you Prime!

Yep ^^ Most important part of having a belly button is where it came from.

This was just too flippin' adorable. *Striker flips table over how adorable Twilight is* I mean seriously, the characters were wonderful. It was just... it made me feel good. And after the week I've had, I needed this.

Thanks Hawthorn glad you enjoyed!

It tells so much about forgotten history ^^

Yay! That's what I hoped it would do!

5545083 - it reminds me a lot of Muffinshire's filly Twilight, too.

Yay i'm so glad I was able to make you feel better RK! *hugs!*

Don't think i've read those i'll have to search for them.




It's just so wonderful and sweet, and it has a lovely characterisation of filly-Twilight! :pinkiehappy:

Love the story. Hope to see more soon.

Best of luck, stay healthy, and update soon!


Thank you! Good health to you as well!

Aside from all the Daaawws...
Very good question, actually, and not silly at all from a historian's or philosopher's perspective.
It's the difference between an immortal pony goddess and an immortal godlike pony.
Then again, philosophy will never really be Twilight's strength :trollestia:
Pinkie would be intrigued, though.

Indeed indeed she would. ^^

Awww..... sweet. :twilightsmile:

Short, sweet, and warm. Gosh-darnit Foalsie, this is too cute.

Thank you Ha ^^ Fluff is what I do best!

Anyone who downvotes this work obviously has no soul.

Celestia paused and smiled. “And I love you too, Twilight.” She glanced at the mural on Twilight’s wall of the night sky, her eyes landing on the image of the Mare in the Moon. “And I love you too, Luna.”

Celestia blew out the candle and trotted out of the room as she smiled, pausing for a moment before closing Twilight’s door.

“Belly button and all.”

I both laughed and cried a bit at this part...

Awww thank you ^^ but eventually someone will.

Yeah that's what I was hoping for it's sweet yet sad.

Maaaan there needs to be more Filly Twilight Sparkle Stories... they always tend to be adorable one way or another.

... I bet discord doesn't have one just to be different... or, because now that it's been put out there, he'll have one because he wants to grind against the norm. Then, due to the previous statement he will probably have not one, but two belly buttons or perhaps a half a belly button...

This was so cute

This was just too cute! It reminded me of the comic by Muffinshire titled ' Twilights First Day'. It's nice to see how Celestia handles the truly tough questions and how much she really does love every one of her ponies. This was a delightful story to read after a long week. Thank you!

I very much agree ^^

My husband says I am Queen of the fluff now. ^^

This fic gave me diabetes :V

Or maybe he has 3.14 belly buttons ^^

^^ thank you Ponystar! Was going for cute!

I love Twilight's first day! And yeah I wanted to show Celestia in a loving light ^^

Again? Multiple diabetes is a dangerous thing!:pinkiegasp:

5545577 Then stop making me have them!


Nuuu don die I have to much blood on my hoofies from this!

5545679 Doctor: CLEAR
Doctor: Breathe slowly!
Me: *coughs* Uhhhhhhh
Doctor: Damn son! You almost didn't make it, what caused this?
Me: *points to computer*

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