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(Sequel: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/81619/encore)
Lyra's feelings for Bon Bon never changed, even after their break up. Bon Bon has moved on, but Lyra's heart still aches longingly for her. As Lyra deals with her heartbreak in all the wrong ways, she feels that Bon Bon will never be able to be a part of her life again. Her heart can't take the pains that she is enduring, so she is determined to win back Bon Bon's love. Lyra drags herself into an emotional whirlpool of pain, suffering, and love, and she has to face the consequences that she is knowingly getting herself into.

(This includes LyraBon, LyraScratch, BerryBon, and OctivScratch ships.)
(Other characters involved: Daisy, Lily, Roseluck, and Colgate)
Note: This is not a clopfic, but it includes subtle sexual content between cute female ponies!
Rated for: Sexual Content, Language, and Violence/Blood

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 57 )

:pinkiegasp: Oh Celestia. You've outdone yourself this time. This story is so beautiful, and sad I should note.
I stayed up reading this until 1:13 in the morning while shivering from the cold. Because I knew it would be that good. And I wasn't the least bit disappointed. :heart:
Seriously. Good job.

Wow......right in the feels...but not as hard as I would have liked...yeah I am strange I enjoy a good hurting heart. Makes it feel like I am alive.
Though ...if bon bon had something of Lyra's I think the act of something breaking and not just a crack or stops working but like total destruction then again....Bon-Bon might not have caught the clue, also just one spelling error....its wounds not wombs

1963159 Glad you liked it, and I keep spelling that wrong for some reason :applecry:
1962957 Wow! Hope you weren't too cold! Glad you liked it though :twilightsmile:

so what is your next project?

1965073 No idea :rainbowlaugh: I usually think of ideas at a random, but I was thinking another FlutterDash fic :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

Hmmm might be good, and you were not joking about this one shot it was a monster in length, one of the longer one shots I have had the joy of reading

1965064 I would have read it anyway :derpytongue2: cold means nothing when there's such a wonderful story to be read

1965098 It really was huge for me! I felt like I was taking such a long time, but hey...that makes things better :pinkiesmile:
1965100 I'm really happy to see that my story already got 9 likes, and 128 views :rainbowlaugh: I just got on, and checked it, and my mind was blown :heart:

I secretly in my heart want this to be featured :pinkiecrazy::heart:

Well if you need help on idea's just send me a message we can brain storm, I have nothing better to do until.......well I am clear for the next two months -sighs sadly-

1965122 honestly I don't know why this isn't featured :rainbowhuh:

1965130 I will surely do that if I need to :raritywink:
1965138 Well I guess it doesn't have enough views yet :fluttershysad: Maybe more people will read it soon :pinkiehappy: I'm excited to see more feedback :raritystarry:

I would post something in my blog but......I have so few followers that it would only give you maybe 4 more veiws if that

1965198 I don't have that many followers either, but I make blogs anyways :rainbowlaugh:

1965186 I'll send a few of my friends your way. I know it won't help much but you deserve to get featured :flutterrage:

Well I am a loyal follower through and through, even if I stick to the shadows

1965221 I would definitely appreciate that! :pinkiegasp: Even if only a few of them read it, everypony counts to me :twilightsmile: I don't even have to get featured, I just really want other people to enjoy my fics :pinkiesmile:
1965231 It's good to be loyal :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::heart:

1965242 Well aren't you noble? :rainbowlaugh: I'll see what I can do for you :twilightsmile:

1965260 I try :twilightblush: Haha :twilightsmile: Thank you so much! :heart::scootangel:

1965267 It's the least I can do :yay: I've enjoyed your stories so much so it feels good to give back :pinkiehappy:

I also want to say I like how you played Lyra, still her fanon nut job self just for a whole different reason ^^

This story was absolutely amazing! :yay:
Great job, plus I'm looking forward to any future stuff you might post!

1965278 Thank you once again :twilightsheepish:
1965351 I thought it would fit her fan character, so she was the perfect choice for me :twilightsmile::heart:

1966897 I'm very glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy: Thank you so much for reading! And I hope you keep an eye out for my other fanfics :raritywink:

I have NEVER felt so strongly about a fic, I mean, I'm emotionally crushed, and my face is drenched in tears. I have this... Numbing feeling all around my nerves, down to my very feels. I hate you. :fluttercry::fluttershysad::heart:

1967103 I'm sorry you hate me, but I'm glad you felt strongly about my fic :heart::twilightblush: Thank you for reading :heart: Sorry you had to cry in the process :fluttershyouch: Though that was a goal of mine :scootangel:

I'm at a loss for words. Absolutely heart renching right to the very end. Five stars!!! Two thumbs up!!! Amazing!!!

1967934 Thank you so much! Glad you liked it! :heart::heart::yay:

added it to my read later, I just wanted to say however. That is one creepy ass cover pic you got there.

1973171 Hope you read it soon! And thanks? :rainbowderp: My brother thought I was drawing zombie Lyra when he saw it :rainbowlaugh:

1973181 I mean nothing negative towards it. It's just different. :twilightsmile:

Holy crap. That was amazing. Pretty depressing, and I kind of hoped for some more closure on what happened with Vinyl and Octavia but that was one of the best fics I've read in a while.

2000532 Glad you liked it! :twilightsheepish: And the reason I didn't give any closure on them is just because I wanted questions to boil about it. What happened to them? Who knows....kind of thing :twilightblush::heart:

Wow, that was very depressing & heartwrecking. I could really feel Lyra's despair & sorrow throughout the story, from bitter start to bitter end. Definitely one of my favorite LyraBon stories so far. Well done good sir/ma'am

Words cannot describe how i feel about this. This story means a lot to me and i don't care if that's silly or not. The ending caught me off guard because deep down i wanted it to be different but life's not always like that..:fluttercry: making this a txt doc in case of no internet or for some reason it disappears.
thank you

2075566 Wow. I'm glad you liked it :heart: Sorry it had to be a sad ending, but I really felt it worked great :heart:

I congratulate you sir and or madam, you are the very first person's story on this site I have ever faved and gave an upvote too. I just loved this story so much. I thought mine were messed up, but damn! You take the cake. Bravo to you! :rainbowkiss:

2083232 Wow thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it :heart::twilightsmile::raritywink::yay::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

This has shown me how love can be deadly.......this is a masterpiece....

2088220 Wow glad you think so :heart::twilightsmile:

I was scared of reading this because a friend of mine told me it made him tear up when he thought of it, not in a bad way, but lyra is his favorite pony, and he doesn't cry at all, he had fallen out of a tree and broke his arm before and didn't cry at this. but this did and it made me cry. but still its a great story 10/10

2245547 Sorry that it was sad, but I'm really honored that it made someone as hard as stone cry. Glad you liked it, and I'm also happy to see that someone out there actually mentioned it to you, or anyone! :heart::twilightsmile:

2245623 i don't mind that it's sad, I'm the sort of person who bottles up there emotion so much that any way to release it is good :rainbowlaugh:

2088220 I agree with you, love can create and take away life nothing is more deadly than love:pinkiesad2: I speak from experince.:fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::fluttershysad::fluttercry::applecry::raritydespair::raritycry:

GODDAMN MY FEELS! THEY HURT SO MUCH!:raritycry: Now I have to go read a happier LyraxBonBon fic

That... That was beautiful. I couldn't bring myself to finish the ending. Stories like this always make me cry way harder than it should. Anyway, I loved it.

2660334 I'm really glad you liked it! I just finished the sequel to this...please check it out...It's called Encore :twilightsmile:

I just can't... Wow, now I just hurt... :pinkiesad2:

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