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Dead Fics · 2:54am Jan 23rd, 2015

So I hit 500 followers today.

To celebrate I decided to make a blog post with links to some of my dead fics.

What do I mean by dead fics? These were things that I was working on two years ago (or whenever) before I went awol, but never posted. These fics are all incomplete and unedited, and in some cases poorly written. I suppose it is possible I could come back to them, but it is not very likely.

Read at your own peril.

Luna's Heresy
Forget the power of friendship and magic. Forget the promise of love and compassion, for in the grim and dark future of Equestria there is only war. There is no peace amongst the lands, only an eternity of carnage and slaughter... and the laughter of thirsting gods.

A grimdark fic inspired by Warhammer 40k, what a surprise. I actually kinda liked this one despite its unoriginality.

Knight Protector
The point of this one was going to be how Twilight has all these servants (Spike, Owlicious, ect) and was actually a pretty high ranking member of nobility, though you would not guess it from how she acts. I can't really say where it was going. This one I cannot imagine being resurrected.

Harmony Station
Only got two pages into this one. Basically the idea was that Twilight realized Equestria would need somepony to watch over it for the centuries while Celestia and Luna healed. So she built a space station...

Sparkle's Exile
This one I actually like the most out of all of these. I think the concept is sound. Celestia banishes Twilight temporarily to keep Luna from getting jealous of best pony. In the meantime Celestia has her memory edited, but luckily had forseen that happening and placed backups inside of Twilight's head. Her friends would be with her, but only by ghostly proxy. I could see tearing this one apart for a new story at some point in the distant future.

Finally for something completely different, a fic without a real name:
Dashie Human Competition Fic
AH! I wrote this last week when I, briefly, entertained notions of doing the more most dangerous game competition. It was basically going to be about the human in the story taking in a displaced Twilight Sparkle and the two of them learning to communicate, and... And it was a fic with humans in it.

In general I have no taste for human MLP fics. There are some exceptions. I greatly enjoyed the X-Com cross over (Stardust?) and if it would update faster A Unicorn at Hogwarts is something else I enjoyed. But both of those things were leveraging off of existing properties. This story, I just didn't feel there was any point adding it to the churning cauldron. So you can have it here.

If you subjected yourself to any of these stories I apologize if you wish you had that time back. If you actually enjoyed any of them, I apologize that I have plans finishing these.

That's all I guess.

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Sparkle's Exile :twilightoops: interesting start it would be nice to read more about this story :twilightsmile:

SO many great ideas that started to take root here. A second on Sparkles Exile, really intriguing.

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