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Horrifically Fun


Starlight Glimmer wants to fly kites, but the weather is not scheduled for anything conducive to kite flying. Things go awry because the name 'Starlight Glimmer' is in that sentence.


Thanks to Mitch H for an offering that became the paraphrased second paragraph and helping connect two discordant ideas. Also Tired Old Man for his input and edits.


My other fics Sunset Shimmer is MAD about Everything and A Newspaper Solves Everypony's Problem are tied into this, though not strictly required for enjoyment...


...assuming there's any to be had.

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DrakeyC #2 · Aug 19th, 2017 · · 1 ·

I have two questions.

1 - what were you on at the time of writing this?
2 - where may I procure some at reasonable cost?

You might wanna edit the AAAHHHHHs, its stretching the page out and the title is bleeding outside of its box..

How much trouble could Twilight avoid if she had the forethought to put Starlight on a train and tell it to ride like the wind towards Griffonstone.

Like the Rick and Morty reference at the end...

:facehoof::pinkiecrazy::moustache: my face reading this.

God fu**ing dammit.

I need more upvote buttons. xDDD

That was amazing. Also, I was laughing so hard at the part with the spaceship. :rainbowlaugh:





It's glorious the way it is.

Also I love this.

Man spike is pissed

Is it wrong that I wanna see a fanfic about the mane six trying to make it up to him only for him to keep insulting them?

Judging by the title, this is probably a good story.

...No, its not. There are people who CAN'T view a page stretch.

...what was that bit with the other planet referencing?

wlam #18 · Aug 19th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Huh. Time for a bug report, I guess. I didn't even know that you could break the site tables like that with over-long single word titles.

I seriously don't understand the number of downvotes. This is gold.

Rick and Morty. There's a bit where they find a planet with an inexplicable screaming sun. It was Starlight's fault, Canon confirmed, put in Season 3.

Trixie flashed Twilight an unamused expression. “Words hurt, Sparkle.” Trixie sighed. “Search your feelings. You know if I knew how to do this I would have done it years ago to irritate you and flaunt my power over you.”

She has a point.

...This might just be the greatest story ever and I loved every moment of it.

Edited: to all those who responded to this in the first place, I went a bit too far and I shouldn't comment when I'm far too tired.

This story's title likely wasn't clickbait, and the story is competently enough written. I still found it rather meh, didn't think it amusing, am baffled why others think it's funny but they're entitled to their own opinion, and the title is obnoxious.

Hmm...I think that about sums up my current thoughts on this fic.

I remembered having more words to say about this story beyond my initial input. Instead, all of my thoughts faded into nothingness as a singular piercing sound filled my head.

It's still there, by the way, and it's going to be there for the rest of the week.

Damn you, Justice. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn you! *shakes fist angrily*

The adult Swim Animated series Rick and Morty; Season 2 episode 10, "the Wedding Squanchers". The dialogue is pretty much taken line-for-line.

It's because of the annoying AAHHH bit. Seriously, its a scream. Would I get instantly popular if I screamed at the top of my lungs?

No. But it's not like you have to hear it. Reading text isn't usualy unpleasant barring odd font or kerning.

stress testing ftw

This would be the perfect drinking game.

Its annoying regardless of hearing or seeing it.

Interesting. For me it was just like reading double spaced. Ignore every other line and so forth.

I imagine the sun sounded like this

we"ll be sure to write that on your epitaph

spike got just spiked!:moustache:
also maybe change the title and description so that people would know what to expect here coz i for one did appreciate it but also has a lot of downside to it and almost 20 people already downvoted this....:twilightsheepish:

Bird Person appreciates this story. :moustache:

Jolly good show, friend!

"Yeah, we found a bug."
"What is it?"

Heeheeheheh :rainbowlaugh: This was good, this was very good :rainbowkiss:

The sun’s lips began to quiver.

Not gonna lie... I feel bad now.

But good job :pinkiecrazy:

Nothing like waking up to seeing a brand new tale of bizarre, absurd chaos from my favorite fellow sociopath! :pinkiehappy:

Spike threw his claws into the air. “Well, if you want wind so much Starlight, how about you just stand on a hill and bitch about the wind! That’d certainly supply us all with enough hot air!”

This whole story should probably have been called "Starlight Bitches About the Wind". :rainbowlaugh:

...Trixie thinks they live on the Discworld? Seriously? :rainbowderp:

Since when is Sunset Shimmer Lina Inverse? Not that I disapprove of this, mind. Except in the general chest area...

This story was insane. You're insane! :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

If I have one criticism, it's that the punchline is lost on anyone who doesn't watch Rick and Morty (I didn't get the joke until I read the comments), but sometimes that's just a thing that happens when we write covfef--*cough* comedy.

Do you really think Justice wrote this just to get featured or to get attention? I don't know if you're capable of processing this, but sometimes writers write things because they think it's funny and for no other reason. What happens after they write and post it is frankly out of their control, but it's a fair shake that anything Justice writes has a 99% chance of getting featured because Justice is an insanely popular author. All the vile shit you're accusing him of for whatever insane reason is just you being a prick for absolutely no good reason and why? You're annoyed a story you feel "slighted" by somehow got popular/featured? How juvenile can you get? :facehoof:

That's pretty much how I write my stories. I think they're good ideas at the time and I just run with them until I get bored or a new concept pops into my head.

wlam #42 · Aug 19th, 2017 · · 9 ·

It certainly isn't typical feature fodder, but say what you want, the site-breaking oversized title and description is pure clickbait alright. The actual story is bland and middling-ish enough that I really don't think I would've looked at it twice if the description and title had actually said much of anything as to what it's actually about. I mean, it's not bad, but I don't think I would've cared to read "the sun is screaming and also Starlight Glimmer complains about kite flying for half the story, I guess?"

Attention-grabbing story titles are fine and dandy, it's what they're supposed to be for, but if they're so far from describing the actual story meaningfully that they basically have nothing to do with each other, someone is going overboard with it. This is kind of gimmicky.

Can I get the drugs you were on when writing this?

The clickbait title and unintuitive descriptions both turned me off of this immediately. Obvious clickbait like this just tends to make me suspicious.


the site-breaking oversized title and description is pure clickbait alright

Excuse you? Believe it or not, Justice's thought process behind all that was likely 0% "OMG I'm gonna get so many clicks for this kekeke" and 100% "oh god this is too much, I can't even".

Because that's how comedy writers work.

Accusing somebody of doing something for clickbait reasons when there's absolutely no reason they'd do something like that, let alone do it so blatantly (this IS Justice3442 we're talking about, he could write a story titled "Oxidization of Iron in Tropical Climes" and it'd get featured because he's Justice3442) accomplishes nothing except making YOU look like a jerk.

What the...

wlam #47 · Aug 19th, 2017 · · 6 ·

No, don't excuse me. I really liked "The one where Pinkie gets even" and that one managed to be good and really funny while actually telling me something about the story it was attached to. I meant what I said. If you think that intentionally attaching a nonsense title and description to a story has some kind of carte blanche because "of course you're going to love it, it's by that guy," then you know even less about writing than I do.


You know what? I'm walking away right now before I go off on a profanity-laden tirade about what a massive jerk you're being right now.

Bottom line, Justice3442 wrote something that was funny to him and his closest compadre at the time. There's nothing wrong with that. He posted it on FiMF because he thought other people might find it funny too. There's nothing wrong with that.

You and a bunch of other jerks decided to be jerks about the "clickbait title" for absolutely no good reason. There IS something wrong with that.

Bottom line, you're being a jerk for absolutely no good reason to a guy who doesn't DESERVE you being a jerk, and you're being a jerk to ME for calling you out on being a jerk.

Where does the jerk behavior stop?

And now for the sequel where everything is on a cob.

wlam #50 · Aug 19th, 2017 · · 7 ·

I'm not being a jerk. I like Justice's stories in general. I'm just saying it's a bad story title that appears to do nothing but be attention-grabbing for its own sake. Unless you're one of those type who think all criticism is being super awful mean because you're not saying something nice and praising the author instead, there's nothing jerkish or even rude about that.

So, you know, maybe calm down and get a grip.

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