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    So there comes a time in every fanfic author's life when they would like to stop pushing things onto the internet that are more typos than story.

    That time has come for me.

    I already have two generous users who are giving Equestria's Twilight a look over before I post those chapters.

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    Stories I'm working on

    So other than the obvious ongoing stories I am working on, I wanted to throw out the other "projects" I have in the works. (I'm almost done with the next two chapters of After the Fall). Just thought I would share them with people.

    These are things that I have done something for this past week:

    Princess Lessons [Multi-Chapter]

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    OK, I'll write a sequel

    The masses have been heard. I'm writing a sequel for Misunderstanding. I'm merging ideas I had for two other one-shots together that didn't seem like they had enough on their own. I'll probably post sometime this week. I want to get another chapter of Equestria's Twilight and

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Stories I'm working on · 6:32am Jan 18th, 2015

So other than the obvious ongoing stories I am working on, I wanted to throw out the other "projects" I have in the works. (I'm almost done with the next two chapters of After the Fall). Just thought I would share them with people.

These are things that I have done something for this past week:

Princess Lessons [Multi-Chapter]
Twilight Sparkle has been having trouble adapting to being a princess and figuring out her place in the world. Luna makes an observation to Celestia that Twilight is first and foremost a student. Celestia decides that it is time to enroll Twilight in some new classes.
-Student Teacher Twilestia
-Only doing minor work on this one until I am done with AtF or EqT.

Marrow Donor
Shining Armor has been infected by a Changeling poison that threatens to destroy his magic or worse. When Twilight and her family are tested to see if they could be potential horn marrow donors, an old family secret is brought to life.
-Just wrote this one tonight. Will probably publish tomorrow
-Twilestia Friendshipping.
Posted, just waiting approval.

Vacation on the Moon
Twilight has been targeted by an ancient curse, and now Mors Ventus, the death wind, comes for her. When she flees to Canterlot looking for help, the other princesses tell her there is only one way to survive, wait the curse out someplace that there is no wind.
-Twilestia Friendshipping.

How he got his Cutie Mark [Dark]
Everypony knows how Shinning Armor got his cutie mark protecting his sister from a group of bullies. It’s a wonderful story. The only problem is it isn’t true. Twilight was not the pony who needed protecting when he got his cutie mark.
-This is pretty much done, but I want to give it time to sit before coming back to it.

Resolutions [Possibly Multi-Chapter]
Twilight explains her daily checklists to the cutie mark crusaders. A pony needs to have goals and be striving towards something to grow and move forward. While they are looking over some of Twilight’s pasts lists the CMC see one item that appears over and over again, always scribbled out, “tell her how you feel.”
-Outlined but not written.

Conflict Resolution
Twilight is going through ancient history records and findings from a recent archaeological dig below Canterlot. It seems like civilization has reset every three thousand years ago for as long ponies have existed. When Twilight asks Princess Celestia about it, she is surprised at the answer.
-A comedy I guess? There is a joke but it isn't very funny, you might be able to guess the punchline of the story from the title. I'm not sure if this one will ever see the light of day.

Twilight is coming to Canterlot to show Princess Celestia a new spell. Princess Celestia knows how the demonstration will work out. She has lived through the day three times already. However, this fourth time will be the last. Everything will come full circle on the day that has far reaching ramifications on the nature of alicorns.
-Half written. I really like the idea and know what I need to write, but have been trouble finishing it

Parents’ Day [sad/dark]
Parents’ Day is fast approaching, and Twilight has created a wonderful gift. Only she is not planning on giving to her parents. However, in the process of creating her gift, Spike remembers a very old memory about Twilight’s parents.
-Mostly written actually. This is one I originally wrote two years ago.

Greater Good
Luna grew jealous of her sister and was banished to the moon for a thousand years. As long as everypony remains convinced of that fact, Equestria stays safe. The illusion of a weak Equestria will keep it safe.
-Either an annoyingly vague oneshot or the start of a multi-chapter lovecraftian horror.
-Actually a rewrite of my very first pony fic. I published it on fanfiction.net before coming over to this site.

Princess Celestia is preparing for a very long nap and wants Twilight to prepare to take a more active role in the Equestrian government. However, first she thinks that her student needs to have a talk with the other immortals and learn how they each deal with the passing of centuries.
-Outlined but not written.

A sequel to Misunderstanding. This one is rough going. I don't like how it is turning out. Comedy is hard.

EDIT: I Forgot Two

Luna 2.0
Celestia reveals a terrible secret to Twilight. The world and Equestria that she knows is nothing more than an elaborate illusion. It is born of dream magic generated by a great machine in the heart of the moon, built for one purpose. Twilight's world has been fabricated to bring about the reformation of Luna, the only real pony living in Equestria. The program has been running over and over again for centuries, resetting each time the reformation does not last, and Celestia, an illusion just like Twilight, has finally grown tired of it.

Inversion [Multi-chapter]
Don't have a fancy description of this one, but I do have the first four chapters written (a link earlier rough draft of those chapters can be found in one of my blog posts). Basically an AU flipping the rolls of Celestia and Luna with Twilight and Shinning Armor respectively. Twilight has been ruling Equestria with her sister in law, waiting for Shinning Armor to break free. Would focus on Twilight raising Celestia, putting up with Cadance, and trying to figure out what to do with Luna.

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So much Twilestia~ :raritystarry:

"Twilestia Twilestia Twilestia Twilestia Twilestia...."


Man, gone for so long and then back with all this?

I sense a pattern. I approve. :trollestia::twilightblush:

I'm looking forward to Luna 2.0.

Holy crap Inversion sounds amazing, enough to stand out in this field of awesomeness

TwiLestia is bestia.

Nice avatar, too.

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