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It was a week before Nightmare Night, when Rarity decided to take a trip to Canterlot.

And while there, she meets a sweet, classy mare with a prismatic mane, and a habit of saying "Darling". But there's something about her that she finds just too familiar.

And as she'll learn, maybe there's more to this familiarity than meets the eye.

Update (4/8/2023): Now with a Dramatic Reading by Obab Scribbler

Author's Note (11/14):

Sweet Celestia.

Less than 24 hours live and this story has set three milestones for me. This is the first time I've had a story of mine be top of the Featured list, the first time I've had a story of mine get over 100 Likes, and the first time that a story of mine has reached over 1,000 views.

Thank you all so much. I am amazed.

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Bruh that was adorable. Always fun to see Girly Dash. Liked and favorited.


I loved it! That was adorable, well written, and it showed the dynamic between Rarity and Dash perfectly :twilightsmile:. Why does it have so few likes :applejackunsure:?

Seriously! Almost 200 views as I'm writing this, and less than 10 likes?! What The F...udge?! This thing needs way more upvotes :fluttershysad:!

Heartwarming story. Nice character moments. FANTASTIC TF2 REFERENCE!

It was a lovely fic, and I really enjoyed it! Always nice to see a RariDash friend pairing, not seen enough in the show, tbh

This was pretty sweet.

And I think it might be even sweeter if this were to get a sequel where Rarity shows off more of a tomboyish side

The alabaster unicorn let out a small chuckle. “You remember that time I met Sunset Shimmer? Well, during that trip, she introduced me to something called ‘Team Fortress 2’...”


“A red spy is in the base!”

I like this story. It's just what I needed.

Weirdly wholesome.

I need my Snarky Baconhorse reaction.

“You remember that time I met Sunset Shimmer? Well, during that trip, she introduced me to something called ‘Team Fortress 2’...”

That unicorn is a Spy !!

Gusto's "usual proofreader", reporting in! :twilightsmile:

So in my defense here, it was the Ponyville Ciderfest convention in Milwaukee. And I was volunteering for it with vendor relations. :twilightblush:

Just want to make clear that I was doing my small part to help with re-upping pony fervor and topping off interpersonal pony enthusiasm at large. It's very important—not to mention very exhausting—work. :pinkiehappy:

Now do a bonus chapter with Rainbow trolling everypony else :)

Great stuff, nice and fluffy.

I went into this thinking it was going to a clever meta joke about G3 Rainbow Dash, but what I got instead was oddly heart-warming (and somehow completely in character).
Have a Derpy :derpytongue2:

can't believe G3 Rainbow Dash was just G4's alter ego all along

The greatest twist in all of My Little Pony :raritywink:

Simply wonderful, darling. Rainbow Dash is such a darling acting like a darling, darling. Rarity being so accepting of her friend's darlingness is darlingly wonderful, darling.

Jokes aside, I thought the idea of using Nightmare Night as a way to coax Rainbow Dash into testing the waters and showing off this side of her was brilliant.

Funny, I was going to suggest Ms Pauling or the Admin.

She would fit those two roles, wouldn’t she?

I was going by the Pony Fortress 2 pack.
Big Mac Heavy.
Rarity Spy.
Pinkie Pyro (of course...)
and so forth.

The alabaster unicorn let out a small chuckle. “You remember that time I met Sunset Shimmer? Well, during that trip, she introduced me to something called ‘Team Fortress 2’...”

Ah-ha, I knew Rarity was dressed as the Spy!

This Rarity is a Spy!

Really giving off those G3 vibes, huh?

Love it, fusing the old RD with the new one? Genius.

Also interested in Shimmer returning to Equestria and her relation to Twilights Canterlot group.

One of the best fics I ever read.

Not gonna lie, i wanted to see the rest of the mane 6's reactions to "Rainbow Gleam" hehe. I can imagine AJ suffering a massive mental BSOD lol:rainbowlaugh:

Not to mention the fact that there exists a ponified sfm remake of meeet the spy with rarity as spy
Though the pony Riggs look a little weird in places

Comment posted by Derpmeister deleted Nov 15th, 2022

I really hope you continue this, mainly showing everyone's reactions to 'Rainbow Gleam'.
Most of the girls will be completely slack-jawed.
The boys will get crushes on her.

dw, it's explained in the story

Considering how G3 Rainbow Dash was basically Rarity back then, I can actually see how Dash would like to have a secret girly side. Nothing wrong with it.

This fic is so incredibly cute. I think Rainbow Dash and Rarity are easily one of the most underrated Mane 6 dynamics, and you made them play off each other with some real insecurities from Rainbow Dash about her girly side—a side of her we've seen quite a few hints of in the show itself.

Also, I do love some Moondancer content.

I have no words. To write something completely not Rainbow Dash and to get Rainbow Dash is incredible. I enjoyed every word.

aaaa i loved this!! i love little fics where rainbow dash has a little more going on than the mask she wears. ALSO MOONDANCER I LOVE HER <33

Aww, that was wholesome.

Oh ok my bad then

This. This was a lovely story. Not much else to say really.

As Rarity made her way out to the festival, she took great care in her steps so as to keep her blue pinstripe suit pristine. She looked into the reflection of a nearby window, adjusting her mask for the final time, before finally heading out. This would be her first Nightmare Night in a while, and the unicorn intended to have a good time.

Hold on... :applejackunsure:

adjusting her mask for the final time

blue pinstripe suit

Wait a minute...

The alabaster unicorn let out a small chuckle. “You remember that time I met Sunset Shimmer? Well, during that trip, she introduced me to something called ‘Team Fortress 2’...”

THE UNICORN IS A SPY!!!!! :raritywink:

The alabaster unicorn let out a small chuckle. “You remember that time I met Sunset Shimmer? Well, during that trip, she introduced me to something called ‘Team Fortress 2’...”

Rarity the Gamer? This I gotta hear!

shame we didn't get to see the others' reactions
also when is this set? it's definitely post s5, cuz iirc that's when Amending Fences took place; but is it post- or pre-s8? i ask cuz Rainbow is kinda taking a storyline from Smolder here

That was a good story.

I've finished reading it out loud now for the Audio version. Just gotta edit it now.
This was such a darling and dashing story :).

Does Big Mac like Sandvich? (never actually played TF2 myself but I've seen some videos and known people who got into it.)

As someone else said, I was anticipating this being a previous generation RD coming to odds with G4 RD, maybe like alternate dimensions or time travel or something. I was NOT anticipating a rather tender character study that is as best I remember SPOT ON for what Lauren Faust said in one of her early interviews regarding G4. RD might like sports and racing and belching contests, but at the end of the day she is still a girl.

On a similar note, I admit I didn't expect someone of Rarity's personality to get into TF2 of all things. But as you pointed out just because I didn't expect it doesn't mean that it couldn't happen. It's a good reminder to us all not to be in the words of :pinkiecrazy: a "Judgy McJudgypants".

Big Mac LOVES sandvich!
Especially with apple slices.

TF2 is what introduced me to ponies back in 2011/2012.
I kept seeing all of these My Little Pony references in game. So I did a few web searches and found Equestria Daily.
My mind was blown. I couldn’t believe this fandom I’d just discovered.

Noted Audiodramatist Obab Scribbler did a TF2 funny a year or two ago. Here's the video

Rainbow Dash embracing a feminine side of herself that I never thought she would have...

That... is... AWESOME! :rainbowlaugh:

I can just imagine Rarity and Sunset playing a round of TF2 together, with the magical pony outfits turned on no less!


Wow, that's a pretty good story.

Damn. That was cute.

This was adorable, seeing Rainbow embrace a side of herself that clashes so hard with her main persona. Well, Twilight was in on it and now so is Rarity; that leaves three of the girls who still don't have a clue. I have a vague idea about how Pinkie and Flutters would react, but I'm extremely curious to see what Applejack would think.

Fascinating take on Dash, and a fun way to tie in G3. I do wonder if anything like this has or will happen in the human world. (I imagine Sunset will feel the same way.) Thank you for a lovely little seasonal tale and unexpected bit of Rarispy.

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