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The Not-So-Great Gusto

Just a decent-ish writer trying to have some fun. Absolute sucker for redemption arcs, and therefore, a sucker for Sunset Shimmer.


This story is a sequel to Obsession

The fires of ambition burn brightly, but sometimes, when they are too strong, they burn their user.

This was something Lightning Dust knew all too well, as her own ambition and recklessness had left her burnt beyond belief. As she gathered her things to leave the Wonderbolt's Academy, a maelstrom of emotions ran through her mind, furiously trying to justify her actions to herself.

But unfortunately, as she saw that picture again, all of that went out the window.

(Warning: Suicide/Self-Harm tag used for one reference inside the fic. Also, strong headcanon/AU vibes.)

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Dang this is good.:pinkiegasp:

Great technical writing, and a solid emotional description, with a very possible in cannon story to match.:pinkiehappy:

Plus you don't just write Lighting Dust as a down on her luck loser, which was my biggest fear going into this.:twilightblush:

A shame I didn't get around to it sooner, as it really is a nifty little story.:pinkiesad2:

Thank you for writing!:twilightsmile:

That is actually incredibly reassuring to hear. A part of me had worried I'd laid it on a teensy bit thick with her emotional turmoil.

Glad to know you enjoyed it.

It's certainly better than other stories.:rainbowdetermined2:

She hasn't given up on her dream, she's selfish, but not entirely emotionally invulnerable.:fluttershyouch:

Plus she's not stuck in a dead end job, wandering from town to town, looking for handouts, or drinking her life away at the bar.:ajsleepy:

So you have already written her better than half the writers on this site.:twilightsmile:

Thank you so much for posting!:heart:

Epic as Obsession was, never thought of Lightening Dust doing crazy stuff because of trying to fill a hole inside.

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