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After his encounter with Yozora, Sora finds himself awake in a new world. Though it was far from ideal.

Trapped as the leader of a depressing little village where people gave up what made them different while stuck controlling the body of their leader was bad enough. But add onto that the fact that everything he learns about said leader makes him like her less, and the situation looks bleak for our hero.

Can he really just sit back and keep enforcing this girl's messed up beliefs of friendship? Or will his sheer belief in his ideals end up winning out in the end, undoing everything Starlight Glimmer has worked to maintain?

Author's Note: This is a complete re-write of a previous premise, which I liked, but felt like I could have done better. I've been hard at work trying to make the changes substantial, and to make them better than the previous attempt. I hope you'll enjoy the new version.

Update (2/27/23): New Cover Art!

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Are any of the female Kingdom Hearts characters going to appear in this story?

I will miss the other story, but otherwise I will enjoy this new one all the same.
I'm guessing some of his elixirs are missing because he used them on the fight.

I only tangentially know what Kingdom Hearts is but I'm interested in where you might take this. +1!

its ok i liked the old one better and the sunset one might be good

Congrats on making this story one of the top 10 popular stories so far, dude.

With this being set up in a similar manner to the KH4 trailer, I have every intention for Strelitzia to appear at some point.

However, I will say no more than that, because that will get into spoiler territory.

Well, I'm hoping I'll outdo myself with this one. I was very glad to see you were back for more.

You're in luck, then. I know Kingdom Hearts well enough to write something that doesn't require an encyclopedic knowledge of the series to understand it.

I hope to keep your attention in the coming chapters.

That's fair. Glad to see you back, by the by.

I honestly didn't even realize what you were referring to until I went to the front page. But still, that's awesome.

And in part, I have you guys to thank for checking it out with such fervor.

Thanks for sharing this information. TellCulvers.com

Interesting story. Added to my read list. :twilightsmile:

I hope there will be more in the future, this is getting good.

That's true. Starlight is now very unique. Oh well, the situation demanded him to take action.

Great work! This was fun to read

Good story so far, hope this continues!

Uh-Oh in deed I bet Some of the water washed off the cosmetic cutiemark

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