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Anyone want to edit? · 3:56am Jan 26th, 2015

So there comes a time in every fanfic author's life when they would like to stop pushing things onto the internet that are more typos than story.

That time has come for me.

I already have two generous users who are giving Equestria's Twilight a look over before I post those chapters.

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Dead Fics · 2:54am Jan 23rd, 2015

So I hit 500 followers today.

To celebrate I decided to make a blog post with links to some of my dead fics.

What do I mean by dead fics? These were things that I was working on two years ago (or whenever) before I went awol, but never posted. These fics are all incomplete and unedited, and in some cases poorly written. I suppose it is possible I could come back to them, but it is not very likely.

Read at your own peril.

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Stories I'm working on · 6:32am Jan 18th, 2015

So other than the obvious ongoing stories I am working on, I wanted to throw out the other "projects" I have in the works. (I'm almost done with the next two chapters of After the Fall). Just thought I would share them with people.

These are things that I have done something for this past week:

Princess Lessons [Multi-Chapter]

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OK, I'll write a sequel · 2:27am Jan 12th, 2015

The masses have been heard. I'm writing a sequel for Misunderstanding. I'm merging ideas I had for two other one-shots together that didn't seem like they had enough on their own. I'll probably post sometime this week. I want to get another chapter of Equestria's Twilight and After the Fall out first, so it might have to wait until the weekend. Just want to let

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Idea for Fic: Fringe crossover · 3:20am Jan 8th, 2015

So I finally got around to watching the end of Fringe, and I was thinking.

It might be an interesting premise:

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New Chapter is out · 10:05am Jan 2nd, 2015

So after what I think is nearly three years, the next chapter is out (It would have been out New Years day, but I had some formatting issues and have spent the last 4 hours adding in line breaks to all my chapters).

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Almost There · 8:30am Dec 31st, 2014


My goal is to upload all the rewritten chapters on New Years Day along with Chapter 21: Fit for a Queen (alternate title, "Let them eat cake.")

I'm going through things right now finding any notes to myself that are left behind and anything I had highlighted to come back to later.

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I'm not dead · 2:49am Aug 13th, 2014

Long story short, I'm not dead and I am finishing my story.

I'm not sure if I can really explain what happened. I was definately showing signs of depression for awhile. After I eventually pulled out of it, I just sort of wrote my story off as something I would never finish.

It was a Fimfiction member who managed to hunt me down and let me know that people were concerned that I was dead.

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Back to Writting · 3:04am Mar 24th, 2012

So I've gone the entire day with my wrist no longer in a splint. I took it (my wrist) for a spin typing thirty some odd pages and it's feeling fine. I'll posting some new chapters this weekend and will be back to regularly updating.

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This Week · 2:31am Feb 18th, 2012

So I have a week off.

I'm also fairly caught up on things.

And Mass Effect 3 is not out yet.

Long story short, I'm going to have a lot of free time.

I plan to be writing like a fiend. A lot of what I write will be non-fanfiction fiction, but I'm going to be doing a lot of MLP writing.

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