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In the timeline where the Changelings have taken over Equestria, Trixie has managed to find a shadow of her former life as an entertainer in Zecora's camp. She doesn't preform for giant crowds anymore, and while she misses the grandeur, she's managed to live a happy life entertaining the children of the camp with her stories and small tricks.
But all that comes crashing down when Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings attack. Now, Trixie must use every trick she has left to save her small fan club, and especially Ruby. Because Trixie made a promise to Berry Punch, and she won't allow herself to break that promise.

Written for EQD's Writer's Training Grounds

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Oh, yeah! I was looking forward to this when you asked which story to make. It lived up to my expectations and added a little more on top!

Great use of Trixie's character. You really have her down when it comes to style and charisma. It's so refreshing to see a Trixie that uses her wits and talents in such a way to save the day and come out the other end in style.

A little put off by the ending, though. It came off as a little deus ex machina. While I was expecting things to go back due to how the season finale ended, and Trixie having an inkling of memory left over was a nice touch, the moments just before made me go, "Huh?"

Other than that, great job! I look forward to more of you stuff.

Great story, knew I made the right choice in voting for the Trixie one. I also have to agree with Stephens there. That showpony charisma of hers really came through. To you sir, I have to say congrats on fantastic story. Until next time,

Excellent depiction of Trixie, I'd say. Not a powerhouse, but with plenty of skill and sharp wit to help her get ahead of her opponent. And a streak of heroism when needed. Love it.

6704199 I had a feeling that some ponies were going to at least lift an eyebrow at the ending. It is a bit of a cheat for sure, but I'm hoping Minuette's story helps make it feel better. There's a reason she showed up right when she did.

Otherwise, glad you liked it. I remember that you're a huge fan of Trixie, so I tried to keep her true to form without turning her into a full blown jerk. When I finally get around to her main story, 'Trixie's Misfits', she will return, and we'll get to see even more of her quick thinking and distraction tactics.

6704432 Thank you, thank you, but most of the credit must go to Trixie. She was watching over my shoulder the whole time, making sure I did her justice. :twilightsmile:

I've always thought that Trixie was never great with magic. Indeed, we've seen this in the show. As such, her being able to blast things apart like other Unicorns just isn't going to work. But what she can do--entertain and misdirect, as a magician should--is a huge strength for her. And with Changelings taking over Equestria, I believe she'd easily find a way to adapt those skills to combat, or at least keeping herself out of harm's way.
And since Twilight and her friends never ruined her first show, she doesn't become as bitter and angry, and thus she's able to learn to think of others a bit sooner than before.

Wow ^-^ Okay, this is awesome.
I love the idea of Trixie going to battle. A great (and powerful) magician would devastate a battlefield in a way no soldier or warrior ever could. The skills that make them great - distraction, sleight of hoof, and an excellency in adaptation and timing - can be used to fight in a way that is nearly impossible to defend against. Would a warrior be so powerful if he was, say, surrounded by confetti, unable to see his enemy? Smoke and mirrors, well-timed distractions, can turn a hardened killing machine into a dazed, uncoordinated mess. And magicians are all about the unexpected, out-of-the-blue turns in events that leave the audience in wonder.
Now, pair that with true magic.
Once you've done that, tick them off and send them into battle.

7005732 Why thank you!

I kind of framed Trixie, in my mind away, that after she 'lost' to Twilight, Princess Luna trained her--but Trixie was never really talented at straight magic. She good at causing a spectacle and wowing a crowd with misdirection and razzle-dazzle. So in the regular universe, Princess Luna is still sort of training her so she understands that that is her strength, and she should play to it.
Of course, that didn't happen in this universe since Luna is gone. Trixie had to learn it the hard way--namely, when she was running for her life when the invasion started. She slowly realized that her talents as a magician were also extremely useful in keeping her alive. So yes, even though she's not blasting Changelings into dust, she's still a force to be reckoned with as long as she prepared. Because glitter in the eye HURTS!

Exactly! Brains and skill often beat brawn. Strength is useless if your opponent out-plans you.
I like the idea of Luna training Trixie, but I think most of Trixie's talent is self-taught and practiced a lot. As for a mentor, Luna doesn't quite seem the showpony type, considering that she's virtually got a nuclear power plant in her horn compared to any unicorn. (For further clarification, Tirek. The magic of four Alicorns basically equaled that of an entire nation of ponies' magic - Unicorn magic, Pegasus flight, and Earth Pony strength- not to mention Discord's Chaos magic, which is most likely extremely powerful and volatile on its own.) That means that Luna has power that is roughly the equivalent of one-quarter the entire population of Equestria. She wouldn't even have to bother with sleight of hand - she could probably rewrite reality if she really wanted to.
So, I think Trixie probably was trained by a Zebra, possibly Zecora or a relative of hers.

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