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This story is a sequel to Oncoming Storm: Through a Mirror Darkly

Cloud Kicker and Rainbow Dash usually get along, especially since they started dating. However, when Rainbow pulls a prank that Cloud considers a bit too ambitious, the two of them have a falling out that leaves their relationship strained. Will an upcoming gaming tournament give the two of them a chance to reconcile, or will tensions boil over and push them apart for good?

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You had me at wargames. Why? This site, and fandom for that matter, has a serious lack of ponies or people playing them.


Also, human cloud is ok with monogamy, as opposed to her "anything-that-moves" counterpart.

“And ... well, I would prefer if you two weren’t quite as eager to move things along physically, but at least we don’t need to worry about diseases or pregnancy.”
“The secret perks to raising a lesbian,” I agreed with a grin.

Well Pregnancy is off the table, but catching something from her partner is entirely possible.

This was a really fun chapter, especially Cloud finding out that her mom is bisexual. Though there is one thing I’m curious about. Cloud said “For the love of Shadow.” Who is Shadow in this universe? Is she still some super important historical figure who has a religion based on her, or what? I know this isn’t really relevant to the story (which I’m really excited to see more of) but it is definitely something that I’m curious to know.

True, though the fact that neither of them had prior partners and they’re monogamous makes that fairly unlikely.


I am completely on board with Cloud. This was totally Rainbow's fault. Once more, I don't understand why Cloud, or ANYONE, puts up with Rainbow. She's kind of awful.

And yeah, I'm curious about the Shadow comment as well.

Well, If I had put money against Dash and Cloud being an "item" I would have lost big time. 😛

I liked to flow of this chapter it was a fun chapter to read and I look forward to seeing the next one. 😀

Pregnancy is CURRENTLY off the table, but if Equestrian magic keeps flowing into the area, then it's only a matter of time before Rainbow and Cloud find themselves pregnant with a "love child" as Chengar calls those conceived with love magic.

With a hint of a grin, she added, “And whenever I clean my guns in front of her, she strikes a nice balance between respect and barely concealed terror.”

I groaned and buried my face in my hands “Moooom! Are you seriously doing that?!”

“Well, it is tradition.”

L:rainbowlaugh:L! Military mom is awesome!

It's kind of nice to see a more understanding side of Nimbus. She's a bit less of an... ass this time around? You see her be more supportive overall, I feel.

Well, we haven't really seen much of Nimbus (instead of a Changeling impersonating her and deliberately ruining Nimbus' relationships) after all. Actually, I think the Oncoming Storm stories have shown us the most of Nimbus of anything in the Winning'verse.

And I second those requests for more information on Shadow Kicker in the Human!World.

I was talking about the Nimbus from the Oncoming Storm series. She's every bit a hardass as the Pony version of Kicker tells us, but I still feel like we've seen awfully little of a more maternal side of her. And that's why I like this chapter because it shows a bit of a kinder side of her.

Well, Pony!Nimbus struggled with being a good mother, Human!Nimbus may just have managed it better (having the extra daughter around likely helped).

But you're right, seeing a softer Nimbus (even if it's only a little softer) is a nice change.

I've wondered if the humans still venerate Shadow Kicker. There's definitely a story there...

In any case, excellent setup for some believable relationship drama. It's far too easy to make this sort of conflict arise from contrived misunderstandings, but this scenario is very well conceived. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.


True, though the fact that neither of them had prior partners and they’re monogamous makes that fairly unlikely.

That is certainly a very good defense against STDs, but that remains due to the fact that they've never engaged in sexual activities (assuming they have engaged in any so far) with anyone but each other, not the fact that they're the same sex.

I second this. Pony Dash is bad enough, but actually has some good qualities for balance. Human Dash lacks nearly all of those.

if i rember correctly its mentioned in the first oncoming storm that they banged in the locker room and that made things all awkward for them

Though be aware, if you strike me down, I’m going to come back really pissed with you.


So do gun-wielding miniatures count as weapons for the purposes of Cloud's magic? She might end up outdoing Rainbow on the explosions.


I want Rainbow to lose. And lose badly. I want her insufferable overinflated ego to be crushed and for her to apologize to Cloud because Cloud did NOTHING WRONG and I can't believe Sunset and Derpy are saying Cloud should have helped.

Rainbow isn't nearly as awesome as she thinks she is, in either world. And she never gets called on it.

My army is led by a dwarf whose special power is to make explosions bigger and more devastating.

It's being led by Dwarf Pinkie?

If I may slip into Magic: the Gathering terminology, it's interesting to see how Cloud and Dash's conflict boils down to conflicting psychographic profiles. Namely, Timmy vs. Spike. One has fun by doing the biggest, most impressive things she can. The other has fun through efficiency and optimization. And that same disconnect applies to their relationship beyond the wargaming. It'll take some work for them to find common ground here, though at least they have Best Human doing her best to mediate. And other people who aren't Best Human, I suppose.
(Of course, now I wonder who will qualify as a Johnny, having fun through elaborate interactions, game-mechanical Rube Goldberg machines, and other ways to earn style points. I suppose we'll see during the actual tournament.)

And I for one am entirely in favor of Derpy getting magic one way or another... as long as I safely observe the effects from another universe.

In any case, looking forward to more.

“Only things that actually exist,” I countered. “I don’t think any real armies have actually used squads of trained bears as a major unit.”

Well not a squad but there was corporal Wojtek.

I was kind of thinking that Rainbow's 'random' army was set up to do some bad things to Cloud's. Ninjas kill her leaders (who are standing around in predictable places and can't move), and boosted explosions can negate her fortifications. Then the bear cavalry runs everyone down.

But I suck at wargames, so...

Surprise Pinkie Pie? She's much cleverer and less random than people think, she just makes it LOOK spontaneous.

Ironically, if Cloud and Rainbow combined their strategies they could get a solid confusion fu army. Our plan is to disrupt their plan...AWESOMELY! Because that works best when you've got a solid and adaptable plan that can take advantage of the chaotic situation you've created.

The thought had occurred to me...wizard chess or a more active variety of 'sucked into the white void room' maybe.

Sunset sighed and put the blindfold on. “The things I do for friendship. Though be aware, if you strike me down, I’m going to come back really pissed with you.”

If only Obi-Wan’s last line was that. And throughout the rest of the trilogy, he constantly yelled at Vader about anything and everything that bothered him.
Luke would have died, but Vader would eventually go crazy and destroy the empire himself just to try to stop the annoying ghost only he can see. So, y’know, win-win.

Rainbow immediately does her best TF2 Scout impersonation.
“Ah crap.”

I'm thinking more that she rolls the dice and then the table explodes.

“The whole point of the army is to seize objectives, then fortify them and dare the enemy to come at me. That and having officers and a commander who provide them with nice buff bubbles.”

The Death Korps approves.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm kinda annoyed at Cloud's point of view being presented as "not the 100% right one", but I also think I'm mature enough to realise why: I'm a stubborn guy. I don't like being wrong. I saw the reason in Cloud's arguments, and supported her stance, and so when they argue against her it annoys me because they also argue against me. But there's another thing to consider, and that is that while I may disagree with Sunset and Derpy, they're not wrong either, which is the really important part.

They point out that Rainbow sees is not identical to Cloud's, and when you view the situation through her lens, it suddenly makes sense why she is pissed when Cloud seemingly refuses to back her up. Add that to the fact that Rainbow's entire sthick is loyalty, and sticking up for your friends no matter the circumstances.

So after fighting my kneejerk "No, Rainbow's not right!" reaction, I'm starting to get the sense of the greater picture. No one is wrong, no one is right. Just two, grumpy, buttheads in love.

When Cloud says "Yeah. Thanks for the talk." You didn't capitalize Thanks.

Not to mention that “I’m 100% right and you’re 100% wrong” is not the best way to resolve an argument with the girlfriend. Figuring out which one of them is right matters a lot less than resolving the argument.

That is also a very important thing, agreed.

Loved the whole thing, but that last line was hysterical

Then someone loudly cleared their throat behind us. We both quickly jumped apart, shuffling awkwardly as Vice-Principal Luna glowered at us. “No PDAs in the hallway, you two. Move along.”

What's a PDA? And seriously Luna, not cool! :rainbowdetermined2:

Public Display of Affection. Basically, no kissing in the halls at school.

In a public school? Darn, the adults of this universe are strict!
Fun contrast to pony Cloud Kicker though. :pinkiesmile:

I almost dread the idea of a meta where rainbow's hodgepodge of inefficiency could possibly beat any army made by someone who knows how to play the game, unless maybe she fights against similarly messy armies, or armies built exclusively around countering the current popular armies but fall apart against anything else.

Side note, rainbow should maybe consider playing the equivalent of orcs/orks, seems like it'd fit her preferences just fine while still being viable. Explosion happy warriors who are basically fueled by audacity and believe different colors carry inherent powers

Well occasionally she is a very good friend. She also helped to save the world from eternal night and chaos.
She is charismatic and inspire ponies to do better and seems to be pretty good at her job. At least she usually feels guilty when she end up hurting somepony and beats herself up about it.

She has plenty of bad qualities to balance them out but I can see why most of her friends put up with her.

“Or it’s just an excuse for you to smack me with a fencing sword while I’m wearing a blindfold,” Sunset grumbled.

I'd be very careful with that. What if Cloud's magic works with other weapons than guns. Have they experimented to find out? What if she can boost the damage of other kinds of weapons as well. Considering the power she could get out of a nerf gun, I'd love to see what she could do with a proper crossbow.
But if her magic works with melee weapons as well Sunset is in trouble. Even if it's just a blunt fencing saber, those things leave way nastier bruises than nerf guns. If her magic acts up she might accidentally cut Sunset in half! :pinkiegasp:

They have been spending quite a while testing her magic out, which includes ruling out that it works on other weapons.

I love how Rainbow Dash beat Shining Armor.

To quote Linkara: "Hooray for lesbianism!"

To be fair to Dash, I would be hard-pressed to resist any build that would allow me to field exploding battle bears.

Knowing this universe, the dice gods might really exist.

Wonderful to see the reconciliation. That it's a successful long shot after Dash botched another one is a lovely bit of symmetry.

Poor Shining. Hopefully Cadence will help him build up a resistance to this sort of thing.

Eagerly looking forward to the final match. I love seeing human Luna ham it up in fantasy gaming... though if this is actually Celestia hiding behind reader expectations as much as her costume, that might make it even better.

Vice Principal Luna has a secret hobby I guess.

YES!!! YESYESYESYESYES!!!! This was amazing and I want more and I want it now! XD

“The right to arm bears” :rainbowlaugh: it’s like you know me personally enough to pick the exact puns that will break me. I read that like half an hour ago and I’m still giggling.

Is it my imagination, or does Dash have some kind of probability inversion field around her today? Things are working out for her a little too well. Not that that's a problem, but this is a world with misbehaving magic.

Anyway, enough of that. HAIL, NIGHTMARE MOON!

I am starting to get a little disappointed in these side-stories, particularly Oncoming Storm. Every time there's a conflict, there is never a "victory" of any sort from our perspective. At the very best there's a compromise, but I don't recall one where Cloud has been in a conflict where she was the one who was in the right and someone owed her an apology, or vice versa.
And before I'm told how she's a character with flaws, and makes mistakes, etc. I'm not complaining about her fucking up and having to make amends. I'm pointing out that it seems to happen in every story and in every conflict she's part of. I barely even have to read the story to figure out how it'll end: Cloud is told by friends that she's not actually right, and she'll end up having to apologise because "it's the right ting to do." Rainbow winning the War Game through sheer, dumb luck is just a more on-the-nose example of this happening.

The uniformity, the same-ness, is starting to get boring and making these stories less fun to read.

Edit: I want to clarify, I do not dislike the stories, but they are starting to become fairly predictive on the outcome of the main conflict in them, which does lessen my enjoyment of them a bit.

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