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There are some questions that have baffled Equestrians for centuries.

What is the meaning of life? Does Heaven exist? Is Derpy sexy?

Okay. Maybe not that last one.

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This seems like the sort of conversation I'd have with friends. Or with my brother and cousin. It was a lighthearted dialogue about harmless judgments of appearance that I found was written well, relative to many other stories on the site. Well done.

Adorably done, the ending especially made me giggle. and I love how they keep reiterating that they aren't tearing anyone down, which is the genuine truth. Girls do not typically hate each other without cause.

I like blonds. They have more fun. Should answer the question.

Insert Justin Timberlake’s “Sexyback” here.

Why is this 'E' rated?

Me: Pfft, Derpy is NO- *BOOOOOOMMMM*
*A new version of me appears*
New Me: I am sorry, that was an experimental robot clone with different tastes, Of course Derpy is sexy, she is amazing.

i was not prepared for how funny this is

I was planning on stating everything bad about this story.

...You've foiled my plans.

“Yes,” Rarity answered.

Oh, okay. Guess that answers that, then. Story over!

...Wait, what do you mean, there's more?

Nah. I wouldn't say Derpy is sexy usually. Sort of an airheaded cute - or advanced cute, but you didn't go into detail on that, so I'm not sure.

Now, being sexy with intention? Well, some people have the gift. And cute airhead trying to act sexy? Oh man.

The answer is yes.:derpytongue2:You try telling that face otherwise.

No thank you. I would rather avoid feeling like a terrible person for all eternity.

:moustache: Of course Derpy is sexy What's not to like about those eyes, blond mane and bubble butt.
:raritycry: What am I Chopped Liver!?!
:moustache: Your more like a Dairy Queen Marsh mellow float?.....:duck: What?
:moustache: A drama queen marsh mellow boat?.......:raritystarry:!
:derpyderp1: Run Spikey Run!
:twilightoops: Never seen her that angry, ever.
:rainbowlaugh: She already treats him like a hen pecked husband
:pinkiegasp: Not if she catches him by his chicken
:applejackconfused: what?
:rainbowwild: pecker?
:facehoof: Rainbow, No just so much no.
:derpytongue2: Ouch! that must of hurt!
:rainbowderp: She caught him!
:twilightoops: Rarity don't break him, I need him to clean up those tooth picks!

Cute? Yes

Sexy? No.

Well played though.

As Significant Other commented "I have always enjoyed that she has most consistently been attributed as a caring, competent, and loving mother par excellence by fans."

There is a reason she owns the "Equestria's Best Mother" tag on Derpibooru

fukin adorable

I would have to tell that face, hand on withers, that I don't find her sexy, but then, I'm no stallion. That may be irrelevant to others, but it's important to me. And hey, if she has daughters -- I haven't seen all canon, but there's at least a good chunk of fanon that says she does -- somepony must have thought she was.

I have to say, Human Derpy is one of the cuter girls in EqG, though.

Derpy is adorable. Nuff said.

Putting aside the debate about Derpy being sexy or not, I think you really captured everypony's personalities really well! It made the story feel as if it came right from an actual episode (that is, if the show wasn't for younger audiences). I can definitely say that I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Great job!

“That box of toothpicks you ordered.” She lowered her head, slightly embarrassed. “A few fell out on the way over here. Sorry about that.”

Twilight’s eyed the small box.


“Can you even imagine how many colts grew up having just the biggest crushes on her? Perhaps even with posters of her over their beds. I mean, what other mare raises the whole sun? Can’t get much hotter than that.”

Beck (My OC): I can attest to that!

Hehehe, yes, yes she is sexy, and cute, adorable, she's got a pretty admirable spirit, imho

Good work on this, you captured them all pretty well :D


does rambow dash is gay?

Derpy = Awesome.
Awesome = Sexy.
Therefore: Derpy = Sexy.
End of line. :twilightblush:

Rambo Dash. Makes this happen.

Head: "yes"
Heart: "yes"
Other head: "yes"

Supreme waifu material.

Poor Twilight. So easy to tease.

And I can only imagine her reaction of they'd said Celestia was sexy because of her plot.

Cute Is Sexy Now?
“Yes,” Rarity answered.

Oh. Solved that early. Don't need to read the rest.

... Still will.

Edit: AUGH, too fucking cute! Derpy IS adorasexy.

What do you mean, the answer is yes?! I thought the answer was hydrogen!

Was there ever a doubt?

Also yes, Twilight Velvet is ultra Sexy. Top three in the Equestrian MILF chart. WAIT, Candace counts as a MILF now too... Okay, her Velvet and Botton's mom can all share a tie for second behind the ultimate hotness that is Windy Whistles.

Very fun little story.

The "E" is short for "E"verybody finds Derpy sexy.

It's the eyes. They'll get you every time. Even Rarity.

“A Prince who also happens to bemarried with a child!” Twilight exclaimed loudly.

I read this wrong


Wait, what was the question?

Yes, Yes she is.

8815747 Someone may or may not be working on a sequel. A far more sexual one. I'm not even kidding.

8815686 I had to look up Windy Whistles. Yep. You were right.

8815067 Huzzah! Someone got my joke. :yay:

8814306 No. Randow eat da toaster. I thought it was clear.

8814177 Have they ever legitimately said she'd a mom on the show? I'm curious now.

8813873 Those are quite surprising comments. Considering this story doesn't contain Discord, Sombra, Celestia, or Luna (my wheelhouse), I really had no idea what I was doing. Just don't ask me to write Applejack anytime soon. :applejackunsure:

8813876 Yes! The reference has landed! :raritystarry:

8813486 Huzzah! Two people got my joke!

8813409 That was definitely my biggest concern -- that people would just think of it as a "sex" story about sex and not about unseen aspects that can make one "sexy" in other people's minds. Like for Derpy, it's not even about the way she looks, more of her overall attitude and outlook on life. Okay, perhaps not traditionally "sexy", but definitely charming. :derpytongue2:

CK sure thinks she is.

Seven dislikes for pointing out the obvious?:derpyderp1: It seems that the Fandom doesn't want us to question the good stories, only appraise them

You're a surprising comment :U

Derpy is sexy. I want to hugg her in the fuzz all night.

Naw, Derpy ain't sexy. She's classy. CLASSY.

Rarity told her scholarly, “My theory is that as far as cuteness goes, it comes in three stages. Stage one: normal cute—which is basically every pony in Equestria. Stage two: advanced cute—like, say, Sweetie Belle for instance. And stage three: sexy cute—which means that that particular pony has surpassed the barriers of cute and has therefore become sexy. Very sexy in Fluttershy’s case, I would say.”

... wow, I didn't think Rarity and I would be so on the same page about that, and she explained it better than I would to boot!:raritystarry:

Wow, I honestly forgot about that comment until you replied.

I don't know why on earth it was downvoted. There's nothing wrong with the story, I'm just confused to why it wouldn't be marked 'T'.

That's it.

I can't think of a rational reason for it and the comment that made fun of your comment got four likes. This story is E Slice of life, it should be T Drama, comedy, and definitely a sex tag.

This could only mean one thing...

It's a conspiracy!:pinkiegasp: Or at least, some people are covering up something, what could it be?:derpyderp2:

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