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Most of ponykind didn't think much of the space far above their heads, until a record from another world fell from the skies.

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I've been trying to find stories like this where some sort of satellite or ship ended up on Equestria ^^

I always enjoy stories that try something different and unique

Thanks. There's another story about the golden record off Voyager here too called "Voyage's End" or something to that effect. If you're more practical to HiE "alien" stuff, you may like "Arrow 18 Mission Logs: Lone Ranger".

Ok, thanks for letting me know. I'll go check them out

A very good start, I hope to see more of this intriguing story.

Thank you. I'm trying to write out how a pony would be able to even "read" the golden record (which is an actual thing that exists irl), since the show's scale of tech is...odd. Hard to determine exactly what "level" of advancement they have, as it seems to vary from episode to episode (ex. having some level of radio in one episode, but then using an abacus to calculate in another). Then again, I might go for the "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" angle.

Voyager is cool, I know there is another big voyager fic on the site, but I can't recall the name. Can't wait to see how you are gonna do this differently.

You might be thinking of Voyage's End, then again that story is only 7,000 words long.

I was happy to hear about voyager and the golden plate that was placed on it.
As I understand, we are still talking with both voyager 1 and 2 satellites.

Wow, "Arrow 18 Mission" has been around for a moment, love that story.

All they'd really need to read it is some semi-advanced knowledge on hydrogen, knowledge about pulsars (that's only if they want to actually locate earth) and the ability to read pictograms.

I like that it was clear enough that we could tell it was a Voyager even though Twi has no idea.

I like this and how much Twilight would totally jump in hooves first. Scientist first, Princess second, lol.

Thanks. I have pretty poor vision so was squinting at images of the probe while trying to describe it, glad it got across well enough. Ty.

If it helps at all, a lot of artists/writers I follow tend to give Equestria a roughly mid-late 19th century world with speckles of early 20th century. But if you want to write ponies having early cellphones or go the complete opposite and have them fully Medieval/Renaissance those are equally valid options. The main thing is stick to one rough "time period" rather than, as you pointed out yourself, the show :facehoof:.

For your second story here, you are doing just fine. The writing is a tad bit choppy in places, but that's something that ALL writers struggle with. So yeah, I really want to see what her "predictions" are and see what the Princesses have to say.

If you like Space have you ever read Changeling Space Program?

Such a wonderfully interesting concept, excited to see where this goes!

From the way it’s written an inordinate amount of time has passed since the Voyager probe was launched. The real question is whether there would be anyone left to make contact with, I suppose that would depend on how optimistic one is for our species continual existence.

This can go 2 ways now, Twilight find us in the stars or find our tombs and learns how fuck up we are

The return message:

"Send more Chuck Berry." :twilightsmile:

I'm hoping she remembered to cordon the site off and inform the landowner, so it doesn't end up in the junkyard...

Twilight then learns that luna moving stars is impossible or that luna is billions of times stronger than Celestia.

I love the concept of ancient humans from the stars. I wonder what Twilight will discover of us, considering the sheer amount of time that has passed. If "humans" are still around, they probably resemble nothing like what we know now, considering it's been millions of years. If not... I just hope we went out with a suitably epic bang

This chapter is even better that the last one.

The pictures in the golden record are encoded similar to how analog TV works, but slower and instead of horizontal lines, they used vertical lines for some reason.

This is a really cool and unique concept.

Man this nails all of Twilights interests all at once. I would love to see how she goes full Twilight to someone about what she has discovered.

As a (recovering) space nerd, you have no idea how happy this story makes me. Also, welcome to FiMfiction my friend!

I’m really enjoying this so far! You got Twilight’s fascination with learning and insatiable curiosity down in her narration. Her excitement here is downright infectious. I can’t wait to see what comes of her discovery!

This reminds me of that older story where Luna is found on the moon during the Apollo missions. That was also a really good take on humanity and Equestrians discovering each other.

Hundreds of thousands of years.

Yeah... so humanity is either "beyond" or BEYOND, if you get my drift.

Which one? There were two that I recall, and both seemed to have been dropped. I should perhaps look in the Luna group to find either, but I'm too lazy.

Is that a "Star-child" reference from the 2001 series, or the ascension of Humanity from the book "Childhood's End"? Clarke was always fiddling with that concept in both tales...

It’s called “The Eagle has Landed.”

Would you believe me if I said I wasn't meaning to reference anything and I did it entirely on accident? It just.. happened to come out like that.

Nonetheless, coming back to the story, if she searches hard enough, Twilight will either find a race so advanced it's comical or... a very large and sad tomb.

No middle ground on that one.

but Twilight supposed the lack of Ponyvillians screaming and running around in circles was a good thing.

I am surprised they didn't have a Polyville's scale for disaster level - like waffle house scale.

Aye, plus the sequels to that story. Also, another is "Luna's Return Trajectory", which is set in the later Apollo missions and where Luna was to be brought back to Earth. Apparently, that story was dropped before that part could be written,


I don't know how much is "just" fanon, since it's honestly been awhile since I watched MLP (and I only watched sporadically S5 onwards), but I always got the impression that ponies were prone to panic — especially certain ones in Ponyville (like the flower trio?).

Luna's Return Trajectory is still being written. It added more chapters late last year, and it's author recently made a blog post about making more. It's not "dropped", AFAIK.

Course, trouble there is when you have actual magic, with its own rules, uses, and limitations.

This is quite good for your second story, and Voyager stuff is always a treat, so keep it up!

Good news! Lunas return trajectory has been updated recently. It’s not dead!

Ah nice !
Thank you for writing !

This is certainly going to be interesting. I wonder how Twilight's friends are going to react.

Really liking the story so far. Can't wait to see where you take it! :twilightsmile:

Possibly the best "Voyager probe" fic on this site !
Please continue :twilightsmile:

If I recall correctly, the other two I read were one-shots. Whereas you seem to be developing this story.

I like the premise, but it seems very un-Twilight like to not analyze the disc and just pull it out and play it.

Ah, very nice.
Time to hunt for some neutron stars!

The whole thing is surprisinly interesting. I would love to see a continuation of the story :)

If it helps Twilight's research , according to Wikipedia, the Domestic Horse (as we know it) evolved from a small four-toed creature called Eohippus some 45-55 million years ago. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse

Not sure about Equestrian ponies, though. Celestia + Luna are at least a thousand or so years old, but the oldest history we're given (I think??) is the Hearth's Warming play, which to me seemed not terribly long before C/L came around.

That timeline would be really useful for a "Equis is Earth post-humans" story, though. Humans get wiped out somehow and (domesticated?) ponies slowly becoming sentient... I'm 99% sure these exist but can't think of titles.

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