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"*hick* Go home Trollestia... You're drunk *hick*"

"LUNA! You are the one that's drunk... Now come home with me!"

"jezz... At least take me out to dinner first."

"THAT'S IT!!! I'm done... But remember little sister, I am the only pony who know the hangover spell."

(A/N If you try to understand this story you will probably go insane.)

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Comments ( 9 )

Thank goodness for bait guards. Luna will be able to fish safely knowing her bait has been guarded by her loyal minions.

2844929 I told my editor will fix it later.

Sorry, wasn't trying to be mean. Meant to be funny but I think it doesn't carry over well in text.

My god... I wish the likes could be doubled. This is really good, the basic structure needs a lot of work and I would recommend another edit. But there were moments that were just beautiful and perfect... This was brilliant

2847265 Thanks!!! Its not that my editor isnt good its just that he hasnt been on in a while... Would you be interested?


Yeah sure, I can try my hoof at it

Drunk Luna is a fun Luna.

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