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Lyra is convinced that Ruby Pinch and Berry Punch are undercover supervillains, and she will do whatever it takes to expose the truth before it is too late.

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This is brilliant and just the laugh I needed today.

Also, New headcanon accepted.

Job well done Agent Raugos, you have earned a promotion.

And for all those who read this, you are the resistance.

>Chill! Twilight will deal with it.

Pretty sure that's Celestia's motto, as well. :raritywink:

Is that a Puckle gun in the picture? Neat.

7845088 That's actually a modern grenade launcher. :twilightsheepish: But hey, I just discovered what a Puckle gun is. Learn something new every day.

7845044 Can't argue with its effectiveness. :trollestia:

This was perfect.
A crossover I dont think ive read before.

After her Starlight’s recruitment, the Cutie Map

Maybe remove this word though.

Very entertaining, though I'm not sure I fully buy the doomsday scenario or Berry's plan for dealing with it. Of course, that's just me thinking too hard about an enjoyably silly story. Thank you for it.

You'd think that Discord would lead the resistance, or just reinstate the appropriate amount of chaos.

I haven't even seen Terminator and I know that's Terminator.

Fuck it. Headcanon accepted.

what part of "orbital friendship cannon" did you miss? it sure didnt miss discord.

This is just amazing!

You should definitely return to this universe someday, but focus on Ruby Pinch and her rebel squad, that would be so awesome!

Good story:twilightsmile: But it makes me wonder if Berry has lost her mind or if this is really gonna happen. I loved Terminator

I'll be back

That's what everyone said about Sarah Conner. BUT SHE WAS RIIIIIGHTTT.


Makes who wonder who the Terminator would be

When I first saw the picture, I thought this was going to be some sort of Team Fortress 2 fic, because Punch is dressed up as the Demoman, and Pinch is dressed up as the Demo's sticky bombs.

Regardless, great story!

Silly Lyra, I'm sure they're just vampire hunters stationed in town to keep an eye on Vinyl.

Smooth. Real smooth. I am not a clever pony. Like, at all.

No kidding.

Real actual laughing out loud once I realized where this was going. That was pretty much perfect.

7845156 Fixed. Thanks for spotting that!

7845335 That was intentional. For all we know, Berry might've just lost her marbles. :pinkiecrazy:

Well...even Lyra has to be right every now and then, right? :rainbowlaugh:

tf2 cover picture, this better be good

That was a real treat. I love terminator

Saw Lyra being right coming about twenty miles away, but the metaphorical shrug at the end was still surprising enough to be funny.

XD I love it. And here I thought Bon Bon would call someone in, but nah. Twi's got it handled. Or is that hoofled? Nope. Sounds too weird. Rambling. Sorry. Cool fic.


Well, sort of. It looks like a cross between an old M79 and the newer revolver riot guns and grenade launchers, maybe the guts and action of a Milkor MGL or Arsenal MSGL built into a M79 frame. But hey! They *could* be less-lethal rounds!

And I can't believe somebody hasn't already done 'Friendship Day'. That's one of those things that sounds eternal, the first time you hear it. An instant evergreen.

First of all:TF2 Cover


The ending seems a bit very anticlimactic. "Twilight will deal with it", really? Twilight obviously won't deal with it because she doesn't have a clue and Ruby and Berry are good enough to not draw suspicion from her.

So in the end we have two potentially apocalyptic dangers, and both of them are working against each other even though they're obviously on the same side. Berry even knows that Twilight is on their side, but instead of just talking to her and saying something like "the Cutie Map is working great exactly as it is, don't try to fix it", she's building bombs and beating up the neighbors. I really hope somewhere along the line Ruby is going to get the bright idea to simply fix this mess herself.

Edit: Just to make it clear, I very much enjoyed reading this story. Just... that ending.

7847261 Berry knows that Twilight eventually wises up when things are going awry. Perhaps she also knows that Twilight would never take her warnings seriously until it's too late; after all, why would she ever have reason to doubt the Cutie Map with the way things are right now? It does have a perfect operational record so far.

Alternatively, Berry Punch has temporarily gone bonkers. Just another normal day in a town that has seen fake zombie outbreaks just to teach one hothead prankster a lesson, undergone extensive redecoration via cursed Rarity, or suffered an outbreak of totally random disasters for a masked vigilante to save them all and never appear again. I can see why Bon Bon might be tempted to give up after getting trounced by a filly and her mother.

On a less serious note, this story was meant as a joke fic. I felt that thinking too hard about it would detract from the lighthearted absurdity of it all. Glad you still enjoyed it, despite the ending. :twilightsheepish:

7847258 Better question: Why not? :rainbowdetermined2: Berry Punch looks like a total badass, and I couldn't find any other images that could fit the tone of the story.

Very clever plot, and I had plenty of laughs. Good work!

Oh, I get most of that. But the problem seems to be not the Map itself but the extensive modifications Twilight would make on it along with Starlight Glimmer. I can get behind Berry having gone a little off the deep end, I mean, she kind of is, but Bon Bon waving off like that without even going to tell Twilight about it...
It's fun for an ending, sure, it's just a bit terrible of her when you think too much about it. Or any. Makes you wonder why they had to disband the whole secret agent organization. :trixieshiftright:

Still enjoy the story, and I will probably enjoy bashing on the ending as well. It's not any less sound than the fake zombies or the whole Mare Do Well scheme, but those are not really the best role models.

Great Job Raugos! Loved it and had me in stitches by the end of it.

“What’cha waiting for? Come with me if you want to leave.”

Nice word play. This played in the back of my mind for the rest of the fic.

Technically, it was only Bon Bon's division that got scuttled; though she did not know that at the time. If you accept G.M.'s books as canon that is.

Maybe it could be good to give a anonymous note...

Dear Princess Twilight

I know it's hard to believe but Berry Punch and her daughter are saboteurs that think that some doomsday called "Friendship Day" is coming, They have a basement full of weapon and her daughter think that is from the future or something like that.

As my friend spy could not win against her, we decided that it's better to leave it to you


Anonymous Spy that is not Bon Bon

P.S: Be careful with her memory drugs

*Snickers* Very intriguing.

This is amazing! Do you mind if i use a similiar berry punch to this one in a fic i am writing? (I was planning using her any way as an ex SMILE agent, rather than sarah conner)

7848556 You don't need my consent for something like that, mate. It's not similar enough to worry about plagiarism or anything like that. Have fun! :pinkiehappy:

Okay that ending is just The Best!! <3 <3

ha ha ha ha ha Starlight Glimmer is responsible for skynet AND mysterious relatives coming out of the woodwork... seriously, the Brothers or relatives that appear after a time paradox must all be cyborgs. It's the only explanation, and since they're all technically older siblings it's entirely possible they were adopted.

Okay! Funny story, looking forward to chapter 2. :twilightsmile:

...what do you mean "complete". :rainbowhuh:

We didn't even have evil friendship cyborgs from the Future invading Ponyville yet! :twilightoops:

And Harmony going rampant? Wouldn't Discord be Berry's and Pinch's best asset in the war against evil friendship cyborgs from the future? :trollestia:

For all we know, Berry might've just lost her marbles.

If that was the case,then where did she learn all those skills? Also, all her equipment and skills would have taken a considerable length of time to obtain, way longer than Twilight has had that table of hers. Given those facts, Occum's Razor predicts that Berry Punch is probably telling the truth.

This has to be the very best Terminator based/themed fic I've ever read. Definitely one for my Best of the Best bookshelf.

Oh, Faust :rainbowlaugh: That was amazing. Just amazing. Ohhhh, I am so giving that a Holy Muffin. *claps slowly* This was just perfect. One of the best stories I've ever seen.

“It’s a future where absolute friendship and harmony rules; even the sanctity of finding love is decided solely by the Cutie Map for optimal efficiency. He told me of a future where order is enforced by golems with permanent smiles on artificial faces, where everypony lives under the constant fear of being shot by the Orbital Friendship Canon for the slightest deviation from perfect harmony. It is a world of false friendship, and it is what I am preparing Ruby and her friends for.”

My Little Pony: Friendship is Communism.

That was quite entertaining. I enjoyed it.

Wait... Speaking of cyborgs from the future... Isn't Rainbow Dash from the Sombra future kind of a cyborg? In a sequel, I could imagine some space/time shenanigans happening that bring that Rainbow Dash to Ponyville with different plans than the Berries.

You mean...Like..."CRASH!!! KILL!!! DESTROY!!! SWAG!!!" :rainbowdetermined2:

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop teasing you. It’s just that Ma keeps telling me not to tell anypony about the future and all that. It’s hard to pretend I’m just a silly filly all the time, you know? For once, it would be nice to have somepony other than Ma who I can talk to about what’s coming. I like you, and I think you’ll understand.”

Oh no, Berry Punch is Sarah Connor cue anvil music.

Edit: Haha! I was right! Loaded with T2 quotes and everything! I guess that makes Starlight Miles Dyson.

Also: Ultra lols at “Friendship Day.”

Nah, she wasn’t a cyborg, she just had a prosthetic wing.

Nice story, I always love stories where her theories are true.

Nice and harmless.... JUDGEMENT DAY!!!! WUUAAAHHH.

Wtf xD

This, this was awesome.

Bruh, will there be a sequel? Taking place in the future where they DO, destroy the cutie map?

No planned sequel, I'm afraid. This was a one-shot crackfic. :twilightsheepish:

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