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Luna has been Vice Principal of Canterlot High School for years, and she couldn't be happier. So she tells herself, and so she will keep telling herself, until she believes it.

However, after the Battle of the Bands, Luna finds a kindred spirit in the last place she would ever have thought to look.

And that kindred spirit isn't afraid to tell Luna what she really thinks.

Editing duties courtesy of nanashi_jones.

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Before I read this, does this have anything related to Rainbow Rocks? Because I haven't watched it yet and I don't want to spoil it. :twilightsheepish:



It doesn't delve deep into it but it very briefly touches on some main plot points.

Go watch it and then come back if you wish.

I love how all of these stories stand on your own, yet are collectively setting up for something big. Whatever you're planning, it's going to be good.

As for the story itself, these are not characters who get to interact much, but you really made them shine together. It's no mistake that both of their equine analogues have borne the Element of Loyalty. Thank you for this, Bookish.

We don't get a lot of Rainbow and Luna together, this gave them both a chance to shine and it didn't disappoint. :twilightsmile:


I love how all of these stories stand on your own

Oh thank goodness that was the thing I was worried most about here. Balancing acts are hard!

Thank you, FOME!

Well well well. I can see that you're definitely working towards something concerning EQG Twilight. Just a small hint in Matters of Principal and a few slightly larger ones here.

That being said, cute story. Rainbow is so rarely depicted as having an actual brain underneath that prismatic scalp that this came as novel touch. Luna was also very well realized, to the extent that I felt sympathy towards her plight.

Enjoyment has been had.

Ooooo, and the plot thickens!

Also, I am glad to see someone write a proper scene between a teacher and a student, where all sorts of alarm bells are going off in her head. Lol.

Saw this, had to take a look. Glad I did so, as it was awesome and touching. Exactly what I expect from a story involving Rainbow Dash and Luna. :twilightsmile:


Sweet. That's what I'm here for. :twilightsmile:

While I've been prone to yell at Rainbow onscreen loudly and often, my personal running motto is that her momma didn't raise no fool. Long as you can get her to slow down for (exactly) two seconds, anyway. :raritywink:


Enjoyed this, but no surprise there. Pleased to see it was EQG too—for some reason I had been expecting pony Dash. (Not that there would have been anything wrong with that - but you how my leaning goes in this regard. ;)

Is there a recommended order in which to read the others in the Northstar group?

All hail Rainbow. That was awesome! :rainbowdetermined2:

Hey, which way to where your muse is on timeout? I have some cookies to deliver. :raritywink:

But seriously, this was a nice, heartfelt story if ever there was, and stories like this suit both Luna and Rainbow well. I think they are kindred spirits, like you wrote them here, if separated by a lack of things in common otherwise. These are the kind of Dash stories I look for. Stories where she shows that she's more than sports/flying and the word Awesome. I guess it takes someone not impressed by that to write her right. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is pretty damn awesome, you actually showed Rainbow's true colors by changing a character with more "power" than her. The music was amazing too (I still have the DS Sonic Colors game, used to be a huge Sonic fan), but... I suggest the music can be a little bit more calmer and less rock?

...Now I really want to know what all this stuff going on in the background is. :rainbowderp:
It kinda sounds like the native Twilight's family is a smidge susicious.

I love myth arcs! :rainbowkiss:

And Rainbow brings the wisdom to the yard again. :pinkiehappy:


At current, as 5971310 noted, I'm trying to keep these accessible yet connected. So for the moment, any order is fine. :twilightsmile: Failing that... eh, order of publication?

psst you should totes also join said group


I suppose you've twisted my arm, heh.
(Edit: That said—back to something something about workout outfits...;)

So Velvet and Night Light? Or Shining? Northstar has to be related to HumanTwi somehow!

O hai Worldbuilding. Didn't see you approachin'. :raritywink:

Review committee, here I come, she thought.

Thank you, thank you for pointing this out! :rainbowlaugh:

C'mon, Booksie, bring on the Main Event! :pinkiehappy:


I cannot tell a lie: this almost didn't happen.

Not because it never crossed my mind (I come from a family of schoolteachers), but because I just prefer to envision an Equestria (equine or human) where neither Luna, Rainbow nor anyone in the world would even have to worry about such things. :fluttershysad:

Fortunately, my editor, as usual, saved me from myself and convinced me to at least address the matter. Which was beyond the right call.

Imma show her this now. She'll laaaaaauuuuuuuugh.

I guess it is just because I worked in a school for quite a few years… one teacher was let go because of, uhhh, certain improprieties with some students at a party after school. So most of us were hugely aware of any potential situations like that, and kept well away from them. Even as a part of the support staff (i.e. administration, not teaching) we had to be crazy careful about being alone with students.

You wrote this amazing story and you used my song?

It's not Christmas, Bookie, but I'm going to pretend it is all the same.


These are the kind of Dash stories I look for. Stories where she shows that she's more than sports/flying and the word Awesome.

Those are the only kinds of Dash stories I can tolerate, canon included. :rainbowlaugh: So I will always write them. Glad you liked it!

Muse is in solitary. She'll be let out in a day or three. :P

Thank you. :pinkiehappy:

I'm going to hazard a guess that she was that worlds twilight, possibly Celestias assistant, and that a lab experiment went violently wrong.

5972313 The CSGU exam... I suppose Celestia didn't manage to save her that time?

That was an unexpectedly deep character piece, made all the more interesting in that it featured a character that we don't normally associate with deep thoughts and empathy - Rainbow Dash. I now find myself wondering who that girl was who was injured; was that during Luna's 'Nightmare Noon' teen rebel phase?

Ohmegers! This is beautiful.

5972507 Or recovered, you could also say.

This was a great well thought out story, and Luna is my favorite (along with Rainbow) so i enjoyed it even more.

Yesssssss this soooothess the LunaDash beast inside me. Yessssss...

On a serious note, this was wonderful. It's an uncommon pairing for shipping or even just as friends, and I love to see them done well. Faved and liked.

I read this as a standalone and was pretty cool with it. The only thing I was confused about was Northgate(?), but from looking through the comments, I guess there are a lot more where this came from! Anyway, just wanted to say that it worked on its own, and for now I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this universe/series. :twilightsmile:


Oh, I know. We had that nice conversation after Tanks for the Memories aired, if you'll recall. :twilightsmile:
I did read that blog.

Now, I've got a plate of fresh cookies and a destination! ...Warden owes me a favor too. How convenient! :pinkiehappy:

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.
Bad jokes aside, this is fantastic. I can never get enough of your Rainbow Dash, and this is a great look at EqG Luna too. Although I am surprised that you picked that Sonic Colours song over this one (which was stuck in my head for about a year after I played the game):

AMAZING!!! like omg I have found my new favourite story!!!! Bravo:pinkiehappy:

Another story to add to my watch later list that is filling up with stories I will never get around to reading. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, you'll read them. Someday, there'll be a lull where you can. Promise.

My motto (Among many) is "Never grow up, grow old"

Because life is too precious to be "Realistic" and hell, I have a mind that comes up with quantum thaumatics when I drink orange tang!

Aim for the stars and you'll get there (Albiet with a number of stitches and a few broken bones, but... acceptable casualties)

...And you were worried about geting Dash's character right. I say you did it perfectly here, great job.

And speaking as a guy who is now trying to figure out what is really going to make him happy, this spoke to me. I loved it.

So rarely do I see a story about Vice-Principal Luna - but this was a wonderful look into her character, and some surprising depths to Rainbow as well, while keeping her entirely in character. Excellent job.

Huh. I like the little song at the end though it might be stuck in my head now.

An unexpected take on the teacher/student, and princess/pony stories. Except for Twilight, you don't often see a story where some other pony can be of help to their mentor. It really allowed Rainbow to show some of the things that makes her special and unique.
Well done! :pinkiehappy:

“Hey, Miss Luna?” Luna turned, just in time for Rainbow Dash to wrap her arms around her, hugging her fiercely.

And then sex happened.

That explains a lot. However that world's Twilight was already shown alive and well in Rainbow Rock's post credits scene.

I was gonna fave this story, but then I saw your avatar and was reminded of my cheese toastie. So...no fave, but I wish to express my genuine gratitude to you for the cheese-toastie-in-the-toaster reminder, dude! Have a new Follower from me instead!

Munch, munch...


Whew! It's almost overwhelming seeing these add up at work when I only have a tablet. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks, all, I'm really glad you enjoyed! :twilightsmile: I wasn't entirely sure the human versions of these two could work together, but a little character coaxing goes a long way, it seems.

And for those asking questions re: yon worldbuilding or certain unnamed characters, y'all might want to head on over hnyah. Just sayin'. We're doing a thing.

"You know,” Luna said, glancing at Rainbow, “stargazing was once a nightly ritual for me. When I was little, I used to dream of landing on the moon. Or at least being somewhere close to it."

Trust me, Luna, you don't wanna do that :unsuresweetie:

This is so heartfelt and wonderful, nice job :pinkiehappy:

5974808 But I haven't read your story? I mean, I glanced at the first few sentences but then your avatar reminded me of my dinner.

No offense intended and no insult meant to you at all, mind you! I'll read this properly now, it's the least i can do...

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