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Only a few hours after she learned of the Griffon Empire's invasion, Princess Celestia surrendered herself to the griffon army and asked for an audience with the Griffon Emperor.

The Emperor thinks she's here to negotiate Equestria's surrender.

He's wrong.

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That was pretty awesome.

-1 for her not killing the second Griffon with one of these:

Otherwise awesome. New headcanon accepted. Liked and upvoted.

The mistake they made was not making the palace the ultimate booby trap with the griffon king not there. You only get once chance. Got to make it a good one.

I fail to understand just how she was able to use magic when an anti-magic field prevented any usage of magic in the first place :applejackconfused:

Georg #6 · Apr 1st, 2015 · · 1 ·

5810174 For the same reason that $14.99 surge suppressor fails when a 50,000 volt lightning bolt hits your house and melts half of the wiring.

Seether00 #7 · Apr 1st, 2015 · · 105 ·

Yawn. Another one where the griffons are savages and the Equestrians are perfect and Princess invincible.

How original.


It's not like Celestia would just sit there and let them experiment on exactly how strong the field needs to be to remove her magic. As such they made an assumption, and that assumption underestimated her maximum power quite a bit.

I'm not sure what they were expecting. Really, they should be grateful that Celestia attended to this personally, rather than just delivering her ultimatum via column of sunfire. Still, that would've been a needless slaughter of relative innocents.

Damn Celestia, you scary!

! EPIC !:trollestia:

:moustache: They say I killed the king 'I was hiding under Raritys dress'
:raritystarry: I was hiding in Twilights castle
:twilightoops: I was hiding behind Rarity
:ajsmug::fluttershysad::pinkiehappy: :rainbowhuh:We hid behind Twilight

Killed with a tea cup? Princess Vin diesel !


That's why you don't use a suppression device against powerful magic users(from RPG experience). A powerful enough caster can overwhelm them, like melting a resister on a circuit.

Always use a fullon nullification device. Like a Ring/Amulet of Null or have along some being who is the equivalent of say The Sisters of Silence from W40k. Magic power doesn't matter if they can't access it to begin with. Bonus against ponies because even their physical abilities draw from their magic.


Hmm.... Maybe, I've spent too much time thinking about how to takedown the princesses.

Reads author's note

It may be a bit strange, but it was still quite a fun read. I personally found the Emperor's arrogance infuryating.

Eeyup, I thought I knew where this title came from. Riddick ftw.

inb4 people go on about some negative comment on what Celestia did here. Sure she killed the emperor and sure she killed the guard. But there was a lot of restraint in what she did. The emperor ordered the attack that made a blood bath of her subjects, and he was probably contemplating killing her before she was even in the room. She gave him a chance to end things there and then, but he chose not to. Instead he attacked and Celestia responded accordingly, same with the guard who tried to attack her afterwords.

She didn't have to stop there, hell she didn't have to be diplomatic at all, she chose a way that would have the maximum effect with the minimal amount of bloodshed.

Thank you, sir, for this gloriously blatant Riddick ripoff. I needed a good laugh this fine April 1st.

Only a few hours after the Griffon Empire declared war on Equestria, Princess Celestia waved a white flag and asked for an audience with the Griffon Emperor. The Emperor thinks she's here to negotiate Equestria's surrender. He's wrong.

He's also very dead

I don't know why but I enjoyed this. Badass Celestia is badass.

Eh, I appreciate what it was trying to do, but it seemed rushed and devoid of any real emotional impact.

Holy... well Celestia. I'd hate to have to deal with a pissed off Celestia.


So Celestia is an unstoppable juggernaut. Faster, stronger, more powerful, just all around better than any griffon. Makes you wonder why she even deigns to interact with puny mortals such as these.

That or a disruptor, designed not to interfere with magic but with magic users -perhaps at a biological level- rendering them incapacitated or unable to perform magic.

Might be easily countered but deadly if used with the element of surprise.

This story is fucking awesome!
Holy shit this was so action packed I don't even fucking know, this was described so well, so well timed, holy shit this is AWESOME!
11/10 great job!
I'm also calling it, if it doesn't get featured I'll cry.

read that whole thing with Vin Diesel being Celestia's voice and couldn't stop laughing

xD Haven't read it yet but from the description and title I imagined this is my head... Celestia raises her tea cup over Griffon Emperor's head and yells. "I'll kill you with my tea cup motherbucker!!!"

5810107 You got to it first... Aw well XD

5810146 Agreed, those things are deadly. I just cut off both ends with a can opener. In the hooves of Celestia that 'key' would be a deadly weapon.

Words fail to convey how much I wish to make love to this story and its author.


Nice job, btw.


Seether, that's absolutely unnecessary, rude, and dismissive. Originality, for one, should not be an expectation, and 'lack of' should not be points off from someone's work or cause for spitting on it. They don't control what other people write, and are not to blame for writing what they want to even if someone's used the idea before. If you want to get technical, the moment an idea's been used once, then regardless of modifications the idea is no longer original. None of us are original, almost no one on this site writes or reads anything 'new'.

If you didn't like it, you could have simply given a proper critique, just said it's not your cup of tea, or not said anything at all rather than something fairly derogatory and flippant. You know better.

I agree, and damn is she powerful.

I've only read the title so far, and now I'm going to have to read all of Celestia's lines in Vin Diesel's voice.


This is the proper way to read this story :trollestia:

Totally saw that riddick reference as soon I read the title XD. And I fucking love it XD

That was so fucking stupid

and now I want to re-watch the Riddick movies...

perfect response

You act like you didn't love it.

5810910 "cup of tea"


I find it strange how people often write about griffon invasion when their species can never be numerous enough to do invasion. Their living habitat (mountains) doesn't alow great population.

Celestia or the writer?

Good job! The story is highly enjoyable and quite funny! :twilightsmile:

You are right. They wouldn't be able to get enough griffons to do invasion. Griffons aren't too numerous and they live in clans. There isn't united griffon country.

A slightly silly badass Celestia fic, but thoroughly enjoyable. Nice work.


This is marked as alternate universe for that reason, as it isn't intended to be canon compatible.

Yeah besides, there is no evidence in the belief that the princesses couldn't be badass. We just haven't seen it in the show. Plus it's kinda fun to watch Celly kick plot like this and it kinda has a pretty good Ridick reference. Also, IT'S APRIL FOOL'S DAY, so we're kinda expecting some over the top randomness.

An Eversor/a simple Blank would also be a good choice too, if we allready are speaking W40k.

Celestia is now Riddick. Headcannon accepted.:pinkiecrazy:

Royal Guards

Just nitpicking, but since Griffionia is an Empire, ruled by an Emperor, wouldn't his guards be Imperial Guards? Just saying...

Other than that, excellent story, and well executed.

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