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Maud decides she has to go on a trip and needs someone to take care of Boulder. But after she leaves him with Twilight, odd things start happening that threaten both her and Spike.

This story is based off a friends request. I know her in real life and when she gave me the idea I just had to do it. Props to anyone who can name the horror movie where the idea came from.

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Lunas pets are gremlins?

at meals at ( had meals at)
was claw marks (were claw marks)
the attack (the attackers)

this was different :pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish::raritywink::rainbowlaugh::yay::ajsmug::moustache:


Thank you! I was hoping to do something a bit different. And thanks for spotting those mistakes. Kinda feel like I got caught with my fly down.:twilightsheepish:

5695582 just don't pee on me please please please, This was a nice romp into Boulders sand box:twilightoops:


XD If you like odd stories that are diffrent from what you expect you should also try some of my other stories. Like Derpy's Loss.

Never thought rocks could be so troublesome.

...I believe these rocks have taken over me and clicked the favorite button because 'rocks'. :pinkiehappy:

Had to chuckle. Very nice read :twilightsmile:

Have my like

Apollo.... 13? 18?

Rule number 1-Don't Mess With Rocks
Rule number 2-Do What Maud Tells You
Rule Number 3-Listen To What A Member Of The Pie Family Tells You

5696506 Bingo! Apollo 18 is exactly right. Me and a friend were watching Equestria Girls 2. When the scene of Maud feeding boulder came up we were just like "thats such a waste! And whos gonna clean up those crackers?" Then one of us said "Well maybe he eats them while shes sleeping. Like one of the crabs from Apollo 18" and thus this story was born.

5696499 Thank you very much for the like! Each one makes me smile.

5696353 The rocks have good taste in fan fiction then.

5696137 I tell you, you see those googly eyes and think theyd be good pets but then a week later your fighting for your lifeas they try to eat you. Thats why I had to write such a cautionary tale.

Great idea for a creature. This was an interesting fic good job. :scootangel:

close for a scond i was specting an SCP-173 kind of boulder, liked and i want to know what will happen next.

5697337 well its a one sgot so sadly nothing. Unless you follow me in which case you get to see all my new stories! Whivh would be super cool too.

Though on the flip side, your mentioning SCP gives me a wonderful idea. A horribly, violently, strange, wonderful idea.

5697327 if you like it you should try the movie that I got the idea from. Its called Apollo 18. You can find it on net flix. Its kinda hit and miss since its found footage but I like it.

5698047 I think I've heard of that before. Maybe I will check it out sometime.

Look out for Tom Boulders bigger brother,


And she broke all of them. Poor Twilight.


Thank you very much! :twilightsmile: I'm hoping my next ideas will be just as clever.

Twilight breaks rule :twilightblush: Boulder breaks Twilight :twilightoops:

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