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Twilight receives an invitation from Cadance to the Hearts and Hooves Day Gala, but is confused when she realized that Cadance thinks she already has a special somepony in her life.

Celestia receives a similar invitation, but is more confused at Twilight’s confusion. They were already dating weren’t they?

A Twilestia story if you did not get that already.

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I may have been laughing throughout the latter dialogue. Or, well. I was laughing.
Have a thumb and fav'!
Small stuff: nevermind, fixed

Lol that was pretty interesting

Good read

More twiLestia is always welcomed, thanks :D :heart:

Man, I really lovedlovedloved it. Absolutely hilarious.

Naww, poor Celly, at least they've got Cadances ball to have as their date.

That was funny. Clueless Twilight is best Twilight.

LOL LOVED IT :rainbowlaugh:have you thought of a sequel to this story :pinkiehappy: also do you know when the next chapter of After the Fall i really like After the Fall and just want to know what happiness next:raritystarry: but if you don't know or it will take a long time i understand good stores and chapters take time:twilightsmile:

*Insert overly-used Thor quote*

Oh. My. God. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!! I was laughing ask the way through the let part!!! Oh, what i would give to have this be canon! You, my good fellow, are. A. GOD! :trollestia:

You have some punctuation issues, but other than that, it's a good story. Nice and silly.

Are you sure it’s Twilight that’s clueless? The “relationship” formed at an almost literally glacial pace and due to the prior power dynamic between the two and with the maternal vibe Celestia exudes it’s hardly surprising that Twilight never noticed Tia’s feelings.

Err what? Is Celestia delusional or has Luna been messing with her head?

I enjoyed the role reversal here, and it was actually done in a way that was believable instead of 'lol we r datin twilit' which a lot of reversal fics tend to do. I like it

Secret twist ending: Cadence knew all along that Twilight didn't actually have any clue that Celestia thought they were in a relationship. Cadence set this whole sequence up because her Ship-Fu is just that strong.

5494800 Why am I picturing Cadence with "Love" ninja stars, and a pink ninja outfit.

Like a ninja cupid....

I'll let myself out

God, this shit is awful.

Ooooh, I like this. We need more of Creepy Crazy Passive-Aggressive Stalker Celestia.

Needs an epilogue where Twilight talks to her parents and Shining, and they all thought she and Celestia were an item too.

“Dear, is there something you have to tell us.”

This should have a question mark.

Fluttershy slowly crept out from under the table, whispering, “maybe, maybe later.”

The first Maybe should be capitalized.

So what characteristics are you looking for in a stallion.

This should have a question mark.

I see lot’s of ponies together who I would never expect to work out, and I mean, look at all of my friends.

lot's should be "lots".

“You two aren’t upset or anything.”

Should have a question mark.

Anyway... gosh, I didn't like this nearly as much as I enjoyed Misunderstanding. The writing was even more rough, and it felt very awkward, and not in the "this is an awkward situation" sort of way, but in a "This feels terribly contrived" sort of way. I really had great expectations for this being really funny - I have always enjoyed stories about this sort of thing - but this just didn't end up working for me.

This story can't be done yet!

Love sick Celestia is adorable :rainbowkiss:

“last year I could have cared less about Hearts and Hooves day."

Couldn't care less.

Lovely story.

Needs a sequel :)

Celestia was hugely out of character. Second half felt incredibly rushed too. :unsuresweetie:

I wrote a review of this story. You can find it here.

poor Celly. She just thought Twilight wasn't that expressive and figured as an immortal she could wait

That's not too much a surprise. On waking up I reread it (the entire thing was inspired-written-and posted very quickly). I spend way too many words on the opening conversation setting the stage (at least for it to be a comedy) and the second half suffers from a major flaw.

In my last story the premise was not the joke. It was the framework for a joke. However, looking this over, the premise is the joke. All of the other jokes are really just playing into it. I do think some of those jokes are funny, but not enough to support the story. I'm contemplating the random tag, because that's what the second half feels like, but the first half doesn't not earn it.

I'm interested in your comment about "roughness" though. If you are speaking about technical quality, punctuation ect, then Misunderstanding was WAY worse when you read it. It would not be an exaggeration to say that for every error you pointed out here, Misunderstanding had 10 (including character names spelled wrong). I suppose not noticing them there speaks towards the relative engagement of the two stories.

Edit: Just saw you posted a review. I would say it's pretty accurate.

Very possibly. It might also just have been the errors here twigged me more as well; missing question marks are actually much more noticeable to me than a lot of spelling mistakes because they by their very nature come at the end of sentences, and because they lend a lot of intonation to what comes before them.

I think you're spot on on the issue, and that is a pretty insightful observation; something which centers around a joke needs to actually center around the joke, and this is much more heavily dependent on the joke actually being the joke rather than being a framework for humor as your other piece was, but it is constructed in a similar manner to your other joke as if the joke was a framework for a story.

And now, I must sleep so that I may wake. Goodnight!

sequel please love this story :heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

last year I could have cared less about Hearts and Hooves day.
When I first came to Ponyville I could have cared less about having friends.

Like "irregardless" it is a pure logic fail.
It really should be "could not care less." to make any sense.
"Could care less" is as nonsensical as saying
"Twilight nodded in complete, 100% agreement. She could agree more."

Oh, well its not like I’ve made multiple checklists or anything


i like it though i would like to know what the others think of this turnabout.

Lots of little chuckles here. This felt like it should have been chapter 2 of Misunderstanding, with Celestia in on the prank this time, hopefully with a third entry where Twilight pays them both back. The only real issue I had with Plus One in particular was the ending. It felt forced and rushed, as if the joke had suddenly run out of steam and necessitated a sudden wrap-up. I think that's why in my head it's the middle third of a trilogy with Misunderstanding, since that gives the narrative (and the joke) somewhere to go.

Now, where have I seen that Celestia before?

I like the concept, but the execution falls a bit flat to me. I agree it makes a funny alternate resolution for Misunderstandings, though.

I’ve met never met any pegasi magical theorist.

One met too much.

I realized I was missing my in pony lessons with the Princess and so we are trying to meet up every week or so.

What is she missing? Ot is she missing her lessons?

Her wide eyes began to glisten.”

This quotationmark should go...

“What about the jewelry I gave you?’

.... here and replace the ' .

this is a good jumping off point for a larger story and I highly encourage you to keep writing.

8.5 out of 10

-1 because first, Celestia was...kinda dumb

-1 also no Discord but you mention his name (+0.5)

Nimbolus Trotsla


Musical numbers like that don’t just spontaneously happen.


“Oh Tia, you always do this. You come on too strong and drive them away.”


It makes me wonder what Celestia was telling Cadance to make her think they were actually in a relationship. You poor, delusional sun goddess.

I mean, I understand trying to handle things subtly or making your intentions known without directly confessing, but goddamn.

Also, I think you need to work on understanding how you sound. Your "you have a lot to think about" sounded really pissed off. You might also want to work on your seductive voice.

The set-up takes too long before you get to the amusing part. Honestly, you could re-work such that the opening scene in Ponyville could be removed altogether. Just start it with Twilight asking Celestia if she was invited too during a regular tea time (or magic lesson) or whatever and have it unfold from there.

The slow start up really kills the pace since you make the reader wait over one thousand words for any comedy.

That said, when the comedy did show up it was well done.

Man I hate coming up with pony name puns. I hate it so very very much.

If it's any consolation, I thought Nimbolus Trotsla was very clever.

*lol* :D
That was a special read where I didn't know whether to facehoof or to laugh .. probably both ... :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, have an upvote and a fav.


I think Celestia did a good job of explaining why she thought they were in a relationship. It came across as a little out of place, maybe even, one could say, antiquated but still easy enough to follow her thought process.

Celestia's only failing was never actually stating her feelings on the matter and just assuming Twilight knew what all the signs meant.

When Twilight looked back on it all in new light she saw what Celestia was saying after all. She was just a bit clueless to it while it was going on.

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