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It turns out that ponies don't need to go to the bathroom because they run on cold fusion.

Meanwhile, Maud Pie has found a bunch of glowing, green rocks. I wonder what they could be?

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:rainbowhuh: Uh...my brain just shut down. That was...intresting. I'll leave it at that.

Glad to see this is out. I look forward to reading it later.

And this is why you don't introduce fissile material into the particle bath that is a fusion reactor. Silly Maud.


I was actually surprised when I saw this comment. Pray tell, do you have a degree in an area of nuclear physics or did you or are currently taking a really high level science class?

I'm a physics major, so yes to the second. Plus, I just have a general interest in this sort of thing. Honestly, I don't see why more people don't.

Those of us following the Pony Boop! dev might have seen this one coming. :raritywink:


I absolutely love science. I don't get why other people don't.

Oh well, to us nerds!

Well, good thing my sanity is already questionable. So my brain is not mush.
Shut up and take my upvote!

A nuclear Maud delivery system?


Sorry my mop bucket had a brass handle :facehoof: Well done...

I greatly admire Spike's efficiency in getting his chores done mid-lecture.

Comment posted by Dr Placebo deleted Jun 1st, 2015

Aha, so I'm not the only one who realizes the biochemical implications of "Pegasi fart helium".

Goddamnit, Cloudy.

God. Damn. It.

~Skeeter The Lurker


You can throw something at me at BronyCon :trollestia:

I can just imagine a Fluffle Puff style lick to the rock by Maud.:rainbowlaugh:

I'm...not sure what to say about this...maybe I should fave it.

Umm.... Wat.

Is...is Maud okay?


I kind of left that up to the reader's imagination.


I'm hoping she just has the ability to explode and be alright, like Pinkie.

Introducing a fission bomb into a bunch of fusion fuel has the potential to set off a fusion bomb. So she might explode twice. Survival is uncertain at best.

6042800 She's related to Pinkie Pie. Do you really need to ask that?


And it shall be taped.

~Skeeter The Lurker

You do absurd entirely too well, Cloud. :rainbowlaugh:

Be sure to post it here as a followup.

Eh, I'm sure Maud alright.:twilightsheepish:

Worst case of gas ever.:pinkiesick:

What the buck!?:facehoof::rainbowlaugh:

Is that an open invitation to anyone who's there?

6043009 Oh, so like one of Segata Sanshiro's judo throws, but nuclear. Fun!
All in all... I have no words. Lapis and Inky sent me here, and I am now pondering the meaning of existence while sobbing in a corner due to my brain being broken. It's not easy to type on a tablet while doing so...
You gonna be okay, bro?
Give him an hour. He'll forget all about it.


Well, you are welcome to try :trollestia:

Sentient trash dispos...

Ponies are Carbosioicate Amorphs? Does that make Pinkie Sergeant Schlock?

Sooo.. For the first time ever I dont know if I should like or dislike a story *slow clap* Well played

6046615 So that's why Pinkie is a baker. She's desperately attempting to recreate the original recipie for Genuine Imitation Ovalkwik.

Well, Maud reached critical mass.

and the proper way to hang toilet paper

"Oh, we didn't evolve", said Twilight in an oddly cheerful tone of voice, "we're actually sentient garbage disposal units."

"Huh?!" Spike did a dou-

Couldn't keep going

I demand a sequel. No joke. This was all so beautiful.


Oh sweet Celestia you actually posted this...and its gone even further off the rails since the last time I heard it. And for the record, no, I'm not letting the iron thing go no matter how many lampshades you hang on it!

You actually can fuse iron nuclei together. It's just that there's a net energy loss, rather than an energy gain.


So they pass a chunk of solid iron once every couple months? OUCH.:twilightoops:

6043009 So you can explode twice!:moustache:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot:


Nope its uranium in its purest form see?


You need urainium to make a nuclear explosion like what Maud did.



You actually can fuse iron nuclei together. It's just that there's a net energy loss, rather than an energy gain.

Does that mean you can fuse elements 1 through 25 and still get a net energy gain, or am i completely misunderstanding the concept?

I'm curious about fusion; could you explain to me what characteristics of elements makes fusion a net energy gain or net energy loss?

It has to do with the strong nuclear force and the energies that bind together an atomic nucleus, that keep it from flying apart despite the fact that they are made largely of protons which ought to (and in fact do) repel one another electromagnetically due to having like charge. Iron--specifically, the isotope iron 56--occupies a particularly stable place, in terms of binding energy, where either fusing other nuclei to it or breaking it apart is a net loss of energy.

These guys go into more detail about the mechanisms at work.

This was hilarious.
It needs a sequel.

6045766 i do not understand what i am looking at.


remember that mass and energy are interchangeable through E=mc^2).

what is this skullfuckery?

well there is a OUTHOUSE!

i have not read this story but i assume this is based off of one of the little sentences at the top of the window in the game pony clicker

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