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This Week · 2:31am Feb 18th, 2012

So I have a week off.

I'm also fairly caught up on things.

And Mass Effect 3 is not out yet.

Long story short, I'm going to have a lot of free time.

I plan to be writing like a fiend. A lot of what I write will be non-fanfiction fiction, but I'm going to be doing a lot of MLP writing.

First off, my main goal is to get a chapter of Equestria's Twilight written a day. I would like to be done by the time ME3 comes out (if you can't tell, I'm excited about that game). I also plan on putting up a few more chapters of my new Twilestia fic.

The question is, what should I spend the rest of my allocated MLP writing time doing. There are a few pressing stories that I want to write, but most of them will need to wait until the summer. However, I figured I would listen to what people might like to see to decide what gets priority.

1. Equestria's Twilight side stories, or additional work on the prequel (which I might start posting over the week).
2. A story inspired by Ailestia in Equestria's Twilight. It'll be... different. It would probably be around 10k words. Here's the summary:
"A memory enhancement spell causes Spike to recall some interesting details about Twilight's entrance exam to Celestia's magic school. When he confronts the Princess, a series of shattering revelations are brought to light."
3. A Doctor Whooves story with Twilight as his companion. I just thought of it while in the shower, but everything about it seems awesome.
4. Start another really long story (an adventure this time around). Title would be Twilight's Exile. Summary:
"Princess Celestia always thought she would do anything for her sister. However, when she is forced to decide between Princess Luna and her most faithful student, her decision will surprise her. Unfortunately for her, Twilight takes the issue out of her hooves."
5. Another Twilestia story. Would focus on how they come to their feelings and less on them telling one another or even having a relationship.

BTW, Twilight is best pony.

Anyway, I don't even know if anybody reads blog posts. I'm not tagging any of my stories in this post so we will see what happens. I'm way hopped up on caffeine right now, so I think I will go write an entry for Fimfiction's contest.

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Comments ( 9 )

I actually like the idea of number 4, I don't think I've read any story with that kind of scenario :moustache:

Got to say, love all the ideas (although I'm basis towards Twilestia myself so I'd like to see 5 personally). Alternatively, I'm curoius what revelations Spike might have, so 1 also has quite a lot of pull. I'm itching to know where you are going to go with Equestia's Twilight though (which has admittedly been a partial inspiration on my own story)

I like the Ailestia inspired one (though the summary makes me wonder how Ailestia inspired it) and Twilight's exile, because I wanna see the circumstances

I like the Ailestia inspired one (though the summary makes me wonder how Ailestia inspired it) and Twilight's exile, because I wanna see the circumstances

If #2 is short, then it should probably get done as it would give a nice complete story and let others get written.

Beyond that I would suggest keeping some balance between darker/sadder stories and writing happier/lighter ones.

Looking at 1 or 4...they all sound great, so no problem there :twilightsmile:

Old topic i know, but for what it's worth i would really like to see what you could do with number 4.

Twilight's Exile. That's the way to go. I really hope You'll make it happen.:pinkiehappy:

4 sounds interesting, just so long as it's not too sad... :twilightblush:

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