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Prettty much a guy who is like every other guy here. I like FIM, breeds plot bunnies only to let them die, and understands that Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer are the best Waifus.


Plot Bunny Check Up 10/26/14 · 7:39am Oct 26th, 2014

Currently this is a sort of a Census of the current plot bunnies alive in head right now. Hopefully having some sort of physical/digital reminder will allow them to live past infancy and see the world.

Title (one shots, which will have a * by the name, have the chapter title in paranthesis)
Short Description
Chances of it surviving

Can you let me Die?* (If That's Alright with You...)

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Thanks for the follow!

And yeah you're right. Nothing major yet, but these are only the first 4 chapters (two of which were suppose to be one) of this story. And don't worry, we'll get a taste of some Kung Fu (of Awesomeness) come next chapter (among other things).

I know right?:pinkiehappy:
So why hasn't anyone else written more of them around here? I mean, besides that trollfic from FanFic.net. I mean, the two franchises have so much in common (to me anyways). Oh well, it's still pretty awesome to be the first one on this site to start the crossover.:raritycry::ajbemused::rainbowkiss::moustache:

I'm so glad you liked her.:yay:
Plus, Fluttershy has a few similarities with Dumbo too.
And knowing (pony) Fluttershy, we can expect some really 'interesting' moments here with Feiwuni/ Elephlutters.:raritywink:

I say it's a nice story so far. Nothing major occurred yet. sure, but I'd say the build up is pretty alright and I can't wait for what's next. And Kung fu. Can't wait for Kung fu.

And no one in their right mind can say you can go wrong with a KFP crossover...

Also Elephlutters. Unexpected but sooooooo fitting really. Big shy character always are a win for me in my book.

Thanks for the fav on Heroes of Harmony!
Anything you liked/enjoyed so far?

Thank you so much for favoriting my story! :twilightsmile:

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