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This story is a sequel to Oncoming Storm: Family Matters

Cloud Kicker's slowly been figuring out how to use the new magical powers she acquired from her girlfriend Rainbow Dash. Even if it was a bit of a shock at first, it's magic! Who wouldn't be excited to have it? It certainly makes life at CHS more interesting.

However, just because she has magic powers doesn't mean she can control them, and when Cloud's magic goes haywire it quickly becomes apparent that she needs more help than what Sunset can offer on her own. Finding a solution means taking a trip to the magical land of Equestria, but Cloud might not like what she finds when she goes through the looking glass.

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Elsaack #1 · Saturday · · ·

The unspoken reason Mrs. Kicker can't go is that her unit doesn't have a briefing book for out of dimension travel. Not to mention the hell it would pull notating it on her SF86 during her security clearance reinvestigation.

Something that has always bothered be about Equestria Girls is that it was so shallow. All the people (local to the portal at least) had pony counterparts which raises merry hell when you try to answer why. And the Human 6 of course grows wings and other features to mirror the Mane 6. To me, this always seemed a cop out, they were copying the "real" pony versions rather than having there own identities. I would have applauded if they mixed the tribes up and Sci Twi wasn't an alicorn but all those seemed to just support that Canterlot High was just official Hasbro fanfiction. Same character with some slight changes to the setting.

It looms like the differences between the pony and human version of Cloud will come up so big thumbs up for that. Looking forward to where this is going.

JMP #2 · Saturday · · ·

Nice to see this up. Granted, I like everything I've read from you, but I really like this series. Added to tracking, and looking forward to the next chapter.

Very interesting start. This worlds version of Star was hilarious! I’m rather curious to see how this Cloud reacts to what the other Cloud is like, though I am worried about how she’s gonna take pony Sparkler and Star dating! XD Overall, looking forward to the next chapter!

Well it will be interesting to see how Dash and Cloud react when they are with their pony counterparts as for instance Pinkie and Dash are together on the pony side but the EG one certainly does not have those feelings for her Pinkie Pie. Cloud will be seeing herself with Blossom and Fluttershy and potentially pregnant. I am also hoping to get more clues for some other characters since I like them a lot such as hoping for something random like Sunset Shimmer is secretly dating EG Pinkie Pie (because those blooper reels really seem to push that and it seems to work for me).

Oddly I am less invested in the actual story part of this and how it afects the actual main characters and I am not really sure why. For some reason I am just not finding EG Dash and Kicker to be as likeable as some other characters but I am not really sure why that is. Hopefully that will be a feeling that will pass.

Kapuchu #5 · Sunday · · ·

I am looking forward to seeing Cloud stumble on four legs. I wonder how freaked out she would be by the tail.

“We ain’t in school until Monday, Ah can talk normal,” Applejack groused, then held up a hand to cut her off. “Yes, ‘normal’, not ‘nor-muh-lee’. Don’t you start with me, missy.”

"I will gladly rend existence limb from limb if it means getting you to use proper grammar."
"What was that?"

Rainbow yelped and dived into cover, just barely avoiding a similar fate. “Gah, Pinkie’s back! When did she get so scarily good at nerfing?”

Well, ever since that internship at that game company...

In any case, this promises to be very fascinating indeed. I love seeing humans go through the mirror, and this scenario should be especially fun. Also, excellent work in mapping Star Kicker to a modern teen. Looking forward to more.

it is weird i really want a pov story of this worlds star kicker im not kidding either i want that fic

Rhawkas #8 · Monday · · ·

Ok, I'm a bit confused here. I just read through what's posted of this story (after having read its prequels, of course) and I saw in the comments of this story there are people talking like there's a non-canon setting already established on the other side of the mirror. Is this story related to any of the author's other works or is it its own, totally separate universe and everything? I already looked through all the comments on the other two stories in this series and double-checked the story descriptions for anything I might have missed, since oftentimes there's a "This story is a part of the [Insert name here]-verse/timeline/series/continuity" line in the description for the story.

Dorath #9 · Monday · · ·

Or go to the bathroom. Do you have to go to the bathroom? Cuz you look like you have to go to the bathroom.


Pithos #10 · Monday · · ·

Technically yes. The universe on the other side of the mirror is very heavily based on the universe established in Chengars and Ponibius’s other works, commonly referred to as the “Winningverse”. The only really difference is Sunset went to this version of the EG universe instead of fleeing to Freeport like in the main series. So people are discussing a more or less non-canon setting for the events to take place later in this story.

Darn, I was kind of hoping that wasn't the case. Oh well, I'll still give it a chance. Thanks for clarifying that.

Pithos #12 · Monday · · ·

No problem

Keep up the great work! <3

Seriously, I am really digging this whole expansion of "Human Cloud Kicker" <3

I rolled my eyes and smacked her shoulder, making us even for the one she’d gotten on me earlier. “I did not. Rainbow’s the one who got me wet.”

Sparkler sighed and patted her shoulder. “C’mon, we talked about this on the way over: we’re the Mighty Orphan Power Rangers.”

Oh my god, that's awful!

Sparkler smirked and deadpanned. “We’d still win. Rainbow and Cloud are here.”

Oh my god, it's me.

Rainbow smirked. “It’s a big target. Maybe next time I’ll try a challenge, like trying to hit your brain instead. That’s about the smallest target there is.” Applejack’s response was a particularly rude gesture as she fell back to her base to respawn.

Shots fired!

Sparkler scowled at her. “How did you even ... there’s no way I could miss that many times when you were that close!”

You'd be surprised. Church from RvB would know. His aim is AWFUL.

Things happened very fast after that. A lance of pure agony shot up my arm, and my hand snapped open, letting the gun fall from my grip. When it hit the ground, I noticed that it looked almost ... melted. The pain in my arm focused down to my hand, turning from sharp pain to a dull, burning throb.

Her magic.

“Most of it’s just first degree,” I answered lamely. Mom scowled and crossed her arms, hitting me with her best disapproving glower. I made sure we weren’t in danger of being overheard by any of the doctors, then did my best to explain it. “Somehow, my magic messed with the gun and made it go nuts. The plastic half-melted in my hand, and Applejack’s got a bruised rib where I shot her.”


Mom held up a hand to cut her off. “I can neither confirm nor deny anything you may or may not have heard.” Her eyes narrowed, and she practically growled, “And you should know better than to ask those sorts of questions.”

She has a point.

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