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    That time has come for me.

    I already have two generous users who are giving Equestria's Twilight a look over before I post those chapters.

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New Chapter is out · 10:05am Jan 2nd, 2015

So after what I think is nearly three years, the next chapter is out (It would have been out New Years day, but I had some formatting issues and have spent the last 4 hours adding in line breaks to all my chapters).

The chapter Fit for a Queen did not exist when I let my story die. However, it, and several of the other new chapters that you have to look forward to are things that I think will greatly add to the story. It is my hope, that these years away from the story will, in the end, strengthen it.

Chapters 1-15 are the chapters with major new content. Chapters 16-20 are mostly just edits of the old chapter.

Please, for the love of all that is good, let me know if you find typos or formatting errors. Also feel free to post comments about your feeling of the new content. Comments are what gives me my power.

For those not wishing reread, I highly recommend it (you are going to miss out on a lot), but the big thing to know is that Twilight has created a metaphorical Ponyville in her mind as a technique to help her focus and memorize things.

I hope you all enjoy the new chapter. I won't make any promises when the chapter 22 - Destiny will be out but it should be this weekend.

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Comments ( 13 )

Thank you! Looks like I have a story to re-read after work.

Oh wow, it's been awhile! Don't know what spurred your continuation, but I'll be sure to read what you write.

Ah, and a happy new year to you.

I had some formatting issues and have spent the last 4 hours adding in line breaks to all my chapters

Eep. I highly recommend getting to know a text editor with regex find-and-replace. I can't say if it would have helped in this situation, but my own process is to import single-spaced paragraphs from google docs, remove all the tabs (since google docs import is inconsistent about them), then just search for each newline (\n) and replace it with two newllines and a tab (\n\n\t).

In any case, yay! Reading to do!

Glad to see you're doing better and are back on track! Now, if only I didn't know the story ended with everyone dying...

Eh, sorry, sorry. The story is fantastic from what I read(the first five chapters or so) but I left it because, well... why read when you state flat out how it ends in the description? But then, the tragedy tag is there, so it's not an issue of synopsis reveal, just the concept. I went into it knowing, but your high-quality of writing kept me going until I couldn't fool myself anymore. It's nothing personal, as again, the story is fantastically written and very engaging. I just don't want to see all my favorite characters... and favorite world die.

Bah, but who the hell am I? Just one guy, and everyone else seems to love the sense of hopelessness you've created. Fans of tragedy are a different breed than me, and they think it's awesome, so my opinion don't matter squat, does it? Once more, glad to see you back in the game, and best of luck to ya! I'm tracking this, so maybe one day I'll check in on it. :ajsmug:

2015 just keeps getting better and better!

I'll do my best to leave comments on each chapter as I read them. So far I've only read the first five, but it's been an enjoyable read. Even if I have some of the same reservations as Jake up there ^

Your comment makes me really really angry because I actually know regex but it just never crossed my mind.

Ah well, next time I suppose.

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I suppose that my response would be that I still watch episodes of the show even though I know that the good guys are going to win and everyone is going to live in the end. Usually unless you are reading a mystery, you know how the story is going to end, but it is the journey that makes it worthwhile. To each his own however.


No, you're right. The journey matters more than the destination, but... well, I dislike seeing the good guys lose. Like I said before, I'm not sure why I even started reading it, since it has a tragedy tag. I guess my over-optimistic mind thought that maybe the story would pull something fantastic and not end that way. But after reading the first few chapters—which again, are superb. You really know how to weave a tale—I realized that I was, in fact, reading the death of a planet. That is not a bad thing. Just not my cup of tea. You understand? :twilightsmile:

The great Equestria's Twilight famine is over! :D

I think I just shed a tear.

thanks for the re-writes sir, i'll start reading as soon as i can, the efforts its appreciated

2696170 The same reason I can't finish reading the story The End of Ponies. It just got too sad after I got 200k words in, I just knew it couldn't end well because it seems everything she did already happened.

No fucking seriously, I'm at loss for Words.. This story here is what got me to read fanfics in the first Place, and I've been waiting for the New chaoters every since the previous ones stopped..

2015 has already been confirmed for the best year of my life

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