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Almost There · 8:30am Dec 31st, 2014


My goal is to upload all the rewritten chapters on New Years Day along with Chapter 21: Fit for a Queen (alternate title, "Let them eat cake.")

I'm going through things right now finding any notes to myself that are left behind and anything I had highlighted to come back to later.

Chapters 22-24 are pretty much done but need another pass through for editing. Chapters 26-34 are a bit rougher, but I should be able to start smashing them out pretty quickly now that the rewrite is all done. In total the rewrite added something like 25k words (over 20% more words) not counting things that aren't new but just different.

(Chapter 25 is something I had not planned for. It's clocking in at 10k words so far and might grow to be larger. Basically something that I had covered in one line in my original notes I realized is actually something very interesting and important).

If you don't want to read the rewrite I can tell you the bigger additions right now:
-I tweaked the pacing of Twilight's downward slope somewhat.
-I added some flashbacks and other things with Celestia.
-I tried to add some more Ailestia.
-I have added more Discord (not a lot).
-The BIG ONE - There is a technique for remembering things called the Method of Loci or Memory Palace. I now have Twilight using this as a way to organize her thoughts. I can give all sorts of justifications for why, but the big reason is that it is going to allow me to do some neat things as the story progresses. This came out of a dissatisfaction with Twilight's mind delve into Little Pinkie (the delve is mostly the same, but there is some metaphorical stuff thrown in now).

Anyway, if you are looking for some Twilight centered stories feel free to read these two WIP (emphasis on the IN PROGRESS) that I have been working on while procrastinating:
A post apocalyptic tale of Celstia caring for a brain damaged Twilight
An alternate universe story where Cadence and Twilight rule side by side preparing for the return of Shinning Armor after he had been banished to the sun

Ahh... Time for sleep.

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Comments ( 15 )

Thank you so much. It is so good to know that you are working on it. :heart: I wish you a great New Year.

The hype is real.
Thank you. So much.

I cannot even describe how stoked I am for the updates. This story is what got me into Fimfiction, It is so awesome that its being updated! Thank you, thank you so very much. :pinkiehappy:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

And a big 'Thank You!' to you for not only returning, but also keeping your word and actually going through with this!

A Happy New Year to you Sapidus - as well as anyone else who might read this.

Wonderful! Thank you! I'm very excited to read the end.

Looking forward to it!

Huzzah! I think I'll do an entire re-read when I get the chance. :pinkiehappy:

Hype train just went to warp factor 9!

Awesome. Simply awesome. Great to hear from you again Sapidus, and cannot wait to read the rewrite. Happy New Years!

If you don't want to read the rewrite

Who do you take me for? I've longed for the day when this story came alive again and I'll celebrate properly by rereading everything .

Words can't express my excitement right now.

And a happy new year to Sapidus and Mat "blue pone" dat. I'm looking forward to everything, big guy.

Soooo much anticipation.:pinkiehappy:

I just read what you have of your post apocalyptic Twilestia story and I have to say I'm extremely interested in it.


Same here. I really liked it. I think I have a few ideas for what is affecting poor Twilight too.

Dropping by another agreement with the two prior comments. I just read the "post apocalyptic tale of Celstia caring for a brain damaged Twilight"-story, and it looks very interesting so far.

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