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Wow, its one hundred percent true what they say about past works. · 2:48am Apr 16th, 2015

Some one once said an artist always looks back on his work from five years ago and hates it. And the ones who say they don't, are just lying. It hasn't even been three months, and looking back on the Dragon and the mare, I kinda hate it. Like legit. I put alot of effort to get myself to put more details into things. Take a look at my SCP cross over to compare and see what I mean. I'm gonna finish dragon and the mare, but god is it gonna be rough as I try not destroy it with the new focus on

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1711635 Thank you very much. And yeah, lige kinda T boned me. But its cool. I needed a short break from writing. I see you finally wrote a story yourself. Gonna read that soon.

Hello its me, that hyena guy. Anyway just thought I'd stop buy and congratulate you on all the work you have been doing recently, cant wait for the next spikebelle fic chapter except I can because your busy doing other things and its understandable you may get burned out, so don't go rushing or anything. It will be great to see other content to. And I am still here, just haven't been commenting much lately. Anyway see you later :twilightsheepish:

1691381 lol well I say she because well... 90 something percent of the entire cast of mlp is female.

1690803 Never noticed it was a she. Oh well. And shes totally about to chomp down on some water mellon.

lol I love that avatar. There is just a huge hunk of fruit in front of her isn't there?

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