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    Anyone want to edit?

    So there comes a time in every fanfic author's life when they would like to stop pushing things onto the internet that are more typos than story.

    That time has come for me.

    I already have two generous users who are giving Equestria's Twilight a look over before I post those chapters.

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    So I hit 500 followers today.

    To celebrate I decided to make a blog post with links to some of my dead fics.

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    Stories I'm working on

    So other than the obvious ongoing stories I am working on, I wanted to throw out the other "projects" I have in the works. (I'm almost done with the next two chapters of After the Fall). Just thought I would share them with people.

    These are things that I have done something for this past week:

    Princess Lessons [Multi-Chapter]

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    OK, I'll write a sequel

    The masses have been heard. I'm writing a sequel for Misunderstanding. I'm merging ideas I had for two other one-shots together that didn't seem like they had enough on their own. I'll probably post sometime this week. I want to get another chapter of Equestria's Twilight and

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    Idea for Fic: Fringe crossover

    So I finally got around to watching the end of Fringe, and I was thinking.

    It might be an interesting premise:

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Idea for Fic: Fringe crossover · 3:20am Jan 8th, 2015

So I finally got around to watching the end of Fringe, and I was thinking.

It might be an interesting premise:

Twilight is thinking about the world on the other side of the mirror where she met the human version of all her friends when she suddenly begins to wonder. Why was there no human version of Twilight? When she questions Princess Celestia she discovers a horrible secret. Equestria's Twilight Sparkle died as a filly. Celestia, wrought with grief crossed through the mirror stealing the human world's Twilight Sparkle and brought her back to raise as her student.

I don't know what else you would do with it. I certainly have no intention to write it, but would read it. I just needed to type out the premise so I could stop thinking about it.

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I would also read that. I am not familiar enough with the Fringe multiverse to even attempt writing such a thing. But I can totally see myself reading it.

I like this idea. Though, I am not familiar with Fringe at all. But yes, that was a question I had been wondering too. The same actually goes for Sunset Shimmer.

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