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I'm not dead · 2:49am Aug 13th, 2014

Long story short, I'm not dead and I am finishing my story.

I'm not sure if I can really explain what happened. I was definately showing signs of depression for awhile. After I eventually pulled out of it, I just sort of wrote my story off as something I would never finish.

It was a Fimfiction member who managed to hunt me down and let me know that people were concerned that I was dead.

I was incredibly touched by the concern people on the site showed. However, as I think was relayed to some people, anxiety has kept me from logging in here for several months.

I am working on finishing the story, ETA November. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to finish it over the summer. There is, however, an additional 60,000 words or so in my google drive.

I have been rewritting the earlier chapters. Some are more or less the same (every chapter has had at least 800 words added in the form of a new scene or dialog), others have been completly overhauled.

If you are interested, I have decided to post the google doc link to the first five chapter rewrites. They are still in draft form (you can see some highlighted parts), but I've added about 25% more content. I've enabled commenting, so feel free to leave any comments.

If you are concerned that the new content is going to change the story, or that you are going to have to reread things, don't be. The only truly important change is the inclusion of Twilight's "memory palace," a metaphorical way of talking about her mind. But even if you don't read the rewritten chapters, I'll try to sumarize it in the next NEW chapter (a Canterlot Wedding - actually that would have been a clever title, but it is "fit for a queen"). Most of the changes are just improvements to make it tighter and stronger.

EDIT: I just realized I had failed to appologize for dissapearing and worrying people. I am profusly sorry. Hopefully the end of the story makes up for it (I think it's really good). Anyways, I am probably going to dissapear for a few days. It took a lot of emotional energy and psyching up to log in and post this.

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And here we are, woah.

Welcome back!
No worries about taking your time with the fic, I'm still sure we can wait a bit longer.

That said, I am really looking forward to this, heh.

Most importantly though, again; Welcome back!

He's not dead! Rejoice! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::yay::ajsmug::raritywink::moustache:

Welcome back! It's so good to see you again.

Sweet Celestia, the rumours were true... You DO wallk among us once more!
Glad to have you back. You cannot know how many will rejoice at this news.


Oh my god,
it's 5am here, I can't get to sleep cause I can't stop coughing.
I just took some medicine and made myself a nice vanilla tea and thought a bit of reading would be fun...
...and now I read that you are back!
I can't describe how happy I am right now :pinkiehappy:


Well, I have to say, I am really glad to hear that you're not, and good on you for sticking to your guns to finish what you started.

Oh wow. For the longest time, my user page had a favorites section for “stories I would raise from the dead if I could” and Equestria's Twilight was front and center. Unfinished stories are a occupational hazard when it comes to fanfiction, it's true, but that doesn't make it any less exciting when something like this happens.

Anyway, as an author who has also been suspected dead at times—welcome back!

Yay!! My two and a half years of waiting have finally paid off! This has been a good month things like that. First "The Night That Never Ended," and now this. I wonder what story will come back from the dead next...


Also, don't be depressed! You are an awesome writer!

Well hot damn, look who's back from the "dead".

Glad to have you back, and I look forward to finally having continuation to this story.:twilightsmile:

So... It was just a coincidence that someone with your name happened to die around the same time?

I don't think so. Prepare to die, undead scum.

Well, holy shit! Glad to hear you're OK! :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit Matdat was telling the truth. Not that I actively thought he was lying or anything, but hope is a dangerous thing. Cautious optimism has been upgraded to sheer joy and I owe the blue pone a fat box of cookies.

Hot damn it is good to see you again. :pinkiehappy: Just, jeez. So glad to see you here. Good to see you anywhere, really.

This is the best news I've seen in a very long time. Welcome back, Sapidus. Welcome back.

2366297 I'm in a cloud of happy right now, and, reading "the blue pony" made me laugh, a lot. (It being 6AM might have helped.)
Sheer joy is correct.
And yeah, I got that. Sorry to say this Sapidus, but at times this seemed too good to be true, even for me that had somewhat direct contact with you. So Rao, I don't blame you, not a single bit.

Also, I'll maybe take a cookie, but give the rest of the box to Sapidus, he's the star here! :raritywink:

Wait wait wait wait!!
This is Equestria's Twilight you are talking about?!

Welcome back my man!
I only started reading after you had been gone for some time. But Equestrian's Twilight is one of my favorite fics.
Glad to see we can have more of it!

This blog post made my night.


So glad you are fine man! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for wanting to finish the story. :twilightsmile:

Take your time with your story. We've waited 177 weeks, we can easily wait for more.

As in...
November this year?

Your back from the realm of the dead? And you're finishing my most favorite pony fanfic of all time?

I must track down the Necromancer that raised you and tasked you to write and personally thank them.

You seriously had me believing you to be dead. Welcome back.
With a hearty smile, alek4ever (DarkPinkie).

PS: now that I know it's not a dead fic I can actually recommend Equestria's Twilight to my friends, one of which I know will love it.

holy shit and we had you buried already, well this is a little akward.

Holy cow, I see living people!

Welcome back!

This is so, so, awesome! :rainbowkiss:

Glad to hear you're okay and I can't wait to read the rest!

Welcome back:pinkiehappy: and nice to see your not dead or that Equestria's Twilight will be finished.

Great to hear you've returned! I may not have been here back when you started writing Equestria's Twilight, but I'm overjoyed to be here for when you finish it :pinkiehappy:

If you are concerned that the new content is going to change the story, or that you are going to have to reread things, don't be.

Actually when the time comes, I think I will reread all of it. It's been so long.

Welcome back, Sapidus. A long, long overdue welcome back indeed.

Take as long as you need brochacho. It's just good to have you back in the fold. Cheers to you man.

Good to hear. Having lived with bipolar disorder for over half my life, I can certainly commiserate. It certainly wears on me quite a bit when I have to try to explain to my readers why the next chapter took months to write when I used to kick out longer chapters in the span of a week while under a manic phase.

Depression sucks like that. I'm a complete internet stranger, but if you ever need to vent to someone who's been there, my inbox is always open.

Holy shit! I'm glad you're back.

Holy crap.

This is the first time I have ever seen someone who was gone for over 100 weeks, return.

How did you even remember your password? :rainbowlaugh:

The fact that you are still in this fandom, and that you are still writing for it, is quite remarkable.

You are a legend on this site.

Holy Shit, he's alive, this is the greatest day on Fimfiction ever. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing Equestria's Twilight in the feature box in the upcoming months

Welcome back. It is good to hear that you are alive, but it is unfortunate that you have had such troubles. *hugs* if you want them. If it was they standard depression of school, I can definitely commiserate since I am attending the same level you were then and also the exact same field (it is brutal).

I am pleased that you will be completing your story. Just remember, you have no obligation to do so. I've actually used your story as a perfect example of a half finished story that would probably never be finished (now not actually the case) that is worth reading even though it is half finished because it is good enough to appreciate in such a state.

To be able to comment on your story was actually why I made an account here, once anonymous comments were barred. I'm glad I joined. Thank you in a way. Also, I am glad I stuck around and haven't disappeared yet. I am not sure I will be able to stick around this place that much longer (mental health issues), but I will definitely visit at least once to see how you and Equestria's Twilight are doing.

I'm rendered speechless by sheer happiness ....

Holy cow... welcome back! I THINK I can hold out for a few more months :derpytongue2:
Should be a nice end-of-deployment bonus. :pinkiehappy:

Just adding to the long list of people who are very glad that you're back and doing better.

hello, i'm glad to hear you're feeling better, i hope your able to stay here awhile more, i hate to say this as i'm just passing through but i think soon as this type of thing becomes a chore, you should be able to back out if your not feeling it anymore, i know theres some people on here that legitmately care about the authors so at least they should be given like a farewell but nobodys paying you to do this, this is because we love the show and what it means to us

Welcome back, Sapidus. I had wondered where you disappeared to, but it wasn't until the recent asking that I actually looked into how long. (My life before my recent move was hell and full of distraction. D:)

I'm glad to see you're not dead, as previous evidence had suggested it. x_x
I hope you feel better and if you ever want to vent your feelings you can always PM me!

Ive been waiting for a long time for this.:twilightsmile:

Welcome back.

So I just spent 10 minutes staring at my screen smiling like an idiot and trying to convey my joy in this comment. I decided to try and keep it short.

So welcome back, have a pony :pinkiehappy: and know that I am very glad you are still alive, when someone goes dark on the net it's a bit customary to say 'he's dead', but I was really starting to believe it here.

And since I'm a bit late on the news, have another pony :yay:

2366129 And props to you, I tought you were working on a fool's errand, but boy am I glad you went through all that.

Holy crap. :pinkiehappy:
I was literally just thinking about the story not getting finished, logged onto your page and Boom!
You sir have made my day. And the next, and the next, :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::moustache:

I never read my blog feed, so I never caught this.
You cannot even believe how absolutely STOKED I am. I don't even have the words right now.


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