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The morning after an intense high can be pretty weird, especially when said 'high' was turning into a raging she-demon.

Beaten, humiliated, and forced to face her inner demons, to say that Sunset was not in a good place would have been an understatement. Yet, much to her surprise, her emotions were far more in control than the situation would have warranted. Whatever happened last night, it was messing with her, and now she had to deal with that, alongside the impossible task of making amends for what she tried to do.

Unfortunately for her, she isn't the only one feeling strange.

Fortunately for her, a certain someone doesn't think her situation is as hopeless as she does.

My own attempt at a classic fic premise, involving my favorite little bacon horse. Rated T for the occasional bit of bad language.

While not a direct sequel, this takes place in the same universe as Obsession and Ambition. They're not at all necessary to understand this story, but they are connected to this if you want to read them.

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This is great so far! :pinkiesmile: and wow, I was not expecting it to be RD.

In the back of my head, I had a nagging feeling that Rainbow Dash would be making some kind of appearance within this first chapter...

Let's see what happens next.

Count me in, this story already has me hooked.

Sincerely, DynamicDino

Great chapter, was kinda hoping to see dash and bon bon coming to blows

i do hope you won't write any anon a miss story set in this universe, cause then it'll be really shitty of Dash to jump the sunset scapegoat train

There's no chance of that happening, I despise Anon-a-Miss fics with a burning passion. I have no interest in trying my hand at that premise.

Huh, a well written Rainbow Dash . . That's a Rarity indeed . .

Good girl, it's hella dumb isn't it how OOC the mane 5 acted especially at an obvious frame up?

Yeah! Dash was the element of loyalty for goodness sake! Thankfully, the comics aren't canon. Or atleast I don't think they are...

You may not know anything about being stoned, but i know enough to be able to say Eventide is a bit like looking at me if i was a little younger.

oh god from so much sunset hell i've seen i don't want eventide to disappear it's too cute

I was not expecting that last part

Neither was I, if I'm being real with you.

But inspiration has a way of catching you with your pants down.

This is so cute! I love this version of eventide. Good story.

Not even sparing the two a second glance, the star athlete turned her back, and ended with “And if you can’t respect that the same way I respect your reasons… then I don’t know what to tell you.”

WOW. RD's speech gave me goosebumps! Awesome!

“And I’m supposed to believe it can do all that, but it can’t help one girl who’s in a bad way find a better one?”

After that line, I'm just as shocked as Sunset is. If Dash was awesome before this, now she is even more!

“I don’t mean to sound mean or anything, but YOU were the evil you,” her Demon half said, voice barely above a mumble. “I’m just you after you put on the Element of Magic.”

Gotta say, this totally took me by surprise. It's so common to see Sunset's demon form portrayed as her evil counterpart that I really wasn't expecting to read such statement at all. Very clever and original!

“C’mon, you can be triceratops,” Eventide offered, waving the toy in front of her human half. “I know he’s your favorite.”

Oh my gosh, I REALLY wasn't expecting Eventide to be THIS nice. She is cute as heck!

Alright, I just finished reading and I must say, it was worth it. It's always good to read a bunch of wholesomeness at 01:54pm so I can sleep happily and satisfied. I loved it!

This was delightful. I especially like how lingering Harmony magic makes Dash abnormally well-spoken, and how you acknowledged that. Plus, a Demon Shimmer who's just happy to be here is a delightful twist on the usual approach. I like to imagine her slowly developing into Daydream over the course of Sunset's learning and growth. And she presumably gets more dinosaurs in the process. Thank you for a great read.

If there is a type of story in the EG universe I like more than anon-a-miss, it's aftermath of the formal. And you did a great job with it as I never expected Eventide being so sweet to the point I'm rooting for her to be around for a long time. I also loved how you made Sunset and Rainbow online friends without knowing until the VC.

Short and altogether enjoyable. The ending was quite random, left me giggling even if it was abrupt.

Just hearing Scribbler narrate this chapter is awesome!

Author Interviewer

What an excellent point to make about Sunset's demon half. :O Never seen this subject approached in this matter, very good stuff.

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